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Friday, June 21, 2024

Berthoud Police Blotter: December 2020

Tuesday, December 1

Vehicle Crash / Non-injury: Berthoud Parkway and Hwy 287, a driver rear ended another vehicle who was stopped at the red light. Cited. 

Wednesday, December 2

Theft: Mount Rainier Street, lumber valued at over $3,000 was stolen. The suspect vehicle is a white pickup truck with a black rack, pulling a black trailer. The suspect used a forklift on Capitol Reef Street and drove it down to this address to steal the lumber.

Theft / Criminal Mischief: Greenwood Drive, a contractor reported an unknown suspect pulled a tree out of the ground and stole it in this new development.

Vehicle Crash / Property Damage: Hwy 287, a driver fell asleep and struck a sign in the median. 

Warrant Arrest: Hwy. 56, a driver was stopped for a traffic violation and was arrested for a warrant out of Lakewood. He was subsequently released after being transported to the Larimer County Jail when Lakewood declined the warrant due to COVID-19 restrictions.

Thursday, December 3

Criminal Mischief: Hwy 56, a black Mitsubishi Lancer with Washington plates backed into a tree and then drove off. 

Family Problems: Rocking Chair Drive, a mother reported that her son assaulted her after she attempted to implement electronic restrictions while he attended online school, but he fled the residence while deputies were in route. He was located a few blocks away. Mom did not want criminal charges brought onto her son, so he was returned home.

Dog Bite: Sabin Court., a resident reported her dog had bitten her toddler in the face after a piece of food fell onto the ground and both went to retrieve it. Minor injuries sustained from the bite.

Dog Bite: Madison Avenue, a woman was babysitting her friend’s son. The child ran across the road toward his father when her dog ran after him and bit his leg. Minor injuries sustained from the bite. 

Friday, December 4

Hit and Run: Oystercatcher Drive, an unknown vehicle struck a resident’s vehicle sometime last night.

Fraud: E 2nd Street, a resident reported unknown subjects used her credit card at multiple gas stations in the Denver Metro Area and New Mexico.

Theft: 2nd Street, Deputies discovered stolen license plates on the rear of a vehicle. Upon further investigation the front license plate attached with a different number was also stolen from another vehicle. As Deputies were in the area the owner of the van was contacted walking to the van with keys in hand. He was released with a summons

Assist to Windsor Police / Search Warrant / Possession with Intent to Distribute Drugs / Possession of a Weapon by Previous Offender / Felony Warrant Arrest:  N. Berthoud Parkway and CR14, Windsor PD had obtained a search warrant for the residence in reference to a robbery and burglary investigation. During the search warrant items taken during the robbery were recovered. A 22-year-old man was contacted and found to be in possession of 14 grams of meth and a pistol. He also had a felony arrest warrant and is a convicted felon. 

Saturday, December 5

Stolen Vehicle Recovery: 2nd Street, a stolen Chrysler 300 was found parked in front of this residence. Vehicle towed to Longmont PD for processing.

Counterfeit Cash: 2nd Street, a business reported that a man gave them a fake $50 bill. When deputies contacted the man, he stated he got it at another business in Berthoud.

Warrant Arrest: Hwy 287, a woman driver was stopped for a traffic violation and found to have a warrant for her arrest. Booked. 

Sunday, December 6

Vehicle Theft / Recovery: 2nd Street, Boulder County SO found an abandoned trailer in the middle of Vermillion Rd. Later confirmed to be an unreported steal.

Assault / Domestic Violence: Greenwood Drive, a woman hit her roommate over the head with a wine bottle after a verbal argument. Her boyfriend started to verbally argue with her after standing up for the man. The boyfriend was also hit on the back of the head with the same wine bottle by her. She was taken into custody and booked. 

Civil: S. Berthoud Parkway, a woman called in and was upset with her roommate. She was demanding deputies tell her roommate to pay back her rent and deposit.

Assist U.S. Postal Inspector: 3rd Street, a resident witnessed a female get out of a vehicle. She was then seen taking mail out of the drop box and placing it in her vehicle. Once she had realized she was being watched she fled at a high rate of speed away from the area.

December 7 – 13

Monday, December 7  Remember December 7, 1941 “A date which will live in infamy.”

