July 2024


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Thursday, July 25, 2024

Colorado Dems and GOP respond to redistricting decision

Colorado Democratic Party Chairman Rick Palacio Responds to Supreme Court’s Approval of New State Legislative Districts

Denver – Following the approval of new legislative districts by the Colorado Supreme Court, Colorado Democratic Party Chairman Rick Palacio released the following statement:

“Today’s ruling guarantees Colorado voters competitive districts that pressure legislators to look beyond their political bases. These new districts will favor representatives who are accountable and responsive, and Democrats will field candidates who fit this profile. With a legislature committed to working to benefit all Coloradans, I am confident we will make great progress as a state in the decade to come.”


Partisan Power Grab Approved by Colorado Supreme Court

Greenwood Village, CO— Republican Party Chairman Ryan Call released the following statement regarding the Colorado Supreme Court’s decision to approve the Democrat Majority’s new state legislative districts.

“I am incredibly disappointed that the Supreme Court has chosen to ignore countless hours of public testimony and rubber-stamp the Democrats’ highly partisan maps.”

“The reapportionment process is clearly broken; it allowed the Democrats to game the system using heavy handed tactics to run out the clock at the expense of the citizens of Colorado.”

“Despite the flawed district maps, I am confident that with our winning message of economic growth and job creation, Republicans will expand our majority in the House and take back the Senate.”

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