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Monday, May 27, 2024

Lundberg January 2016 Newsletter

 Kevin Lundberg

  1. Health Exchange Tax
  2. Death Penalty
  3. Observations on Iowa


  1. Health Exchange Tax

The first bill I introduced this year, Senate Bill 2, will require the voters in Colorado to approve the tax imposed on them by the Colorado Health Benefit Exchange. If the exchange wants to tax the people $30,321,000, they should go to the voters and the voters should be allowed to make that decision.

TABOR (the Taxpayer Bill of Rights) requires that all new taxes be approved by a vote of the people, but the Exchange was set up with a “fee” on all medical insurance premiums in the state, which is really a tax. Senate Bill 2 is designed to cure this unconstitutional tax by finally bringing this tax to a vote of the citizens of Colorado.

Changing the name of a thing does not change the nature of a thing. A tax is a tax, and the people must have the option to say yes or no to the tax.

  1. Death Penalty

Another bill I have introduced is Senate Bill 64, changing the jury standards for death penalty sentencing. Currently the law requires the jury in a criminal case to make a unanimous decision for determining guilt of the accused and then another unanimous decision to impose the death penalty. My bill maintains the unanimous requirement for a guilty verdict, but makes it a super majority decision for the sentencing phase of the trial.

This bill addresses a significant problem we have seen in Colorado twice last year. In two separate trials criminals who murdered in cold blood numerous innocent people were convicted of first degree murder. Though the death penalty was the logical conclusion for both trials, by a slim minority of the jury, both received life in prison.

Senate Bill 64 has already generated a great deal of discussion, which is what we need to begin this serious debate. Colorado’s death penalty is not functional. If the Aurora shooter does not get the death penalty, who could possibly qualify? The legislature needs to face up to this reality. Senate Bill 64 will correct this problem.

Editorial Comment: As most people are moving away from the death penalty Keving Lundberg wants to make it easier to do.
Ten Reasons To Oppose the Death Penalty

  1. Observations on Iowa

Trump is playing politics. Cruz is practicing policy.

The establishment is trying to destroy them both, but for the time being they are supporting Trump in order to attack Cruz. I am certain that if they get Cruz out of the way they will once again go after Trump, find a way to also destroy him and leave the field open for whomever they want to nominate. Shame on any conservative leader who plays into these nefarious tricks.

Ted Cruz seems to be the front-runner in the Iowa Caucuses. Predictably, everyone is now attacking him in an effort to bring their guy up. However, many are so desperate to take Ted down that they are willing to make a dramatic about-face and throw their support behind Trump. Beware of their methods. This is not to support Trump for president, it is a temporary strategy that we often see during too many presidential primaries.

Meanwhile, Cruz is running with integrity. He is being honest with the Iowa voters by not supporting government funded ethanol subsidies (a popular government program with Iowa corn growers), he is refraining from attacking the character of his opponents and focusing on the important themes of national security and free market principles.

Good for Ted! This is why I have thrown my support behind his presidential candidacy. We need more leaders, and fewer politicians in these challenging times.

Editorial Note: Do we really want a president that seems to not ever tell the truth: The Simple Truth About Ted Cruz and Ted Cruz’s Claim to Truth is a Big Fat Lie. 

For Life and Liberty!

Kevin Lundberg
Colorado State Senator for District 15
Assistant Majority Leader

Editor: Also, in response to Lundberg’s recent witch hunt against Planned Parenthood based on some altered videos, the Texas courts investigating the issue have found no wrong doing by Planned Parenthood, but found plenty of wrong doing by the film’s creators and has issued indictments against them. See more here: 2 Abortion Foes Behind Planned Parenthood Videos Are Indicted.

When you have to lie to make your case, then something is wrong with your ideology. Will Kevin apologize. Highly unlikely.


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