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Saturday, June 22, 2024

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Badge, license to kill

Badge, license to kill

  Why Do Cops Who Shoot Unarmed People Get Their Guns Back? By Kevin Mathews  What happens to police officers who shoot unarmed citizens while on duty? More often than not, nothing. Even in the most egregious examples of misconduct and bad policing, officers are found not guilty in court (if they even stand trial in the first place) and are free to return to duty… re-armed to potentially cause more harm in the future. This pattern is a serious miscarriage of justice. By refusing to ... Full Story

Police as killers, not protectors

Police as killers, not protectors

It is a shame what many police forces have become. Break into the wrong house and kill innocent people. Kill dogs for no reason. Here are four stories that represent the tip of the iceberg. It also seems that none of the police involved feel any remorse or compassion for their victims or their families. After reading these accounts, you will likely be reluctant to call on the police for help;   Police Officer Shot Man Dead for Peeing, Mother Claims in Court May 28, 2013  | SALT LAKE CITY ... Full Story

Sheriff’s Deputy initiates effort to establish

Sheriff’s Deputy initiates effort to establish law enforcement license plate

Larimer County Sheriff's Office patrol deputy Basil Marciniak recently initiated an effort to establish a law enforcement memorial license plate in Colorado.  After the death of Weld County Deputy Sherriff  Sam Brownlee, Deputy Marciniak was inspired to do something to honor law enforcement officers killed in the line of duty.  He then contacted Colorado Concerns of Police Survivors, an organization dedicated to assisting families of law enforcement officers killed in the line of duty, ... Full Story