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Monday, June 24, 2024

Berthoud Police Blotter: April 2019

Monday, April 1

Theft / Trespass: Harebell Street, garage doors,
windows and siding were stolen from new construction in the Heron Lakes

Suspicious Circumstances: 5th Street, a resident was watching her grandkids and
she went to pick them up from school. Another girl (1st grader) went up to her
and said she was all ready for a sleepover, but she knew nothing about it. The
girl had a suitcase with her and she called her daughter to see if they were
supposed to have a sleepover which was news to her also. The resident called
the little girl’s parents. They weren’t aware and weren’t concerned with where
she was. Deputies went to contact the girl’s parents and the mother was very
angry because the “cops were at her address”.

Juvenile Problem: The
hill on 5th Street, a report was received about teens driving a
white suburban pulling a kid on a skateboard outside the car. The caller said
they keep driving up and down the hill on 5th towards Spartan.

Harassment: Welch
Ave, an employee reported last week a patron threatened her. The patron was
accusing the employee of following her around. The patron then told the employee
“I see rape and murder in you”. The employee doesn’t know this person
but ever since the patron has been coming there, she has been hostile towards
the employee.

Theft: 1st
Street, a business owner reported three Snap-On tools were taken from his
business sometime during the previous week.

Theft: Mountain
Avenue, a resident reported his vehicle’s rear license plate was taken today
while he was parked at this address.

Tuesday, April 2

Theft / Trespass:
1st Street, a local business had over $2000 in scrap metal stolen from their
fenced enclosure at the back of the business.

Assist / Warrant:
Franklin Avenue, 911 call reported an assault between residents. A woman
supposedly hit another woman in the chest. The victim recanted her story
telling deputies that nothing happened.

Neighbor Problems:
Kansas Avenue, a resident reported they have been harassed by a neighbor. The
resident reported that her 8-year-old son was riding his bike and their
neighbor drove by and started yelling at the child. Kind of wondering which one
is really the child here.

Wednesday, April 3

Junk Vehicles and
Building Code Violations:
Bruce Drive, a residence has been warned several
times to clean up the junk vehicles. It came to a head when they built an
illegal shed in the back yard without a permit. Code Compliance Officer gave
them 4 days to remove vehicles or they would be towed. They were also issued a
summons to explain to the judge why this is happening.

Thursday, April 4

Assault / Domestic
Kansas Avenue, a wife and husband got into an argument after the
wife found a 3rd cellphone. Oh oh!

Circumstances / Possible Harassment:
a report was received that a resident
was receiving harassing messages from someone she does not know. She sent a text
message stating to stop communicating with her or else she would call the
police. She has received 6 text messages since then all of which say that he is
going to do something to ruin her life. So tough when you’re on the other end
of social media.

Friday, April 5

Vehicle Crash / Hit
and Run:
10th Street and Mountain Avenue, 2 vehicles were
involved in a crash. The vehicle that caused the crash took off. Another driver
called in and reported a car speeding on Spartan just passed her at a high rate
of speed and turned into Heritage Ridge. Vehicle was located but the driver was
on the run. The driver was positively identified, and a warrant will be
knocking on his door shortly.

Juvenile Problem: Mt.
Meeker, it was reported that kids are in the alley using a “blow tube” to shoot
darts into a target. Deputy contacted an adult male in the alley behind this
address. He was using a blow gun, shooting plastic pellets at cans in the

: Indiana Avenue, a resident is getting several phone calls
from the same number but has never answered any of the calls. She has been
receiving the phone calls for about a week. Gets about 2-3 calls per day. They
never leave a message. Calls come from 303 732 5392. The resident wants a
deputy to find out who is calling her as she is afraid to answer or call it
back. The deputy called the phone number, and it is a conservative political
group. And so, the political rhetoric begins.

Saturday, April 6

Verbal Disturbance:
S CR13. Berthoud Gun Club reported that an unidentified man was in a
member-only area of the lake. He claimed that this man threatened him when

DUI / DUI Per Se /
Open Container / Violation of a Protection Order:
Beuhler Acres Drive., a
driver committed multiple traffic violations, and had an open bottle of Fire
Ball Whiskey in the back seat. There was an active protection order prohibiting
her from possessing alcohol. She failed roadsides, refused testing, and went
uncooperative to the Jail.

Sunday, April 7

Motor Vehicle Theft:
2nd St. a resident reported that sometime within the last 3 weeks his Camper
was stolen from a storage lot.

Theft: Prairie Flex Street, an electrician working on Sunday saw a couple of men loading up construction material.  Deputies responded and contacted a Greeley man and an Evans man for stealing wood from a construction site and charged.