Vehicle Crash / Non-Injury: Berthoud Parkway and CR10E, a driver struck a stop sign at this location while making a turn. Summons issued.

Suspicious Circumstances: Hwy 287 and S. Iowa, a man was seen chasing a woman out in a field and she had a bloody face. Upon contact the woman was having a depressive episode and began to hit herself in the head with a phone. When her boyfriend stepped in to stop her, she ran out into the field. She was transported to the hospital for evaluation.

Vehicle Crash / Non-Injury: 1st Street, a pickup truck that only had rear brakes was unable to stop for a slowing vehicle and ran into the back of it. Summons Issued.

Tuesday, December 8

Stolen Vehicle / Puffer: 2nd Street, a 2003 green/blue Chrysler Sebring was stolen from in front of the residence. Owner left the vehicle running with keys in the ignition.

Recovered Stolen Vehicle: 2nd Street, a report was received about a vehicle with severe front-end damage that was parked unoccupied on the street. Vehicle turned out to be a stolen vehicle from Thornton. Vehicle towed. (possibly connected to the above vehicle theft).

Possible fraud: 4th Street, a resident reported they bought a car from another person and paid them but have never received the car.

Wednesday, December 9

Verbal Disturbance: 6th Street, a man and woman were involved in a heated yelling match early this morning. After a very exhausting mediation, they both separated for the day.

Civil Service: 2nd Street, a man was served a restraining order restraining him from this residence. The man left without incident but not a happy camper.

Verbal Disturbance: Auklet Court, a report came in of a very loud argument coming from this house. Father and son got into a heated argument and the son left.

Thursday, December 10

Suspicious Circumstances: Cuda Court, a resident reported a vehicle parked in the cul-de-sac with 3 men inside in front of a house under construction. Turned out to be construction workers waiting for their supervisor to work on the basement of the house.

Suspicious Circumstances: Loves Travel Stop, a man called reporting Loves has a sign up with his picture and name printed on it. He was afraid it was about his recent prison sentence. The man was very confused and delusional and there was no sign with his picture or name printed on it.

Friday, December 11

Unemployment Scam: Kansas Avenue, a resident reported his information was used to file for unemployment. 

Assist to Loveland PD: Berthoud, an autistic boy got out of his parent’s car on 287 between Berthoud and Loveland. A search was conducted by several deputies and the young man was located safe at 7-11 in Berthoud.

Saturday, December 12

Possible Fraud / Suspicious: 9th Street, a woman reported she bought a vehicle from a female off Craigslist. The Department of Motor Vehicles advised her that the title was fake and not correct. 

Hit and Run: Bronco Court, a resident reported that his vehicle was struck overnight. When he went out this morning, he discovered damage to his vehicle.

Disturbance: Franklin Avenue, a disturbance was reported between two residents. One punched the other in the arm. Both involved and cannot remember the incident.

Sunday, December 13

Family Problems: Ellie Way, a woman called and stated before she left the house to run some errands her husband was very verbal with her. Now the husband is texting her harassing her. Now she is afraid to go home. Deputies escorted her into the house to gather some personal items so that she could leave.

Suspicious Circumstances: CR6, the caller’s husband just woke her up and told her there were footprints coming and going in the snow to their barn. Her husband heard someone trying to open the back door. They didn’t actually see anyone. no vehicles seen in the area. The footprints lead from the water pump, then out front to some bird feeders and back. No footprints in snow entering or leaving the property. The husband said he went out to feed the birds earlier but was certain these prints are different.

December 14 – 20

Monday, December 14

Motor Vehicle Accident: North Berthoud Parkway/Grandmarket Avenue – Male was driving carelessly and crashed into the roundabout. Summons issued.

Identity Theft: Live Oak Court – Female reported her identity was used to file for unemployment benefits. No suspects. The female was provided with the number to Fraud Prevention at Colorado Department of Labor and Unemployment, as well as the number to U.S. Bank in case she received a U.S. Bank reliant card in the mail. The female was advised to contact both institutions so that all unemployment services would be canceled.

Tuesday, December 15

Nothing of Significance to Note

Wednesday, December 16

Unattended Death: Meining Road – Male on hospice care passed away at home.

