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Monday, July 22, 2024

Around Town: The Chill, the Thrill, the Will

By Gary Wamsley
Berthoud Recorder

Summer is over. I know that the school age kids thought that happened a month ago, but astronomically speaking it happened on Tuesday. The weather seemed to know too, as it started changing dramatically on Monday, giving us a preview of what is to come.

It is barely light when the bus comes by at 6:46 a.m. to pick up the high school students across the street, and the chickens are still on the roost when I go out to feed them. It will only get worse. The hours are now divided equally between light and dark, but by the time the winter solstice rolls around, we will have lost nearly three hours of daylight.

The weather too, seemed to sense it was time for a change and sent a chill to forewarn us that cold weather is not too far off.

This change seems to coincide with the start of construction on the round-a-bout at First Street and Mountain Avenue. The reconstruction of that intersection will not be complete until spring. There is a great deal of underground work to be done before the surface work can begin, and the weather can have a great impact on the rate of progress. Whatever happens, you are likely to be greatly inconvenienced if you regularly use that intersection. Planning now for alternate routes would be a good idea.

Autumn marks the coming of some other big events. This is homecoming weekend for Berthoud High School. The celebration begins with a huge bonfire this evening and a parade on Friday. Come out and cheer the kids at their parade as they prepare themselves for the big homecoming football game. It is always nice to win that big game at the home field, but win or lose; the kids will have a great time.

Speaking of kids having a great time, don’t miss the scarecrow parade this afternoon at the farmers market. I stopped by the library to watch some scarecrow making in progress, and there are some wonderful designs. The scarecrow parade means that the last market is not far off, so make plans to shop soon.

Don’t forget the Habitat for Humanity Hoedown this Saturday. This should be a fun event at the Brookside Gardens. If you haven’t seen the event center this is a great opportunity to help our local Habitat and have a good time. Daughter Carolynn has scheduled an out of town vacation for Shar and me this weekend, so we will miss it.

The fun continues next week at the Chamber of Commerce “Barley Days” celebration at Fickel Park. There will be plenty of food and booths to visit. I just hope the weather cooperates.

The Christmas in Berthoud Committee is going great guns and hopes to raise a record amount to provide for some struggling families this season. You will hear more as the holiday season nears.

One more thing. Don’t miss the Citizens First meeting on this coming Tuesday, Sept. 29. Come share your concerns and perhaps find kindred souls.

See you around Town.

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