April 8 to 14

Monday, April 8

Warrant Arrest: Franklin
Avenue, a 55-year-old man who had a warrant for his arrest was contacted. Booked.

Vehicle Crash: Berthoud
Parkway and Grand Market, 2 vehicles collided in the round-a-bout at this
location causing minor injuries.

Assist to Ft. Collins PD / Invasion of Privacy: Ft Collins Police took a report at Macy’s where a man took a cell phone photo of a young woman in a dressing room. Ft Collins is working on another similar case where the witness identified the same man doing the same thing. We assisted Ft Collins and arrested a 34-year-old man at his residence in Berthoud.

Tuesday, April 9

Happy 2nd Annual
“Bomb Cyclone” Day!

Family Problems / Suicide Threats: Ellie Way, a
father reported that his 15-year-old daughter ran away from home. The daughter
was located and taken voluntarily by her parents to the hospital.

Hwy 287 and Mountain Avenue, a semi lost control and
flipped over on its side blocking traffic for several hours. Angry, angry motorists!

Suspicious Animal
: Water Avenue, we received a couple of calls about dead cats in the
ditch on Water Av. There were 4 dead cats that have been in the ditch for a
while. Street Department came out and removed the animals. I suspect a serial
cat killer named Rover.

Assist to Burlington
Northern Santa Fe Railroad (BNSF)
: Mountain Avenue and 3rd
Street, deputies inspected the railroad track and found some damage surrounding
the tracks. This is not dangerous for the trains but eventually could cause
damage to a car. BNSF Railroad notified and responded to fix it.

Warrant Arrest: Franklin
Avenue, deputies contacted a homeless gentleman and discovered that he had
warrant for his arrest. Booked.

Wednesday, April

/ Vehicle Trespass:
Canyonlands, over $21,000 worth of implements for a John
Deere back hoe were stolen from this construction site. Resident of the only
occupied house in the area said they saw a dark blue, mid 90s, Ford pick-up and
a white male wearing a yellow safety vest use one of the front-end loaders to
lift the implements and put them in the pick-up. Well at least the thief was
dressed for safety.

Vehicle Crash: Hwy 287 and Mountain
Avenue, a vehicle was stopped at a crosswalk for a pedestrian crossing
Mountain Avenue. Another vehicle was behind him, still at speed and admitted to
looking into his rearview mirror. He then struck the rear of first vehicle
causing damage. Cited. How many times have we heard it “I only took my eyes off
the road for a second?

Thursday, April 11

Domestic Violence: Pyramid Peak Street, a woman
slapped her husband after kicking a bedroom door causing damage to it and then
picking the lock to the bedroom to get to him. She was booked.

Vehicle Crash: Hwy
287 and Berthoud Parkway, A vehicle was going through the intersection with a
green light when another vehicle who had a red light could not stop and
collided with the other car.

Lost Car: Hwy 56 and
I-25, several men who stated they were involved in an accident yesterday
somewhere on Hwy 56 and I-25. The owner has no idea what his license plate is for
his vehicle but wants to know where it was towed to. Neither State Patrol nor
LCSO has any record of crash and a vehicle being towed yesterday. Dispatch is
so far unable to locate a license plate or where it was possibly towed. Huge
language barrier but thanks to Paulina from Guaranty Bank for translating.

Vehicle Theft: Heron
Lakes Parkway, a trailer was reported as stolen along with several items that
were on the trailer.
Friday, April 12

Found Trailer: Heron
Lakes Parkway, the trailer, which was parked on golf course property, was
returned after an email was sent out yesterday. Someone apparently thought it
was golf course property, so they were using it. Borrowing / Stealing, such a
fine line.

Lost Property:
9th Street, a resident reported that she lost her Passport.

DUI: N. Berthoud
Parkway and Rosewood Drive, Berthoud deputy located a reported R.E.D.D.I.
(Report Every Drunk Driver Immediately) A 29-year-old Berthoud man was arrested
and booked. He must have missed the message we have had for many decades,
“don’t drink and drive”.

