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Sunday, May 19, 2024

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OpEdNews Bold and Daring: The Way Progressive News

OpEdNews  Bold and Daring: The Way Progressive News Should Be

  Todays collection of articles in the OpEd News point at a difficult year ahead. Not the least of our problems is ten months of political campaigning. Keep looking here to see a candid look at the warts and all of the political newsmakers. It appears that war with Iran is inevitable no matter who is in the White House, though Rick Santorium says he will bomb them. Haven’t any of these politicians noticed how poorly we have done in Iraq and Afghanistan? The seem to still think we can ... Full Story

NDAA Dissenters in Congress

NDAA Dissenters in Congress

  First read the following article. The Bill of Rights died on its 220th birthday if not before. US: A dangerous Woman - Indefinite Detention at Carswell       Truthdiggers of the Week: NDAA Dissenters in Congress  Though they couldn’t stop the freedom-crushing National Defense Authorization Act of 2012 from becoming law, Truthdig salutes the efforts of the members of the U.S. Congress who took a stand against the NDAA in the final round of voting this week. There ... Full Story