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Thursday, June 20, 2024

Republicans: Party of Rape


There has been a great deal of comment among Republicans on the subject of rape. See the accompanying articles.

In all these comments, the onus seems to be put upon the woman. It is almost as if these Republican men blame the women for getting raped. Never have we heard them talk about the rapist. The obvious conclusion is that Republicans condon rape for the rapist (man) but not the victim (woman).

On the other side of the Republican coin, is the attitude that sex is a sin and should be avoided except for the intent of procreation. Rick Santorum espoused this during his campaign and most recently New Hampshire’s representative Lynne Blankenbeker stated that no birth control is needed, couples need to practice abstinence. Santorum even approved of allowing police to invade your bedroom to see if you were using contraceptives. Theses are the same Republicans that claim to be proponents of smaller, less intrusive government. Actually, they are taking us into Orwell’s world of “1984″ where Big Brother watches your every move. If you havent read 1984, you may download it for free here : The Complete Works of George Orwell.

Putting these to concepts together, and they do seem to be main stream Republican ideas, we must conclude that the only Republican approved way to have sex is rape. This does, of course, go along with the concept that sex is evil for women but appropriate for men, though having sex with someone other than a woman is also evil.

Republicans must be very conflicted with the concept of sex.


The accompanying Republican Rape Advisory Chart is from an article of the same name at AlterNet.com. Click on the graphic to read the article.


The Nation Magazine featured the following article, “Ending Rape Illiteracy.” Clicking on the title will take you to the article by Jessica Valenti.

And from Huff Post Politics

Richard Mourdock One Of At Least 15 GOP Senate Candidates Who Oppose Abortion For Rape Victims          

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