Saturday, April 13

Trespass / Obstruction of Train Passageway: Two young
boys exited a vehicle near the railroad crossing at Welch Avenue in Berthoud.
The boys placed items on the tracks in front of an oncoming train, and then
stood near and appeared to reach towards the train as if to grab on while near
the tracks as the train passed by. This caused the train operator to activate
emergency braking. The subjects were seen running and getting back into a black
vehicle and leaving the area. Area flooded with Deputies and video obtained
showing the vehicle and subjects. Both boys were contacted later in the day and
identified as two 16-year-old boys. Both boys were issued juvenile summons for
trespassing and obstructing passageway of a train. Both were released to their parents
and will have to go to court to answer to the judge why they caused the train to
block Mountain and Welch for 2 hours total. You’re never too old to play with

Sunday, April 14

Assist: W. CR 8, a water main break was reported on CR 8 all night. The resident tried to call Little Thompson Water but couldn’t reach an after hours contact. The phone number for Little Thompson Water is a phone tree, when you press 2 for the afterhours there is a recording that says, “I’m unable to come to the phone, I’m at work or playing w/ my munchkin. I do not own any property in Ft. Collins where there would be a water main break, you must have the wrong number so check your number because it’s not me”. I could be wrong, but I think we had the wrong number.

April 15 to 21

Monday, April 15

Up/Burglary/Motor Vehicle Theft/Criminal Mischief/Theft/Assist to Longmont PD:
Korner, evidence on scene did not make sense so video footage was reviewed
again. Two suspect vehicles and two more suspects were identified. LCSO Dispatcher
connected that a stolen vehicle from Longmont PD was possibly related. Longmont
PD advised that they recovered one of our suspect vehicles that was also stolen,
and two Longmont Juvenile males were taken into custody. A black 2013 Toyota Sequoia
is still missing/stolen. Never underestimate the power of a dispatcher.

Stolen Plates: 2nd
Street, both license plates were stolen off a vehicle. 

Family Problems: S.W.
42nd Street, a man and his 49-year-old step-son were involved in a verbal
disturbance. The step-son pulled the wires from the electrical fuse box and
they both pushed each other. Shocking!

4th Street, neighbors called the landlord and reported that
tenants were stealing appliances from an apartment.

Tuesday, April 16

Driving Under
Restraint/No Insurance/Fictitious Plates/Failure to Register Vehicle
Within 60 Days:
Turner Avenue and Torreys Peak Lane, a woman was stopped
for expired plates and window tint. Plates did not belong to this vehicle and
were confiscated. Driver was under restraint to drive, provided no proof of
insurance. Cited for a plethora of charges.

Missing Child /
Spartan Avenue, a mother reported that her 14-year-old son went to
the bathroom at the Berthoud High School baseball fields but did not return.
After a lengthy search, the boy contacted his father, who picked him up and
took him back to Berthoud High School to meet with Deputies and got an ear full.

Unlawful Sexual
a mom and dad reported that their 13-year-old child was
inappropriately touched by a 12-year-old friend. LCSO Investigations Division

Driving Under the
Mountain Avenue, a 34-year-old Boulder woman was contacted at this
location. Refused chemical testing. Booked.

Wednesday, April

Schools Closed: All
of Thompson Schools, Berthoud Squad worked with Thompson School District due to
the schools being closed as a result of the threats against Colorado Schools
from an 18-year-old Florida woman. She was found later in the day. I applaud
the Thompson School District by making a tough decision to close the schools
for today.

: Campion Academy, the school is on lockdown due to having
kids there that live on campus. They are reporting that in the field to the
north across from the school there is a man walking in the field with a gun.
they heard one gunshot. A high school kid home from the schools being closed. He
was trying to help mom keep the prairie dogs from hurting the cows. He stated
he’d stop as it probably isn’t the best day to be shooting off guns. Good call

Trespassing: Loves
Travel Center, the store has two males who have been squatting on the property
for two days and they are now harassing customers. They also have a dog with
them. They were very cooperative when told to move on.

Thursday, April 18

Vehicle Crash: Hwy
56 and County Line Road, a vehicle heading north on County Line Road pulled out
in front of another vehicle causing minor injuries and sever damage to both
vehicles. Traffic was snarled for a couple of hours and for some reason all the
grumpy drivers came that way. It was also my fault that a woman missed her
meeting. I’m so mean.

Friday, April 19

Dur / Uninsured
Vehicle / Failure to Register Vehicle In 60 Days of Purchase /
Fictitious Year Tab / Warrant Arrest:
E Hwy 56, a deputy, while
working School overtime, observed a known man driving and knew he had warrants.
When lights were activated, the driver attempted to pull a U-Turn but was
blocked in by the deputy. The driver later admitted he was trying to pull into
a stall so the vehicle would not be towed. Vehicle had no insurance and a
fictitious year tab, and his license was revoked. Booked. 

Suicide Threats /
Spartan Avenue, a 15-year-old boy was reported as a runaway by his
grandma. This 15-year-old is on probation and his probation officer will be
notified and will be working on warrant for his arrest as he violated his

Motor Vehicle Theft: Sioux
Drive, a resident reported his vehicle was stolen from his driveway. Doors were
locked, and keys accounted for. Chrome Bronco logo on tailgate.

