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Monday, June 17, 2024

Berthoud Day a big success: 5K results

It was a beautiful day and everything seemed to go off smoothly. From the pancake breakfast to the evening shows, everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves. We will give a recap of the days activities in pictures. The 90 photos of the parade include nearly every entry. If you missed it, you can watch the parade online.

We will start with the Habitat 5K race. First the results.

1K kids run


1st place: Jessa Pirkey, age 9
2nd place: Sophia Kathol, age 8
3rd place: Sarah Amorali, age 9


1st place: Wyatt Stratmeyer, age 10
2nd place: Jacob Donan, age 10
3rd place: Lane Pirkey, age 7


Habitat 5k Race Results

Overall Winners


1st place: Craig Greenslit, (32) 16:9.32

2nd place: Aaron Berthold, (751) 17:29.52

3rd place: Darren Brungardt, (760) 17:48.56



1st place: McKayla Gray, (809) 20:16.79

2nd place: Stephani Messick, (821) 21:03.36

3rd place: Marta Loachamin, (897) 23:04.18

By Age

Women 10 and under

1. Calista Devore
2. Sarah Ford
3. Grace Amidon


Women 11 to 14

1. Stephani Messick
2. Seavoya Walker
3. Rhianon Kuhn


Women 15 to 19

1. McKayla Gray
2. Elizabeth Dunn
3. Kacee Ruzicka


Women 20 to 29

1. Mandi Idema
2. Krista Kilker
3. Tesa Padilla


Women 30-39

1. Marta Loachamin
2. Gail Reckase
3. Trina Kennedy


Women 40 to 49

1. Holly Dykstra
2. Tami Oswald
3. Cecilia Jamieson


Women 50 to 59

1. Cindy Southard
2. Cheryl Szydlo
3.LaRee Schabinger


Women 60-69

1. Bonnie Stahlin
2. Nancy Chalmers
3. Gail McNeil


Men 10 and under

Eben Vogel
Wyatt Stratmeyer
Kevin Sethra


Men 11 to 14

Eric Maas
Kalvin Stratton
Daniel Raak


Men 15-19

Trevor Stanley
Nick Cole


Men 20 to 29

Darren Brungardt
Kelly Daugherty
Jordan Cannon


Men 30 to 39

Aaron Berthold
Robin Sagel
J. B. Smith


Men 40 to 49

Craig Greenslit
Steve Read
Dan Gately


Men 50 to 59

Dan Black
Mark Schumann
Kent Blythe


Men 60 to 69

Mack Moore
Gary Nichols
Rick Stahlin


Men 70+

Glenn DeVoe
Kent Robertson
Rich Salmon

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The scouts of Troop 6 had served over 400 breakfasts before the parade started.




The parade lasted nearly an hour. This being an election year seemed to have greatly increased the number of entries.

[imagebrowser id=74]



Town Park was full of activities and entertainment for all ages.

[imagebrowser id=75]



The Berthoud Blues took on the Territorial Allstars in the annual Berthoud Day Game.

[imagebrowser id=76]

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