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Thursday, July 25, 2024

Berthoud Police Blotter: July 2024

July 1 – 7

Monday, July 1

Violation of a Protection Order/Warrant Arrest: Redcloud Avenue – A man was reported to be passed out under a tree. The man was intoxicated and had a warrant for his arrest. The man also had a protection order not to consume any alcohol. He was booked at the Larimer County Jail.

Unattended Death: 1400 4th Street – A man was found deceased by a neighbor. There was nothing suspicious and the man had a significant medical history. Investigations consulted. The Coroner’s Medical Examiner responded.

Tuesday, July 2

Nothing of Significance to Note

Wednesday, July 3

Non-Injury Motor Vehicle Accident/Drove without Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) When Required/Expired License Plates: Berthoud Parkway/Mountain Avenue – A male driver was distracted while driving a box truck and hit a power pole knocking out power to multiple traffic lights. The man did not have a CDL when required and the license plates were expired on the box truck. The man was issued a citation.

Driving Under the Influence: North Berthoud Parkway/Crestridge Drive – A male driver was contacted for traffic infractions and did not complete roadsides consistent with a sober driver. He was booked at the Larimer County Jail,

Driving Under the Influence/Motor Vehicle Accident with Injuries/Careless Driving/Leaving the Scene of an Accident: North Berthoud Parkway/Waterman Street – A man driver rolled his vehicle twice and continued driving south on Berthoud Parkway. The man was transported to the hospital where he admitted to drinking and driving. He was medically cleared and booked at the Larimer County Jail.

Non-Injury Motor Vehicle Accident/Fail to Yield Right of Way: Mountain Avenue/7th Street. A driver hit another vehicle due to failing to yield for the right-of-way. The at-fault driver was issued a citation

Non-Injury Motor Vehicle Accident: 10th Street/Welch Avenue – A female driver side-swiped a parked car due to her footwear getting tangled in the pedals of the vehicle.

Warrant Arrest x4/Violation of Protection Order x2/Possession of Schedule II Controlled Substance: Franklin Avenue – A man and woman were contacted together in violation of protection orders with one another. The woman was found in possession of cocaine and fentanyl. Both parties were booked into the Larimer County Jail.

Thursday, July 4

Happy Independence Day!

Driving Under the Influence/Open Container: 2nd Street – A female driver originally was called in as a person down. The woman was contacted in her running vehicle, refused roadsides, and refused a chemical test. A blood draw search warrant was obtained. She was booked at the Larimer County Jail

Stolen License Plate: Grand Market Avenue – A man was stopped with a stolen license plate attached to the vehicle he was operating. Only one plate was recovered. The man was issued a summons.

Driving Under the Influence/Driving Under the Influence Per Se/Resisting Arrest: South Taft Avenue/West County Road 14 – A man was contacted and resisted after he failed standard field sobriety testing. A control hold was used to gain compliance. He was booked at the Larimer County Jail.

Friday, July 5

Lost License Plate: Megan Way – A man reported his front license plate was missing overnight. The plate was later located.

Warrant Arrest: 3800 East Highway 56 – A man was contacted with an outstanding warrant for his arrest. He was booked at the Larimer County Jail.

Mental Health: West County Road 14 – A man was called in for texting multiple people after stating he was going to hang himself. The man was contacted at his residence extremely intoxicated and making suicidal statements. He was taken to the hospital and placed on an Emergency Commitment Hold.

Saturday, July 6

Mental Health: East Colorado Avenue – A man continually called the Sheriff’s Office reporting multiple false alarms, and he was adamant that his security system was hacked. 

Sunday, July 7

Theft: Redcloud Avenue – A woman reported a man took $250 for car wash gift certificates before Christmas, and never provided the service or refunded the money. Further investigation is currently being conducted.

Non-Injury Motor Vehicle Accident: 4th Street – Berthoud Fire was responding to a medical call and clipped a parked car as the fire engine was parking. The vehicle was unoccupied, contact was made with the business owner.

RECEIVE EMERGENCY NOTIFICATIONS ON YOUR CELL PHONE. Please visit https://NOCOAlert.org and register to get emergency notifications on your cell phone. Reverse 911 does not work on cell phones, only on landlines. Berthoud has the lowest registered numbers in Larimer County.  

July 8 – 14

Monday, July 8

Vehicle Trespass/Theft: Timeless Trail – A man reported that two vehicles parked in the driveway of his residence had the rear passenger windows broken. Items were stolen from both vehicles.

Vehicle Trespass/Theft: Celestial Drive – A man reported that the driver’s side window of his pickup truck was broken out and approximately $20 was stolen.

