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Sunday, May 19, 2024

The Berthoud Rest Stop

Canada Geese at Waggener Farm Park
Canada Geese take a rest at Waggener Farm Park

These Canada Geese made a rest stop at the Wagner Farm Park on Monday morning. Berthoud lies along the Central Flyway, a migratory route for the geese. This flock consists of early migrators flying north following the melting snowline. Their destination is the nesting grounds in Canada.

These hardy travelers travel by day or night and land to feed and rest at familiar places along the route. They face many dangers during their trip: exhaustion from long flights with not enough rest; starvation, hunters, weather and flying into towers, power lines and tall buildings.

The familiar V-shaped formation allows the geese to take advantage of the wing tip vortex of the bird in front, saving energy by reducing drag. The energy savings in flight can be as much as 50%. The flock flies at speeds from 30 to 55 mph and may travel over 650 miles in a day.

For the next few weeks we will treated to the sights and sounds of the migrating flocks.

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