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Tuesday, July 16, 2024

Rep. Gardner supports regulatory oversight

Transcript of Rep. Gardner’s Remarks:

Mr. Speaker I rise today in support of House Resolution 72 and of Congress’s new emphasis on oversight.

Over the past few years, federal agencies have promulgated a litany of rules and regulations with little regard for their impact on American businesses, jobs and everyday American workers.  Last week I meet with a business in my district that employs nearly 1,000 people.  They expressed their concern that the onslaught of rules and regulations threaten our energy infrastructure, power stability and electricity costs.  In other words, reckless regulation threatens their very existence.  I met with a business that employs 53 people, whose owner said they won’t expand because they don’t know what the cost of healthcare regulations will mean to their business.

At a committee hearing just yesterday, before the energy and commerce committee, businesses stated that the regulatory environment is hindering investment in our economy, not promoting it.  In Colorado, federal regulations that could usurp the state’s role over energy production may stop the creation of jobs that are set to employ thousands of people in Northern Colorado.  It’s time for Congress to listen to the voices that are America, that move our country, feed our country, power our country and make our country great.  It is time to put an end to reckless regulation.

If there are 1.5 million jobs to be created then let’s get started creating them.  But let’s not turn to the role of government to regulate people out of business to create other jobs.  That’s not the job of the federal government. Let’s put an end to reckless regulation.

I yield back my time.

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