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Wednesday, December 2, 2015

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Mitt doesn’t get it

   The REAL "Entitlement" Programs Benefit the Rich By Mike Kirchubel (about the author) Social Security, Medicare, and Unemployment Insurance are not gifts from the wealthy to the workers of America. We pay our own way. The real "entitlement" programs are the ones we workers fund for the benefit of the rich.   Mitt Romney Does Not Have the Right to Dismiss Us       By Moby   Not to mention the roads, clean water, streetlights, police departments, fire ... Full Story

Skyrocketing Gas Prices

Skyrocketing Gas Prices

                Familiar Names Responsible For Skyrocketing Gas Prices By Arlen Grossman (about the author) As you max out your credit cards at the gas pumps, you should know that the major players to blame for the spike in gas prices are the same people who tanked the world economy four years ago-- our friends, the Wall Street speculators . That's right, many of the same banksters--Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, J.P. Morgan, et al., who manipulated ... Full Story

OpEd News: December 16, 2011

OpEd News: December 16, 2011

OpEdNews Bold and Daring: The Way Progressive News Should Be   Daily Headlines   By David Everitt-Carlson Out of the Frying Pan and Into the Fire: The Nomadic Life of an #OWS Occupier Sans Occupation Occupiers without a place to occupy. What do they do? Where do they go?   By Bob Burnett 2011: The Year Corporations Attacked Democracy For eighty years, Americans have feared robots, worrying they might one day rule the world. In 2011 we realized our real enemies are not robots, ... Full Story

OpEdNews: December 12, 2011

    OpEdNews   Bold and Daring: The Way Progressive News Should Be To view the web version please click here  December is, for non-profits, the most important month. Can you help to get off to a good start next year with a generous donation? They depend upon your support. If you wish to donate to their cause, click here. The Recorder has made a donation because we believe it is important to preserve the voice of a free press not beholden to corporate ... Full Story

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