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Monday, June 17, 2024

Evening with Arts at Berthoud High School


Friday evening was full of activity at Berthoud High School. It was an evening of art and entertainment with something for everyone. Some of the students were also very busy with several appearing in more than one show.

The gymnasium was the showcase for visual arts while both stages were in use for the music and dramatic arts.

The visual arts included all types of two and three-dimensional exhibits covering the walls and floor of the gymnasium.

Note: Many of the photos can be viewed larger by clicking on the image.

One could have spent hours here.

While many of the objects are part of a group, some students have gone to the trouble of making up a display of their projects for the year. Two of the visual artists who participated and stayed with their displays were seniors Vick Clark and Saraswoti Shinkle.

Both of these young women exhibited a wide range of photographic and graphic design talent. Clark intends to continue on graphic design as a career path while Saraswoti indicates that she wants to major in English and become a teacher.


BHS Senior Vickie Clark stands in front of a display of her photographic and graphic design work. The architectural photos behind her depict buildings from various cities around the United States.


Saraswoti Shikle explained how she made the collage in the upper right corner of the display panel by placing all the items on the scanner at one time.


The Berthoud High School Choirs were the first performing arts as they took their place on the commons stage. The Bridge Between started the show with four numbers of their song and dance routines.

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The Bridge-Between Show Choir

The Bridge-Between

Marie Allison – gold
Maddie Angus – bronze
Kyle Cavey
Amy Copley – letter
Kelsey Falasco – letter
Rachael A Hammel – letter
Timothy Harvell
McKenna Hawkins – letter
NataLee Hawkins – gold
Leigh Ann Kleber – gold
Katie Kouns – gold
Gabe Munoz – gold
Jessalyn Neuhalfen – 3 gold
Jon Neuhalfen
Parker Owens – gold
Anna Puckett – letter
Andrew Pyles – silver
Amelia Rael – 2 gold
Preston Ross
Maggie Stamets – 2 gold

The Bridge-Between was followed by the Mixed Choir who entertained with two literary pieces with text by renowned poets, “The Tiger,” text by William Blake and “The Road Not Taken,” text by Robert Frost. Their finishing numbers was “Going Over Home,” an arrangement based on two traditional spirituals.

The Berthoud High School Mixed Choir

Mixed Choir

Maddie Angus -bronze
Jessica Bode -bronze
Justin Carter
Rachael Carter -bronze
Amy Copley -letter
Brian Doran
Rachael Hammel – letter
Michelle Hanford – letter
Timothy Harvell
Leigh Ann Kleber – gold
Graham Lier
Gabriel Munoz -gold
Jessalyn Neuhalfen – 3 gold
Parker Owens – gold
Andrew Pyles – silver
Amelia Rael – 2 gold
Monique Sagebaum
Amberly Smith
Maggie Stamets – 2 gold

Syren’s Aria women’s choir kicked off with “Diamonds are a Girls Best Friend” and finished with “Crossing the Bar.” With Miss Jessalyn Neuhalfen conducting.

Syren's Aria

Syren’s Aria

Josie Baskall
Allison Berezay
Mollie Bonds – bronze
Jo Buckley
Hallie Bunker
Sarah Byrum
Brianne Condon
Amy Copley
Paige Dunn – bronze
Jesa Emerson
Kelsey Falasco – letter
Piper Hall
Michelle Hanford
McKenna Hawkins – letter
Michaela Matousek
Chloe Murray – letter
Jessalyn Neuhalfen
Olivia Owen
Sarah Poole
Anna Puckett – letter
Amelia Rael
Kimberly Rosson – letter
Kelcy Roth
Taylor Schmidt
Isobel Shaw
Sara Sterck
Kayla Stevenson – bronze
Amy Taylor – letter
Amanda Walsh – letter
Emmie Wellems
Maris Westrum

Syren's Aria


Choir Awards came next, with Choir Director Paula Latchaw awarding letters and pins for the many students who have participated in the choir. You will note the awards by their names in the lists published here. There were many emotional moments. Since Mrs. Latchaw also directs the Middle School Choir, some of the graduating seniors have been with her for seven years.

Paula Latchaw presents awards to three of her seniors, Marie Allison, Amelia Rael and Katy Kouns

After the awards, the combined choir sang “Season of Love.” A tribute to the seniors – Marie A. Allison, Bri Condon, Jesa Emerson, Michelle Hanford, Katie Kouns, Graham Lier, Amelia Rael and Amanda Walsh.

The Combined Choir

Soon after the choir presentation was over the band performed on the auditorium stage and the drama seniors presented one-act plays on the commons stage.

The Jazz Band opened the show with “Switch in Time.”


The Berthoud High School Jazz Band

Jazz Band:

Alto Sax: Stefani Messick, Ben Sevy
Tenor Sax: Elisabeth Krueger, Nicolette Power
Bari Sax: Jake McDonald
Trumpet: Gabe Conde, Mythia Siebold
Trombone/baritone: Nolan Rennert, Spencer Golsan
Piano: Savanna Seat, Alisha Golsan
Bass: Levi Andersen
Drums: Gabe Skeen, Jackson Hindman

The Concert Band began with a John  Philip Sousa Number, “Hands Across the Sea.”

The Berthoud High School Concert Band

Concert Band:

Flute: Aja Mattise-Lorenzen, Elizabeth Eggerling, Emilie Henning, Cassidy Bunker
Oboe: Savanna Seat
Clarinet: Stefani Messick, Anna Megenhardt, Danielle Parrinello, Alisha Golsan, Cera Watkins, West Read Armijo, Jessica Silvers
Alto Saxophone: Ben Sevy, Jessica Bennett, Ben Tyler, Preston Hollis, Zach Payne- Dunkelberger, Brennon Lee
Tenor Saxophone: Dominic Loffreda
Bari Saxophone: Jake McDonald
Bassoon: Nicolette Power
Trumpet: Gabe Conde, Ashlyn Lentz, Zach Strong, Ronnie Clark, Blake Weekly, Caleb Hammel, Mykaela Hughes, Zach Elliott, Keynan Arnstad
French Horn: Mythia Siebold, Jamie Neitenbach
Trombone: Nolan Rennert, Megan Sanders (special guest artist)
Baritone: Spencer Golsan, Dallas McConathy
Tuba: Tim Harvell ‘
Percussion: Gabe Skeen, Jackson Hindman, Jon Neuhalfen, Tyler Archambeau, TKStoudt, Dylan Neuhalfen, Nelli Manriquez, Jean Powers

The Drama senior’s presented a series of one-act plays.

Amelia Rael and Mary Wellems perform their one-act play. Also in this production was Kyle Wilcox who is not in the photo.

The Drama Class was followed by the two members of the Forensics team. The forensics performances too are drama, but it is of a different sort, perhaps described as a recitation. They can be very  dramatic presentations and two talented performers took the stage. Jean Powers performed two pieces, Diver and Say Yes by Andrea Gibson.

Jean Powers shows great emotion as she closes her dramatic presentation.

Graham Leir closed out the performances on the commons stage with a  Winnie-the-Pooh dramatic production.

Lier plays three roles in this presentation, each with a different voce and posture. He moved effortlessly between characters.

The students and teachers obviously worked hard to bring all this together. This is one of the premier evenings at the High School, if you missed it , plann to attend next year.

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