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Saturday, February 4, 2023

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OpEdNews: December 12, 2011

    OpEdNews   Bold and Daring: The Way Progressive News Should Be To view the web version please click here  December is, for non-profits, the most important month. Can you help to get off to a good start next year with a generous donation? They depend upon your support. If you wish to donate to their cause, click here. The Recorder has made a donation because we believe it is important to preserve the voice of a free press not beholden to corporate ... Full Story

Obama, Afghanistan, France

Obama, Afghanistan, France

                          Obama Doctrine: A Modesty of Ambitions Michael Singh BLOG A drifting, placating foreign policy that disappoints friends and emboldens foes. Read More                   AfPak: Looking at Year 2020 Hanson, et al.Essay A group of experts peer into Afghanistan and Pakistan's future and offer some surprising visions. Read More   ... Full Story