Tuesday, July 9

Vehicle Trespass/Theft: Tranquility Way – While canvassing the area after the two reported trespasses from the day prior, a woman waived down deputies to report that her unlocked vehicle had been entered, with $0.75 and two garage door controls stolen. The suspect is presumably the same as the other prior trespasses and vehicle thefts from other incidents currently under investigation.

Suspicious Item: Gateway Boulevard/Mountain Avenue – Near the intersection of Gateway Boulevard and Mountain Avenue a suspicious item was found near a walkway, under a tree. The Northern Colorado Bomb Squad responded and determined it was not an explosive. Further investigation found it was a mosquito trap placed in the tree by the health department.

Criminal Mischief: Urban Place – A woman reported that someone broke her sliding door and window with a BB gun.

Wednesday, July 10

Felony Vehicular Eluding/Driving Under the Influence of Drugs & Alcohol/Reckless Driving/Unlawful Possession of Controlled Substance/Unlawful Possession of Drug Paraphernalia: Highway 287/ County Rd 8 – A male driver was speeding North on Highway 287 from Longmont. When deputies attempted to stop the driver, he began to elude at approximately 100 MPH until North Berthoud Parkway, where he came to a stop hitting a fence post. A K9 sniff led to a vehicle search, where cocaine and methamphetamine paraphernalia were located, in addition to several open beer containers throughout the back of the vehicle. The man was booked at the Larimer County Jail

Assist to Fire Department: Heron Lake Parkway – Deputies assisted Berthoud Fire with traffic control after a sauna caught fire at the residence, causing a structure fire.

Thursday, July 11

Mental Health: Jay Place – A woman was placed on a voluntary mental health hold after experiencing a mental health crisis at her residence.

Friday, July 12

Non-Injury Motor Vehicle Accident/Failed to Yield Right of Way: Highway 287/County Road 8 – A male driver turned in front of another vehicle while trying to beat a yellow light and caused a traffic accident. The at-fault driver was cited.

Felony Warrant Arrest: East County Road 8/Pyramid Peak – A man was contacted with an outstanding felony warrant and booked at the Larimer County Jail.

Driving Under Revocation/Warrant Arrest: A man was contacted while driving with a suspended license and was found to have an outstanding warrant for his arrest. He was booked at the Larimer County Jail.

Non-Injury Motor Vehicle Accident/Following Too Closely: Highway 287/County Road 8 – A female driver rear-ended another vehicle. The woman was issued a citation for following too closely.

Mental Health: County Road 10E/1st Street – An adult male was contacted in a ditch on the side of the road after numerous passersby called 911 to report a man walking in traffic in swim trunks, and no shirt with a friendly Pitbull in 100-degree weather. The man showed signs of paranoia and was delusional, but he was not a danger to himself or others. The man was provided with dog food and water. The man did not have any family in the area willing to take him and he was taken to a local park where he asked to be dropped off.

Saturday, July 13

Unlawful Possession of Methamphetamine (Misdemeanor)/Unlawful Possession of Fentanyl (Misdemeanor)/Unlawful Possession of Drug Paraphernalia/No Proof of Insurance/Expired Registration: North Berthoud Parkway/Highway 287 -A man was contacted at a local gas station parking lot after being observed driving a vehicle bearing an expired and unreadable temporary tag. The man was accompanied by two additional individuals. None of the occupants had a valid driver’s license and the vehicle was uninsured. A K9 sniff led to a Probable Cause search of the vehicle. User amounts of fentanyl pills, 3.86 grams of methamphetamine, and drug paraphernalia were found throughout the vehicle. The owner of the vehicle was issued a summons and the other two individuals were released.

Sunday, July 14

Nothing of Significance to Note.

RECEIVE EMERGENCY NOTIFICATIONS ON YOUR CELL PHONE. Please visit https://NOCOAlert.org and register to get emergency notifications on your cell phone. Reverse 911 does not work on cell phones, only on landlines. Berthoud has the lowest registered numbers in Larimer County.

July 15 – 21

Monday, July 15

Theft: Serenity Ridge Parkway – A game camera worth $300 was stolen from the entrance to the Serenity Ridge neighborhood at some point over the last week. The investigation is ongoing.

Fraud/Skimmer: Mountain Avenue – A skimmer was placed over the payment keypad at the payment register inside a local convenience store. Employees noticed the skimmer in the morning hours and removed it. It is currently unknown when the device was installed, and security camera footage is being reviewed.

Suspicious Circumstances: Mount Meeker Ave, Berthoud – A man reported that his ex-girlfriend stole several personal identification documents. He could not provide proof other than knowing she stole the items and demanded law enforcement search her residence. A search warrant was not issued based on the lack of evidence.

