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Wednesday, June 12, 2024

Police Beat: May 14, 2009

Tuesday, May 5

  • Police made 10 traffic stops during the day, responded to juveniles hanging out behind the Pizza Hut all day.
  • The CEO also tried to capture two dogs running loose on Highway 56 just east of First Street. The dogs belonged at 110 Welch Ave and the owner was cited for dogs at large.

Wednesday, May 6

  • Police had to tell juveniles on skateboards to leave the school grounds at Berthoud Elementary and soon after that the officer contacted more juveniles at Fickel Park and told them to leave.  

Thursday, May 7

  • Police followed a vehicle that pulled up to two closed businesses on Mountain Avenue shortly after midnight. However, there was no criminal violation.
  • A resident walked into the station to report a bicycle stolen from the 600 block of Sixth Street.
  • A neighbor keeping watch on things reported two men entering a foreclosed house on north Sixth St. The men turned out to be landscapers hired by the bank.
  • A Sioux drive resident complained of kids going door-to-door trying to sell house painting for “College Work Painting.” There is no indication of the outcome.
  • A caller witnessed reckless driving by a red Dodge pickup in the Berthoud High School parking lot. Police responded and a report is to follow.

Friday, May 8

  • Police received a report of an animal bite that occurred the previous day on Wilshire Dr.
  • Police received a report of a cat 30 feet up a tree. The caller was attempting to tempt it safely down. Four hours later the report came back that the cat was out of the tree.
  • Three juveniles walking down the middle of Fourth St. was reported as a traffic hazard. Police were unable to locate the juveniles.
  • A local man was concerned that shingles had been left on the roof of his house on Maple Drive. He had not contracted for a new roof and was working with his insurance company to see if there was any damage done by this unauthorized delivery.

Saturday, May 9

  • The Berthoud High School Athletic Director reported vandalism at the school. The ticket booth had been tipped over, rock salt or something similar had been poured on the track and a shed door had been damaged. Police planned to obtain the video records from the surveillance cameras.
  • Police checked out a possible hit and run incident in the 100 block of Bunyan Avenue.

Sunday, May 10

  • A 2 a.m. traffic stop on Fourth Street resulted in an arrest for driving under the influence.
  • A report came in of a blue car with the lights on near the Aspen Leaf assisted living center.
  • The one person in the car had their head leaning against the window and had been there about one hour. Police treated the case as suspicious circumstances in progress and a report is to follow.
  • The Larimer County Humane Society called to report they were going to pick up a dog that attacked chickens in the 1000 block of Meadowlark Lane. BPD advised the location was not inside Town limits.

Monday, May 11

  • Gary Knudtson walked into the police station to report that the Town’s mower threw up rocks on his 1971 Ford.
  • Maintenance personnel at Berthoud Elementary School reported vandalism that caused damage to the roof.
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