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Monday, June 24, 2024

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Berthoud Police Blotter: January 2023

  Happy New Year 2023 January 1 - 8 Sunday, January 1  Third-Degree Assault/Criminal Mischief/Violation of a Protection Order: 2nd Street – A female violated a protection order by coming to this residence. The occupant of the residence confronted the female about being inside the home. The female then threw a bottle of shampoo at the male, causing a visible injury and damaging his glasses. The female then fled and was arrested shortly after and booked in at the Larimer County ... Full Story

Berthoud Police Blotter: August 2021

-             August 1 - 8 Sunday, August 1 Nothing noteworthy Monday, August 2 Scam / Computer Crime: Bimson Ave. - A man reported that his juvenile daughter's Snapchat account was hacked. The suspect used selfies of the victim to try to ask her friends for sexual videos.  Tuesday, August 3 Harassment / Road Rage: S. CR. 23 / Getaway Dr. - Driver reported a road rage incident and followed up today with additional video. A possible suspect was unable to be contacted.  Scam: Laborn ... Full Story

Berthoud Police Blotter: December 2020

Berthoud Police Blotter: December 2020

Tuesday, December 1 Vehicle Crash / Non-injury: Berthoud Parkway and Hwy 287, a driver rear ended another vehicle who was stopped at the red light. Cited.  Wednesday, December 2 Theft: Mount Rainier Street, lumber valued at over $3,000 was stolen. The suspect vehicle is a white pickup truck with a black rack, pulling a black trailer. The suspect used a forklift on Capitol Reef Street and drove it down to this address to steal the lumber. Theft / Criminal Mischief: Greenwood Drive, a ... Full Story

Berthoud Police Blotter: November 2020

Berthoud Police Blotter: November 2020

Sunday, November 1 Unlawful Sexual Contact: Franklin Avenue, a resident of the Berthoud Living Center has been inappropriately grabbing the body parts of staff members. Case to be screened with the DA.  Assist to Medical: Longview Avenue, deputies responded for a welfare check which resulted in discovering a man pulseless and not breathing. Medical was able to restore pulse and transport to the hospital. DUI / Warrant Arrest: S. 5th Street & Spartan Avenue, a 23-year old Longmont man was ... Full Story

Berthoud Police Blotter: October 2020

Thursday, October 1 SCAM: W. CR 8, a resident received a call from a scammer pretending to be an Under Sheriff from Texas. She confirmed her name with the scammer and gave them her full social security number. She was advised to call her financial institutions and the Social Security Administration. SCAM: Redwood Circle, a resident was contacted by known persons who told the resident he had a computer virus that could be fixed by purchasing gift cards and sending pictures of the card numbers. ... Full Story

Berthoud Police Blotter: August 2020

Berthoud Police Blotter: August 2020

August 1 - 2 Saturday, August 1 Rally / Counter-Protest: Several people planned a Black Lives Matter rally at Fickel Park. Several counter-protesters gathered across the street. For the most part it was peaceful except for the volley of insults going back and forth. A teenager on the BLM side with a bullhorn made sure people were following the rules and cleaning up after themselves. Great Job! Vehicle Crash / Private Property: Mountain Avenue, a driver backed into another vehicle at ... Full Story

Berthoud Police Blotter: February 2020

February 1 - 9 Saturday, February 1 Speeding / Protection Order Violation: Mile Marker325 S Hwy 287, a 39-year-old Livermore man was contacted for doing 100 mph in a 65-mph zone. A 28-year-old woman was in the passenger seat and there is an active protection order protecting the woman from the man.  Warrant / Speeding: Berthoud Parkway and Blue Bell Road, a 20-year-old woman was contacted for speeding. A records check showed she had a warrant out of the Longmont Police ... Full Story

Berthoud Police Blotter: Jan 2020

January 1 - 5 Wednesday, January 1, Happy New Year Failure to Register as Sex Offender: I-25 & Hwy 56, numerous house checks have been attempted for man who is listed as a transient. His last check was due in September of 2019 and he has yet to be found where he listed on his registration. A warrant will be sought.  DUI / Reckless Driving / Hit & Run / Misdemeanor Eluding / Resisting Arrest: 2nd St. & Indiana Ave., while in the area on an unrelated assist to Longmont PD, a deputy ... Full Story

Berthoud Police Blotter: December 2019

Sunday, December 1 Vehicle Fire: Gray Mountain Road, a report was received of a vehicle on fire at this location. Deputies got fire out with extinguishers. Monday, December 2 Neighbor Problem: West Hill Drive, a resident plowed snow out onto West Hill Drive to block access to stop people from cutting through West Hill Drive which is public access, and this is the second time they have done it. Little Thompson Water District employees dug through the snow wall on the road to get ... Full Story

Berthoud Police Blotter: November 2019

November 1-3 Friday, November 1 Neighbor Problem: 7th Street, a resident reported yesterday a friend knocked on the upstairs apartment door by accident instead of his door (downstairs). The neighbor called his friend names, and then went out with a camera and videotaped his kids in the car. Saturday, November 2 DUI / Violation of Bond Conditions / Violation of Protection Order: N. Berthoud Parkway & Hwy 287, a 25-year-old Greeley woman called to report that a male passenger in her vehicle ... Full Story

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