Second-Degree Kidnapping/Harassment/Domestic Violence: 1st Street – A Woman reported that on 07/07/24 her husband and she were arguing, and he forced her to drive him to various businesses throughout Berthoud and restricted her ability to leave by taking her car keys and phone until she agreed to drive him around. The investigation is ongoing.

Tuesday, July 16

Harassment/Domestic Violence/Criminal Mischief/Domestic Violence/Unlawful Possession of Fentanyl/Possession of Drug Paraphernalia/Child Abuse x2: Mount Massive Ave – The man from the previous day’s suspicious circumstances call was reported by the woman at her residence in Loveland after he repeatedly contacted her via phone all day without any reply from her. While the man was at the residence, he damaged a wooden gate and it appeared he stabbed the air conditioning unit on the trailer with a knife. The man was contacted while his two juvenile sons were in the car, one street from the woman’s residence. After the man was taken into custody, a K9 performed a sniff on the vehicle and indicated an alert. A search of the vehicle yielded two firearms, drug paraphernalia, and .92 grams of M30 pills suspected to contain Fentanyl. The man was booked into the Larimer County Jail.

Wednesday, July 17

Felony Warrant Arrest x2: East Highway 56 – A woman was contacted and found to have two Felony warrants for motor vehicle theft. She was booked at the Larimer County Jail.

Non-Injury Motor Vehicle Accident: Mount Meeker Avenue – A two-vehicle accident occurred when a DoorDash delivery driver attempted to find an address and side-swiped a parked vehicle in the neighborhood. There was minor damage to both vehicles and no injuries.


Thursday, July 18

Non-Injury Motor Vehicle Accident: Meadowlark Drive – A two-vehicle accident caused when one vehicle backed into another vehicle, causing minor damage. No injuries.

Trespass: Grand Market Avenue – A man had been reported sleeping in his vehicle in the parking lots at two local businesses. Both businesses requested the man formally trespassed.

Theft: Fickle Farm Trail – $3880 worth of home siding was stolen overnight. This is an ongoing issue with the new developments being built in Berthoud. The company did not have a tracking GPS in the bundle, and no security cameras were available after a neighborhood canvas.

Suspicious Person/Trespass: Holmes Place – A Woman resident reported a man wearing a black backpack, a black mask, and all black clothing was captured on her security camera walking around her house, staring into the car and house windows. The man attempted to enter through the basement windows. Entry was not accessed, and nothing was taken.

Criminal Mischief: Clayton Place – A man reported a Chevy truck was seen peeling out in a business parking lot, causing a rock to strike a window at the shop, breaking the window and causing approximately $500 in damage.

Scam/Theft: East Highway 56 – A Woman reported she was swindled in an online employment scam and is currently out $40,000. The Woman sent two separate wires to the scammer for $10K and $30K.

Theft of a License Plate: Burt Avenue – A Woman reported a trailer plate was stolen on approximately 07/15/24.

Friday, July 19

Trespass/Theft/Suspicious Person: Nielson Place – An unknown suspect went to the porch of this property and stole a Longmont Dairy milk cooler. The man matched the description of the suspect from the suspicious call taken the day previously. The suspect appears to be white, wears all-black clothes, a backpack, Van’s style shoes, and possibly wears glasses. If anyone recognizes the man in the photo below, please contact the Larimer County Sheriff’s Office Berthoud Squad at 970-498-5411.

Felony Warrant Arrest: East Highway 56 – A Woman was contacted with an outstanding felony warrant and booked at the Larimer County Jail.

Third-Degree Assault: Blue Mountain Avenue – Deputies responded to a welfare check for a man regarding his erratic behavior and substance abuse issues. Before arrival, deputies contacted the man’s brother, who was parked just north of the address with facial lacerations and abrasions. The brother advised he was checking up on the man, who was huffing inhalants and was not in the right state of mind. The man confronted his brother with a baseball bat and punched him multiple times in the face during a brief struggle over the bat. The brother advised that the man would violently confront deputies if contacted. An arrest warrant was issued for the man.

Driving Under the Influence: County Line Road /Highway 56 – A male driver was stopped by an off-duty Longmont Police Department officer in an unmarked car after he passed the officer at a high rate of speed. Deputies responded and the man did not perform roadsides consistent with a sober person and he was booked at the Larimer County Jail.

Saturday, July 20

Second-Degree Motor Vehicle Theft/Vehicular Eluding/Obstruction: County Road 5 – A stolen vehicle out of Pennsylvania was spotted eastbound on Highway 56 and 1st Street and a traffic stop was attempted near Pickert’s Dairy. The vehicle pulled over and a high-risk stop was performed. The male driver drove off and was able to get away. The driver works at Pickert’s Dairy and was positively identified. The man later turned himself in at Berthoud Town Hall and was booked into jail on the above charges.

