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Saturday, May 18, 2024

Historic Clean Air-Clean Jobs act signed by Governor

Clean Air-Clean Jobs Act will reduce air pollution and cut harmful health impacts

The following press statement is from Pam Kiely, program director for Environment Colorado.

Denver, CO – Today, House Bill 1365 was signed by Governor Bill Ritter, Jr. The “Clean Air-Clean Jobs Act”, was sponsored by Rep. Solano (D- Brighton) and Rep. Roberts (R- Durango), Sen. Penry (R-Grand Junction), and Sen. Whitehead (D-Hesperus). The bill is seen nationally as a model for how individual states can offer pragmatic solutions to meet future energy demand in a cleaner, healthier way.

“Colorado is blazing a trail for the rest of the nation at the very moment when leadership and bold vision matters the most,” said Pam Kiely, program director with Environment Colorado. “We are at a real crossroads– we can either continue to try to make 19th century solutions work to meet 21st century energy challenges, or we can make a fundamental shift now in how we power our future. By taking a cleaner, healthier road less traveled, Colorado will make all the difference.”

Colorado residents and businesses will see substantial benefits from cleaner air, healthier communities and a stronger clean-energy economy under this sweeping legislation which is supported by a diverse group of energy companies, bipartisan group of legislators, public health advocates and conservation groups.

New data puts the problem in even sharper focus, demonstrating that the pollution from the Cherokee and Valmont power plants (those slated for closure) is associated with 13 deaths and over 4,000 cases of respiratory disease annually. Economists estimate the adverse health impacts from just some of the pollutants released from these aging power plants impose health costs exceeding $110 million annually.

# # # Environment Colorado is a statewide, citizen-based environmental advocacy organization working for clean air, clean water, and open space.

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