Obstruction/Violation of Bail Bond Conditions: Wagonbend Road – A male was reported as extremely intoxicated and attacking other residents in the house. Upon contact, the male failed to obey verbal commands and aggressively approached a contact team of Deputies while concealing his hands. The male was safely taken into custody. Residents refused to pursue charges; however, the male was found to be on bond and had two Protection Orders, all of which stated no alcohol. The male was medically cleared and booked at the Larimer County Jail.

Thursday, December 17

Restraining Order Violation: 2nd Street – A male showed up at a residence in violation of a Protection Order. The male was under the influence of drugs and confrontational upon law enforcement contact. He was charged and booked at the Larimer County Jail.

Friday, December 18

Driving Under the Influence / Minor in Possession: Wagonbend Road/North Berthoud Parkway – Underage female contacted for traffic infractions and found to be under the influence of alcohol and in possession of marijuana.

Possession of Schedule II Controlled Substance / Mental Health Evaluation: West County Road 14 – Female was reported as a suspicious person sleeping in her vehicle. Upon contact, she told law enforcement that she had feelings of suicide recently and wished to talk to somebody. The female had methamphetamine in plain sight and was issued a summons. She was then given a courtesy ride to the hospital for mental health help.

Identity Theft: West County Road 10E – Male reported his identity was used to file for unemployment benefits. No suspects.

Unattended Death: North County Road 15C – Female experienced a medical emergency which was associated with possible cardiac problems. Medical units conducted life-saving efforts but were unsuccessful.

Saturday, December 19

Assist to Animal Control: Wagonbend Road – A welfare check was conducted after a neighbor reported hearing a female yelling for help. Upon contact, it was determined that the resident’s dog had drowned. Animal Control responded to investigate and take possession of the deceased animal.

Sunday, December 20

Found Property: Phipps Lane – A wallet was located by a citizen. Attempts to contact the owner have been unsuccessful. The wallet has been logged in as found property at the Larimer County Sheriff’s Office.

Warrant Arrest: Highway 287 – A male was contacted for a traffic infraction on Highway 287 and was found to have an outstanding warrant for his arrest. He was subsequently booked at the Larimer County Jail.

December 21-27

Monday, December 21

Stolen Vehicle Recovery: Peridot Avenue, recovered a stolen trailer from a 2019 case after a new owner tried to register it. Tow company towed it in 2019 but never confirmed the VIN and the trailer had fictitious plates when towed. Suspect is most likely a 27-year-old man as the plate registered to his dad.

Criminal Trespass / Theft: Rocking Chair Drive, two vehicles left unlocked at this address were entered and the missing items include tools, firefighting equipment.

Fraud: Huppe Lane, a gentleman had unemployment benefits applied for in his name and was made aware of the benefits when his employer called him to tell him that they had been contacted by the Department of Labor about his employment status.

Tuesday, December 22

Warrant: 400 block of Massachusetts Avenue, a 33-year-old Greeley woman was seen attempting to enter cars. She was arrested and she also had a warrant for her arrest.

Vehicle Trespass: Mount Meeker Avenue, a vehicle truck bed entered, multiple unsecured tools taken.

Vehicle Trespass: Exeter Street, an unlocked vehicle entered, cash, multiple credit cards taken, and clothing items.

Vehicle Trespass: Chokeberry Street, an unlocked vehicle entered. A pair of binoculars in camo case, miscellaneous hunting items, multiple hunting knives were taken.

Vehicle Trespass: Exeter Street, an unlocked vehicle entered, a handgun was stolen with two magazines that were loaded. Vehicle processed. Waiting on possible video footage of suspects and vehicles. 

Wednesday, December 23

Obstructing Roadway: I-25 and Hwy 56, a 28-year-old Greeley man was contacted after multiple 911 calls of him trying to run in front of cars on I-25. He was stopped and detained, he was intoxicated and issued a summons. He was released to a coworker that responded to the scene. 