Second-Degree Assault (Strangulation)/Third-Degree Assault/Harassment/Domestic Violence/Failure to Leave Premises Upon Request of a Peace Office: Capitol Avenue – A man choked and punched his girlfriend. Contact was attempted with the man at the residence, but he elected to barricade inside the residence. Urgent arrest warrants were obtained, and the man surrendered peacefully soon after the All Hazards Crisis Response Team arrived on scene.

Sunday, July 21

Driving Under the Influence/Trespass: East Highway 56 – A man was verbally trespassed from a business earlier in the evening and told not to drive because of his level of intoxication. The man returned to the property and drove his vehicle. The man was contacted and taken into custody for Driving Under the Influence. He was then booked uncooperative at the Weld County Jail.

Obstruction/Attempted Trespass: Versaw Court – A man was observed attempting to make unlawful entry into a business. The man was contacted while he was seated outside the business and was not cooperative with deputies. He was detained for the duration of the investigation. He was issued a summons for obstruction and released. Security camera footage is being reviewed for further charges.


How to spot a roof storm-chaser scam?

Do not fall victim to a storm chaser’s roofing scam. Storm-chasing roofing contractors practice door-to-door roofing scams on unsuspecting victims. They will go from your house to your neighbors and everyone around you, looking for that one person who will allow them to do their “inspection,” and then offer a deal that is seemingly too good to pass up, and with the past hailstorm, roofing scams are on the high rise.

One of the problems with roofing services following a big storm is that the local contractors who have lived and worked in the community for years are extremely busy. This means your project might not be attended to as quickly as you would hope. This is no time to let your guard down. If you are approached by a contractor who says they can do the work now and for less than any other contractor, be highly suspicious because they could take your money and run.

Scammers usually knock on the door: They know what to say to earn trust. For example, a common scam is that a salesperson will knock on your door and tell you they are in your neighborhood working on other homes and that they just happen to have leftover materials they can use on your roof for a low price. They are not working on other homes and don’t have extra materials. Rather, they want a down payment for their services and they may disappear after you have given it to them.

They usually come from outside the state. There are plenty of local roofers that can work on your roofing project, but a clear sign that you could be getting scammed is if you are communicating with an out-of-state contractor. Identifying signs are area codes that are not local. Look at their license plate and check to see if it is from your state or somewhere else. Many scammers have a P.O. Box as their address, which can be yet another clear sign that they are up to no good.

They falsify the damage during “free inspection”. That “free inspection” roofing scammers offer is not an inspection at all. They will “find” damage that isn’t even there, or they will look at areas that are obviously damaged from the ground and inflate it. For the scammers that do work on the roof, they use this inflation tactic to produce a bigger insurance payment that homeowners can use to pay for the “repairs” or replacement.

Scammers offer limited-time deals. When a storm chaser shows up to your doorstep following a big hailstorm, they will likely offer you a “limited time” deal that you have to take advantage of almost immediately, or it will be unavailable. Rest assured, homeowners in the town before you were offered this limited-time deal before you and the people in the town after you will get the same lie. This is considered a high-pressure tactic. Don’t fall for it.

They offer special, significantly lower pricing. Low-balling is a common tactic of storm-chasing scammers. They know exactly what the competitive pricing for roof replacement is in your area and they will offer a “deal” lower than that. Even if they do the work, it is not a deal because the craftsmanship simply isn’t there and your roof will not last. Also, watch out for something many scammers do, which is to offer a “natural disaster” discount. It is just a ploy to get you to believe their low pricing has merit.

They want you to pay upfront. They either require a sizable down payment or they want you to pay the full cost of the project before they begin. Reputable roofing contractors do not do this.

They want to pay your insurance deductible. Insurance fraud is the name of the game for roofing scammers. For example, they will offer a way for you to get out of paying your deductible, perhaps even offering to pay it for you, which is a form of insurance fraud. This can get you into some hot water because if you let them pay the deductible, you are now legally accountable.

The best roofing contractors know how to work with insurance companies, and they will even handle much of the communication with the adjustor, so you get everything you deserve in your coverage. However, they won’t do anything that will be considered fraudulent.

RECEIVE EMERGENCY NOTIFICATIONS ON YOUR CELL PHONE. Please visit https://NOCOAlert.org and register to get emergency notifications on your cell phone. Reverse 911 does not work on cell phones, only on landlines. Berthoud has the lowest registered numbers in Larimer County.


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