Saturday, April 20

Theft / Trespass: 2nd Street, a resident reported he
had a trailer stolen from his business while he was there. He observed it
happening and chased the suspect out of back yard area of his shop. Suspect has
been identified as a 16-year-old. However; Dad does not know who could be
driving since his son does not know how to drive a car with a manual transmission
and Dad does not know who his son spends time with. Stolen trailer is a 16′
black utility and the suspect vehicle is a Ford Bronco. Vehicle and trailer
were located by Boulder County and are in the process of being recovered.

Vehicle Theft / Trespass: Longs Peak
Avenue, shortly before the above call, a suspect walked up to this address and
stole an 89 Honda motorcycle from the driveway. Deputy located the motorcycle
parked on the sidewalk about 100 feet from the residence. Suspect descriptions
for both incidents are very similar.

Assist Jackson County
Hubbell Street, a deputy worked with Jackson County Sheriff’s
Office on a violation of bond conditions reference a male who obstructed and
fought with the Jackson County Sheriff back in March. But this man was
transported to the hospital due to severe intoxication, Jackson County is
working on a warrant and once the warrant is in the system, deputies will take this
man into custody.

Assist to Longmont PD:
Meadowlark, Longmont PD was in pursuit northbound on Hwy 287 of an assault
suspect who assaulted his ex-girlfriend and running over her new boyfriend in a
stolen car. Longmont PD requested assistance and with road spikes, the vehicle
was stopped at this location where the suspect was taken into custody.

Sunday, April 21

Family Disturbance:
4th Street, a step-dad slapped his teen age step-daughter in the
face for leaving lights on and not going to bed when told.

Disturbance: Meadowlark, it was reported that there are teenagers fighting at this location. Three males are chasing a smaller male. they were trying to punch the male and hold him down. Everyone was contacted, and it was discovered the boys were trying to take the keys from their friend to him from driving due to his intoxication. Parents responded and were not happy campers.

April 22 to 28

Monday, April 22

Theft: 3rd Street,
it was reported that they found empty tool containers in the morning and they
believe a known person is the one who took the items. Investigation continues.

Vehicle Theft: 2nd
Street, a resident reported that she went to get her father to listen to a
sound her car was making. She left the car running and unlocked while she
walked inside to get her father. She came outside and it was gone. And the
sound her car was making is gone too, problem solved.

Warrant / False
Godwit Drive, a resident reported being followed home by a
subject in a gold jeep and that the jeep was parked in front of her house. Deputies
contacted the vehicle initially and had to place the occupant at gunpoint due
to non-compliance. Subject eventually complied, stated that he did not have an
ID and gave his birth date one number off from actual birth date. ID was found
in center console and subject had a felony warrant. Booked on warrant summonsed
for false reporting. What a tangled web we weave. 

Missing / Runaway
Glen Drive, a father reported his 16-year-old son as missing. Dad said
his son was last seen at 5:00 am on 04/21/19 at the residence (shortly
afterwards multiple cars were reported stolen from a near-by residence). This
boy is most likely still with another Berthoud boy and assisting in the
multi-day crime spree.

Tuesday, April 23

Burglary: 2nd Street,
front door window smashed. Keys to vehicles were taken but none of the vehicles
are operable. A couple hundred business stickers also taken.

Vehicle Pursuit: Kwik
Korner, a deputy was conducting an extra check of the business due to recent
criminal activity and noticed a black sedan blacked out in the south end of the
parking lot. When Deputy attempted contact with the vehicle and occupants, it
left the lot and began to accelerate out of the area and a traffic stop was
attempted, it did not yield, and a vehicle pursuit was initiated. The vehicle
turned left at Hwy 287 to head south while disregarding a red light. Pursuit
terminated due to suspect speeds in excess of 125 MPH approaching City of
Longmont. Prior to vehicle leaving the Kwik Korner, Deputy had made eye contact
with the male driver and female passenger. LCSO dispatchers located photos of
female registered owner and known male associates, which enabled Deputy to
positively identify the male driver and female passenger. Warrants will be
sought for them, both are currently wanted subjects and have outstanding felony
warrants for their arrests.

Suspicious Circumstances: 1st
Street, a person reported that he went to this address to schedule an
appointment to have his dog groomed. He stated that the female working there
told him to get off the property and threw something at his car causing damage.

