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Police Beat: Jan 1, 2009

Monday, Dec. 22

Someone picked up a loose Golden Retriever type dog at Third St. and Mountain Ave. and called police. The report does not indicate that the owner was located, but it does say that a citation was issued.

Police received a call about the welfare of a dog on the porch of a second floor apartment in the 900 block of Seventh St. Police found a second house nearby that also had a dog without shelter. Two verbal warnings were given.

An anonymous caller was concerned about the welfare of a dog left in a black Jeep Cherokee parked in the 400 block of Bimson Ave. Police found the Jeep, but there was no dog inside.


Tuesday, Dec.  23

Police were called on a barking dog in the back yard in the 300 block of E. Colorado Ave. The owner had been warned previously, but the dog was not barking when the officer arrived. He spoke to the owner who indicated he was aware of the problem and was taking steps to take care of it.

Police were asked to check on the welfare of a man living in the 400 block of Bimson Ave. The caller described him as an alcoholic and the police called for an ambulance for a drunken subject with a bump on his head but the subject refused transport.

Wednesday, Dec. 24

In addition to making five traffic stops and red tagging three vehicles in the 1100 block of Second St., the police responded to a dead cat in the street in the 200 block of Mountain Ave.

Police responded to a dog at large in the 700 block of Bruce Dr. only to find the dog back in the yard. A half-hour later the dog had gotten out again and was in the 900 block of 10th St. The escape artist was captured and locked in the backyard again.


Thursday, Dec. 25

Christmas Day was relatively quiet with two traffic stops, an attempted suicide and an assist.

Police assisted a patron of the Berthoud Athletic Club who had been working out and was unable to get the door to lock when he wanted to leave. Police arrived and took necessary action.


Friday, Dec. 26

A resident of Keep Circle called to ask for information on the rules for open commercial trash containers. It seems the container at his neighbor’s place was overflowing and the caller was of the opinion it had to be covered.

A resident in the 800 block of Bunyan Ave. came home and found his basement window broken out and, suspecting foul play, he called the police. A report is to follow.

At 11:35 p.m., a Loveland security firm reported that fencing had been knocked down at the construction site at Berthoud High School. A trailer may also have been taken.


Saturday, Dec. 27

Shortly before 1 a.m. police responded to the report of a disturbance in the 100 block of Bunyan Ave.

An anonymous caller reported a barking dog in the 700 block of Marshall Pl.

In a case of criminal mischief, Christmas decorations were damaged in the 1100 block of Fourth St.

From the 1200 block of Elm Dr. came a 9:28 p.m. anonymous report, “Dogs barking nonstop for the past three hours.”  Before officers arrived on scene a few minutes later they received a second complaint on the dogs.


Sunday, Dec. 28

The Elm St. dogs were the subject of another complaint at 9:27 a.m. and this time the owners received a verbal warning.

The 700 block of Eighth St. was the site of the next report of barking dogs. In this case the owners were given a written warning.


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