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Wednesday, February 8, 2023

Billionaires against health care





Koch-backed group launches $9 million ad campaign against health law

By Elise Viebeck

A conservative advocacy group closely aligned with the Tea Party announced a $9 million swing-state push against President Obama and the healthcare law.

The announcement by Americans for Prosperity (AFP), which is largely funded by the conservative Koch brothers, comes one day after the Supreme Court ruled to uphold the vast majority of the law in a major coup for Obama.

“While we are deeply disappointed in the Supreme Court ruling,” AFP President Tim Phillips said in a statement, “this is far from over.”The group’s push is worth $9 million, according to a release. It includes a television ad buy as well as grassroots and online efforts against the law, though the division of spending between the different efforts was not made clear.

Targeted states include Colorado, Florida, Iowa, Nevada, New Hampshire, North … Read More


Definitions: Americans for Prosperity means to maintain prosperity for the extremely wealthy at the expense of the environment and everyone else in the United States.  (editor)

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