Wednesday, April

Motor Vehicle Theft /
No Valid License / Crime Spree Arrest:
Berthoud Elementary, the
missing 16-year-old was taken into custody after being found inside a running
stolen vehicle that was tracked by GPS. Vehicle turned over to the owner.
Inside the vehicle was also a stolen tablet.

Suspicious/Shoplifting Suspect:
Berthoud High – A suspicious black male matching the description from a Ft
Collins Police case was seen getting into a gold Jeep Cherokee in the parking
lot. Male was later identified who was a runaway.

AOA Loveland Police: Eagle
Crest Court, Loveland Police and LCSO received calls reference a stolen vehicle
out of Berthoud which LCSO handled at about the same time. The vehicle was
being followed by the stolen vehicle victim’s mother. She gave updates to the
location of the stolen vehicle to Loveland Police up to the point they asked
her to stop following. Loveland Officers located the vehicle in the driveway of
515 Eagle Crest Court. It is believed 3 subjects ran from the vehicle. A known
16-year-old male was arrested by Loveland Police, the other 2 are still at
large. The male had multiple active warrants and was listed as a runaway out of
LCSO. These three boys were involved in the noisy car theft, burglary to
business on 2nd St and shoplifting in Ft. Collins. Video captured
all three in the store and they put a picture of them selves standing in front
of the stolen car. All 3 caught and went to Juvy.

Missing Juvenile: Canyonlands
Street a different 16-year-old boy was reported missing by his father,

Fraud: Canyonlands
Street, a resident had an ad on Craigslist for furniture for $200. Suspect sent
a cashier’s check for $1950. The phone numbers used is no longer in use.

Theft: 2nd Street,
a resident called to report her daughter’s bike as stolen. It was taken
sometime Sunday night. Possible security footage more follow-up.

 Scam: Gentlewind
Way, a resident reported that she sent $2000.00 to an unknown account, via
Bitcoin; in order to “clear” her name. The scammer told the resident
that she was wanted out of Texas by the U.S. Marshall’s Office. 

Thursday, April 25

Criminal Mischief: Bunyan
Avenue, an unknown student at Berthoud Elementary School broke a water pipe
with a brick, causing significant flooding on the school grounds.

Friday, April 26

Mental Health Hold: a
was transported to the hospital after she was not able to calm
down following a family disturbance. She was most likely under the influence of
methamphetamine and had a panic attack.

Loose Cows: BNSF
railroad tracks, a report of 2 “big black cows” on the tracks. Railroad was
notified but they cows were herded back where they belong before any trains
came along. They just had to tell the cows to moooove. Sorry, I lost it for a

Saturday, April 27

Shop Lifting: Loves
Travel Center, staff flagged the deputy down in the lot, and told him that a
woman stole an item and is on video. she is in one of the multiple semi’s
unknown which one. Woman was located and contacted in a truck. She gave the
product back and said she “accidently” walked out with it. They did
not want to press charges as long as he got the item back, item was returned. I’m
going to tell my wife “I accidently forgot to mow the lawn”. I will write later
on how that worked out.

Warrant Arrest: Hwy
287, a Berthoud man was contacted at the request of Loveland PD reference their
ongoing investigation and attempts to locate an infant missing child. Child was
not located at this location. The Berthoud man was arrested on an outstanding
traffic warrant out of Garfield County. The child was later located safe in

Family Problems: Curlew
Drive, a resident reported that her husband had thrown her personal items out
of the house and was harassing her.

 Vehicle Crash /
Hit and Run:
Mountain Avenue and Meadowlark Drive, an unknown Nissan
passenger car crashed through a sign and onto a median, before fleeing the

Sunday, April 28

Vehicle Crash / Property Damage: Weld CR40 / SE Frontage Rd., a driver lost control of his vehicle and crashed into two concrete barriers just south of the above intersection. Cement Barriers – 1 / Car – 0

April 29 to April 30

Monday, April 29

Petrel Drive, a resident reported that
she received an alert from her front door camera showing that someone is
sitting on her front porch that she does not recognize. the subject is a young
woman. has long dark hair. wearing a backpack and has a suitcase. Deputy
contacted the woman on the front porch on the phone. She was told to go to this
address where she would meet a friend. Wrong address and she was directed to
the right address.

Tuesday, April 30

Vehicle Crash w/ Injuries: Hwy 287 and CR 8, a boom truck going southbound on
Hwy 287 braked suddenly for the traffic light. His backend fishtailed and
flipped, hitting two parked vehicles on the side of the road causing severe
damage (understatement) to a van. The van went forward and ran into her
husband’s truck. The boom truck ended up flipping on its side and went BOOM! blocking
287 for several hours. Those grumpy drivers from the last accident showed up
here too. How did they know?

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