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Sunday, June 23, 2024

Bicycle events in Larimer


Larimer County, Colorado – Larimer County wants feedback on proposed changes to the Larimer County Special Event Permit regulations.

Currently, Larimer County’s Special Events Permit Resolution limits ‘events’ on any one segment of county road to ‘2’ in any 30 day period.  The Resolution defines events on county roads as “a bicycle race or ride; foot race or walk; a motored vehicle event; a temporary road closure for purposes other than normal highway uses” and goes on to state that any event using a County road or property that would require changing, restricting, or adapting normal traffic use” would comply.

According to County Manager Frank Lancaster there haven’t been concerns with non-bicycling roads events, “We just haven’t had issues with other road events, specifically running events, that we have had with bicycling events.  We believe we can open up the roads to running events while maintaining the limit on bike events, without any additional negative impact to neighbors or other users of the roads.”

Lancaster goes on to explain that the feedback received so far is that the resolution should be changed to reflect this and here is how it would read:
19.    No more than two bicycling events or road closures will be permitted on any individual section of county road during any 30 day period.

Lancaster says he will take comments or suggestions on this proposed change through Thursday, March 15 at flancaster@larimer.org, (970) 498-07004.

The entire Special Events Permit Resolution is on the County web site, the Virtual Courthouse, at:


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