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Wednesday, June 12, 2024

Police Beat: April 2, 2009

Tuesday, March 24

  • An inoperative gas powered go-cart was stolen from an alley garage in the 100 block of Welch Ave.
  • A pedestrian walking along Bunyan Ave. called 911 when he was followed by a dog resembling a pit bull. The caller reported the dog was not mean, and when the animal’s owner showed up the walker cancelled the call.
  • A girl called in from Fickle Park to report that in a group of six juvenile males in the park, one of the boys “flashed” them and one offered marijuana. The boys were gone when police arrived, but the officer was able to interview the girls.

Wednesday, March 25

  • Police made a pedestrian stop at 12:30 a.m. when they observed a man dressed in all black and accompanied by two pit bull dogs walking down Bunyan Ave. After a short time, they let him continue.
  • Police responded to a motor vehicle accident at the intersection of County Roads 8 and 19. See story.
  • Police called animal control when a dead dog was reported in the middle of the road on Second St. However, animal control would not respond unless they had a case number for billing.
  • A noisy beer party in the 400 block of Bimson Ave. left two juveniles with summonses and one case of beer confiscated. 

Thursday, March 26

  • A three-car accident at the intersection of Mountain Ave. and Sixth St. occurred at the height of the blizzard. A westbound vehicle tried to turn left onto Sixth St. and was struck by an eastbound vehicle and pushed into a school bus stopped at the Sixth St. stop sign. Police responded to four more vehicle accidents during the day.
  • In one of those incidents, this one at County Rd. 15a near County Rd. 6, police found a rolled over Ford Explorer, but no driver. He apparently had walked home from the scene of the accident.

Friday, March 27

  • A caller was concerned about two dogs running loose on Meadowlark Lane. Fearing they might run onto nearby U.S. Highway 287, he called police who, in turn, picked up the dogs. The report finishes with the owner coming in to get his dogs and summons.
  • Police investigated a theft at Berthoud Secure Storage. A lock had been cut and moving blankets were taken.

Sunday, March 29

  • Two black dogs reported running loose on the railroad tracks were gone when police arrived. 
  • A resident on Keep Circle reported that it appeared that someone tried to pry his door open. He did not want to file a report, but requested extra patrols.
  • A man looking for his missing dog thought he found it inside a fence at a Bunyan Avenue business. He reported the dog responded when he called his name. He had no idea how the dog got inside the fence.

Monday, March 30

  • The Code Enforcement Officer checked out a complaint that a business never clears snow from the sidewalk and found that the snow had been removed from the sidewalk.
  • A fifth-wheel trailer jackknifed on U.S. Highway 287 just west of the overpass.
  • A black cellular telephone was found on the bike trail near Berthoud High School.
  • A caller asked for a welfare check when they saw a male screaming at his female passenger while driving down E. Iowa Ave.
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