November 2023


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Thursday, November 30, 2023

Sam Schleiger gets “Teacher Tuesday” award

Susan Moore, Sam Schleiger and Brian Gary

Sam Schleiger, a 2003 graduate of Berthoud High School is now a teacher in nearby Milliken. Schleiger was recently honored by country radio station K99 for the “Teacher Tuesday Award”. Brian Gary and Susan Moore from K99 came to Milliken Elementary School where Sam teaches 5th grade and surprised him with the award during an all-school assembly. Mr. Schleiger was nominated for the award by a student in his class who noticed the many ways in which his teacher goes above and beyond in order to impact his students’ lives, including spending his personal time and money, He recently took two students to a Nuggets basketball game; students who might not have ever had the opportunity to attend a professional sporting event. Sam, and his teaching partner, Alan Plaisance, call that type of outreach to their less fortunate students “adopt-a-kid”. Other “adopt-a-kid” missions have included donating gifts to a student’s family striving to make ends meet during the holiday season. The gifts included: a bicycle and helmet, grocery store gift cards, a refurbished computer, and dinner.

According to his wife Sabrina, “Sam often mentions many of his former teachers who made an impact on his life and I think they would be very proud of the teacher he has become.”

Congratulations Sam.

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