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Monday, May 23, 2022

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Bowl Championship Series: Week 7

Three undefeated teams top the rankings. Auburn and Oregon switched places in the top two positions. TCU remained at #3 while Stanford replaced Boise State at the #4 slot. West Virginia and Northern Illinois made their way into the top 25.

Bowl Championship Series—Week 5

Bowl Championship Series—Week 5

No change in the top 10 teams from last week. Alabama and Michigan State swapped the #11 and #12 spots while Iowa dropped seven places to the 20th position and Utah fell from #14 to #23.

Week 4 of Bowl Championship Series (BCS) standings

No changes this week in the top four teams, but LSU and Stanford both made big gains in the standings. Alabama, Utah and Oklahoma lost games this week and fell in the rankings.

Week 3 of Bowl Championship Series (BCS) standings

Number 1 and 2 positions switched, but Oregon and Auburn still take the top two spots. Numbers 3 and 4 also switched places. Michigan State, ranked fifth last week dropped to 14 after this weeks loss while Nebraska moved up 7 positions. The top 25 teams are listed below.

Bowl Championship Series (BCS) standings

Bowl Championship Series (BCS) standings

Here is week two of the BCS standings