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Saturday, June 22, 2024

Around Town: Making Hay

By Gary Wamsley
Berthoud Recorder

I didn’t get any suggestions on how to repair my lawn mower’s plastic gas tank so I went on the Internet for information on sealants. I found a review of a product that claimed it was not affected by gasoline and I purchased a tube of it. I also used some of my 600 mile-per-hour tape left over from my flying days. The tape is pretty amazing stuff that should stay in place until a permanent repair can be made. I should be able to install the tank this weekend and try it out while cutting the grass.

If you haven’t noticed, grass cutting is a major business around here and the incessant rains have caused a lot of problems for our local hay producers. My problem in finding a dry time to mow is pretty trivial compared to theirs. It certainly makes the old saying about making hay while the sun shines much more meaningful. The grass or alfalfa has to be cut and is put in windrows to dry so it can be baled. Then the bales have to be kept dry. If at any stage the hay is wet, it will mildew and become unfit for feeding. The last few days have been relatively dry and everywhere I drive the balers are in the field, but the hay is not safe until it is under shelter.

The rains have made the grass grow well and I hope the first cutting has been saved. As a consumer of hay, at least my horses are, I like it when there is a plentiful crop because it keeps the prices more reasonable. Like any commodity, supply and demand has a lot to do with the price of hay. I purchased 100 bales last month and will be hoping for a third cutting for another fifty bales to tide the horses over until next spring. If the first cutting has been salvaged, there will be a plentiful supply, if not; I will have a tough time finding enough hay.

The Little Thompson Observatory is closed for its annual maintenance this month so there is no program this week. I think the plan is to install the new 24-inch telescope during this time. The last time I visited the site when they were doing work I ended up crawling in the basement pulling wires for the sound and video systems. I wonder what they will have for me to do if I stop by this month. If you care to stop by they don’t seem to mind visitors if you don’t get in the way. However, you should be prepared to become an LTO volunteer.

If you are looking for something to do, there are outdoor movies and outdoor concerts aplenty in the area. Most of them are free and are a pleasant way to spend an evening. I love the Wildfire Friday movies, but haven’t been able to get to one this year. I will keep trying and hope to see you around town.

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