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Lundberg Legislative Report

February 28, 2011 Topics: 1. Colorado's Sesquicentennial 2. Emissions Testing for Larimer and Weld County 3. My Bills 1. 150 years ago, on February 28, President James Buchanan signed the bill, passed by Congress, to create the Colorado Territory. Reallocated from of portions of the Utah, Kansas, Nebraska and New Mexico territories, the boarders are identical to the state of Colorado, which began in 1876. Today I introduced SJR-19, recognizing this sesquicentennial for Colorado. The text of the ... Full Story

Sky Tonight—Feb 28, Moon and Venus closest together

Sky Tonight—Feb 28, Moon and Venus closest together on morning of March 1

Courtesy of EarthSky A Clear Voice for Science Visit EarthSky at Our sky chart shows the waning crescent moon and the brightest planet Venus for about an hour before sunrise on March 1. We are showing mid-northern latitudes, like those in the U.S. As seen from the world’s eastern hemisphere – Europe, Africa, the Middle East, western Asia, Indonesia, Australia and New Zealand – the moon and Venus pair up even more closely together than they do in the Americas. In the ... Full Story