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Monday, July 22, 2024

Around Town: A Bittersweet Time of Year

By Gary Wamsley
Berthoud Recorder

Another busy week has passed — one that may be described as bittersweet. The retirement celebrations of Leonard Sherman, Rusty Mathena and Ellen Bode would fit that description. These people have all made a lasting impression on our youth and education system, and we celebrate their legacy, while noting with a touch of sadness that they will be missed.

The awards to students, the final Bridge Between Show Choir’s appearance for the year and other end of the school year events are all moments to savor. Recognizing the accomplishments of our young people is always gratifying.

On the bitter side is the news that my friend Ian Tinney is gravely ill. He has been subject to migraine headaches, but apparently, this time was very bad. The doctors found bleeding around the brain and had to insert drainage tubes. They also found evidence of a stroke, and now Ian has been in the intensive care unit for nearly two weeks.

Ian is a great guy. Along with his sons, he runs the Berthoud Standard Auto Repair, but you may have seen him other places. He is also the “hurler” and the driving force behind our Berthoud Blues vintage base ball team. He has been an actor in all the historical re-enactments of the Berthoud Historical Society, and he is a member of the Berthoud Historic Preservation Commission. It breaks my heart to think about this big strong man with a ready smile lying in a hospital bed, his future uncertain.

I haven’t played ball for a couple of years, but there is a game in Loveland this Saturday for the Loveland Historical Society. I will play and try my best to put on a good performance. This one’s for Ian.

I also have to spend part of Saturday getting ready for the motorcycles. We are, along with the Berthoud BMX and our local BMX race team, sponsoring the Realities for Children motorcycle run coming to Berthoud for the first time. The 3,000 motorcycles will come to Fickel Park in two groups, one in the morning and one in the afternoon.

I cannot imagine what it is going to be like to have that many motorcycles in one place. Come down, see how it goes, enjoy the entertainment, and show these riders what a great and friendly place Berthoud is. We want them to come back.

The following weekend is the high school graduation and then Berthoud Day. This is a busy time of year, and the downtown should be bustling with activity. It will give a lot of folks the opportunity to see our Mountain Avenue enhancements.

Don’t forget that the Berthoud Day events include a vintage base ball game and a big race at the BMX track. The venue for both is the area between Eighth and Tenth streets just north of the high school and the Parks and Recreation offices.

No doubt I’ll see you around town.

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