Thursday, December 24

Possession of Weapon By Previous Offender / Possession of Schedule I and II / Special Offender / Criminal Impersonation / Attempt to Influence / Possession of ID Documents / Interlock Violation / Driving Under Revocation / Fictitious Plates: CR 14, a 37-year-old Ft. Collins man was stopped for traffic violations. A 38-year-old Berthoud woman used a license that was not hers to avoid a plethora of warrants, possession of meth, a pressed Ecstasy pill, Oxycodone were found in vehicle search after K9 alerted. Loaded Hi-Point 9mm was also found along with a spent shell casing. Multiple checkbooks, credit cards, valuable coins, mail, and random rifle ammunition found. 

Friday, December 25

Merry Christmas and thank you for a quiet day.

Saturday, December 26

Assault / Child Abuse / Domestic Violence: 2nd Street, a woman went to her ex-girlfriend’s residence and got into a physical altercation with her in the presence of her two daughters.

Sunday, December 27

Theft: 8th Street, a man reported he had a bicycle and skateboard stolen overnight.

Warrant Arrest: Mountain Avenue, a 55-year-old Berthoud man was contacted for weaving. Arrested on a warrant, booked. 

Driving Under Revocation / Expired Plates: Mountain Avenue and 10th Street, a 37-year-old Johnstown man was stopped for expired plates. His license was Revoked for Driving Under Insurance Suspension. Issued a summons. 

December 28 – 31

Monday, December 28

Criminal Impersonation: Holmes Place, a resident reported an unknown person opened up an unemployment claim with her information.

Criminal Impersonation: Curlew Drive, a resident reported she received a card in the mail for her deceased Father that an unemployment claim was made with his information.

Vehicle Crash / Non-Injury: 600 Block Hwy 287, a young driver lost control of the vehicle he was driving and ran off the roadway and struck a tree. Summonsed.

Tuesday, December 29

Vehicle Trespass / Theft: Rubinette Lane, a resident had his unlocked vehicle entered while visiting a friend last evening. Wallet with gift cards stolen.

Fraud / Credit Card Skimmer: Meadowlark Drive, a resident called to report that his debit card was compromised and used earlier today at a gas station in Lafayette.

Suspicious / Possible Sex Offense: Berthoud – Longmont PD handled a case with juveniles in their jurisdiction which elicited information of possible sexual abuse occurring at this address in Larimer County. Investigations notified. 

Wednesday, December 30

Unemployment Scam: Tipton Street, a resident reported an unknown person opened up an unemployment claim with her information.

Unemployment Scam: Wales Drive, a resident reported an unknown person opened up an unemployment claim with her information.

Unemployment Scam: Mayo Court, a resident reported an unknown person opened up an unemployment claim with her information.

Unemployment Scam: 5th Street, a resident reported an unknown person opened up an unemployment claim with her information.

Fraud: E. Colorado, a resident reported someone changed the address on her Social Security account. No money lost. 

Vehicle Crash / Non-Injury: Urban Place and Wagon Bend, a driver drove off the road and struck a light pole.

Burglary: Mountain Avenue, an unknown white male entered an unlocked door and stole $21 in cash and coins from a drawer.

Thursday, December 31

Warrant Arrest: 3800 E Hwy 56, a 34-year-old man was contacted and arrested for a warrant out of the Denver Marshall’s Office. Booked.

 Recovered Stolen Motor Vehicle: 2nd Street, the blue, 2020 Chrysler Sebring stolen as a puffer from this address on 12/08/20 was located by Boulder City PD Officers on W. Moorhead Circle in Boulder unoccupied. This was the second recovered stolen vehicle for them from that location on the same date.

Fraud: Wales Drive, a resident reported a suspicious charge on her debit card. Card was used in Colorado Springs.

Vehicle Crash / Non-Injury: E Hwy 56, a propane delivery truck turned in front of a pickup and was struck. 

Unemployment Scam: 3rd Street, a resident reported an unknown person opened up an unemployment claim with his information.

Recovered Skimmer: Meadowlark Drive, in conjunction with the State Oil and Public Safety inspector after multiple fraud cases. A skimmer was located on a gas pump and seized as evidence. 

Unemployment Scam: E. Iowa Avenue, a resident reported an unknown person opened up an unemployment claim with her information.

Unemployment Scam: Iowa Avenue, a resident reported an unknown person opened up an unemployment claim with her information.


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