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Thursday, July 25, 2024

Berthoud Police Blotter: June 2024

June 1 – 2

Saturday, June 1

Misdemeanor Warrant Arrest: Maple Drive – A man was contacted with an outstanding warrant and booked at the Larimer County Jail.

Sunday, June 2

Felony Warrant Arrest: Highway 287/West County Road 8 – A woman was contacted as a passenger in a traffic stop and arrested for her outstanding Felony Warrant. She was booked at the Larimer County Jail.

June 3 – 9

Monday, June 3

Non-Injury Motor Vehicle Accident/Following Too Closely: Highway 56/County Road 1 – Two vehicles were stopped on Highway 56 for a turning vehicle. A female driver did not see the vehicle in front of her was stopped and rear-ended the vehicle, causing that vehicle to hit the vehicle in front of it. The at-fault driver was issued a summons for following too closely.

Tuesday, June 4

Theft: 10th Street – An unknown suspect stole the backflow preventer from the irrigation system at Roberts Lake Park in Berthoud. The theft occurred sometime since last fall when the system was shut down.

Non-Injury Motor Vehicle Accident/Following Too Closely: Mountain Avenue/9th Street – A male driver rear-ended another vehicle, which was stopped for a pedestrian in the crosswalk. The at-fault driver was issued a summons for following too closely.

Non-Injury Motor Vehicle Accident/Careless Driving: Cheyenne Drive – A juvenile female distracted and drove a golf cart into the front of a parked vehicle. The at-fault driver was issued a summons for careless driving.

Attempted First-Degree Arson/Reckless Endangerment x4: 1st Street – A transgender female lit a tablecloth on fire which scorched a wall inside the residence. The suspect stated she had the intent to burn the house down to evict her four family members, who were all sleeping in the residence. One of the family members heard the smoke detectors and was able to put the fire out before it spread any further. The female was booked at the Larimer County Jail.

Wednesday, June 5

Speeding 40+ Over: Highway 287/Mountain Avenue – A female driver was summonsed for speeding 140 Miles Per Hour (MPH) in a 65 MPH zone on her sports bike.

Fraud/Theft: Mountain Avenue – A local business reported having $3,500 stolen after a forged check was cashed and two fraudulent payments were made using the business checking account. Two other business checks were forged and attempted to be deposited.

Identity Theft: North County Road 15C – A woman reported an unauthorized line of credit was opened in her name. She is currently not out any money.

Non-Injury Motor Vehicle Accident/Failed to Drive in a Single Lane: Mountain Avenue/1st Street – A male driver failed to navigate a right curve and struck a sign causing damage to the vehicle. The driver continued to drive. Once contacted, the male driver was issued a summons for failure to drive in a single lane (weaving).

Thursday, June 6

Assist to Loveland Police Department/Chronic Runaway: Berthoud – A juvenile female ran away early this morning. It was reported the juvenile was involved in a physical fight in Loveland which the Loveland Police Department is currently investigating. The juvenile female was entered into law enforcement databases as a runaway. The juvenile later returned home, and information was passed along to the Loveland Police Department. The juvenile was then removed as a runaway.

Criminal Mischief: Meadowlark Drive – An unknown white male in a black truck entered a local gas station, paid for $50 in gas, and then pulled away from the pumps, taking the nozzle with him. Currently waiting for surveillance footage.

Unattended Death: Welch Avenue – An adult male called 911 saying he was bleeding. Medical found the man unconscious and bleeding. Medical forced entry and began rendering aid. The man was transported to the hospital with no pulse and was later pronounced deceased.

Friday, June 7

Motor Vehicle Accident with Injuries: Berthoud Parkway/Woodcock Street – A single-vehicle accident was reported in the early morning hours. A vehicle rolled with 5 occupants. All were transported to the hospital. The LCSO CRASH Team responded to investigate. The investigation is ongoing.

Driving Under the Influence/Unsafe Backing: North County Road 31 – A male driver was contacted after backing into a park dumpster. Roadsides were not consistent with sobriety, and he was booked in at the Larimer County Jail.

Felony Menacing/Felony Vehicular Eluding/Prohibited Use of a Weapon/Driving Under the Influence/Theft/Reckless Driving: 1st Street – A male drove to the business and challenged three patrons to a fight. The man then obtained a handgun from under the driver’s seat of the vehicle he was driving. He kept the handgun behind his back; however, one individual was able to see it. The man then left and was located by deputies while driving. The man immediately fled prior to a traffic stop and a pursuit was initiated. The driver ultimately left the vehicle and fled on foot. He was contacted at a family member’s house and taken into custody. The man’s father is missing a handgun which is believed to be stolen by the suspect male. The man was taken to the Larimer County Jail, where he was booked in as uncooperative.

Missing Juvenile: Berthoud – A woman reported her granddaughter was missing. It is believed the female juvenile was going to her mother’s residence in Missouri. The juvenile was entered in as missing and a BOLO (Be On the Lookout) was sent out to other law enforcement agencies.

Saturday, June 8

Unattended Death: West County Road 14 – A welfare check was requested on a man’s elderly father. Exigency was established to enter the residence, where the man was found deceased from apparent natural causes.

Sunday, June 9

Non-Injury Motor Vehicle Accident: Highway 56 – Two vehicles made contact while in the roundabout. Both vehicles sustained minor damage. The at-fault vehicle could not be established, and drivers exchanged insurance information.

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June 10 – 16

Monday, June 10

Theft/Assist to Other Agency: East Highway 56 – A business reported several hundred dollars of fuel was fraudulently charged on a fuel card at a local gas station. The same card was used again in Arapahoe County charging over $1,000 in fuel. It is believed information for the compromised card was skimmed at a fueling center. Video footage was obtained and passed along to Arapahoe County Sheriff’s Office, which will be handing charges if the suspect is identified.

Trespass/Criminal Tampering: 4th Street – A man found an intoxicated woman and her dogs in his house sleeping. The woman urinated in the house, as did her dogs. The woman was contacted and believed she was at her boyfriend’s house.

Tuesday, June 11

Hit and Run Non-Injury Motor Vehicle Accident: County Road 44 – A male driver reported that he was hit by a white semi towing a water trailer in the roundabout east of I-25. The man’s vehicle sustained minor damage and he was able to drive his vehicle home. There was no further information on the run vehicle.

Suspicious Circumstances: Great Plains Avenue – A woman reported her ex-boyfriend has continually contacted her since 2020 through various fake accounts on social media and other means. The man was contacted and advised to discontinue contacting the woman or criminal charges may be pursued.

Mental Health Hold: 4th Street – An adult female was having suicidal ideations and held a knife to her wrist. She was transported to a mental health facility and placed on a mental health hold.

Wednesday, June 12

Second-Degree Arson: 1st Street – Employees at a local gas station reported a young juvenile male lit merchandise on fire in the store. The investigation is ongoing in an attempt to identify the boy.

Thursday, June 13Driving Under the Influence/Violation of Protection Orders x5/Obstruction of Government Operations: Curlew Drive – A man violated five protection orders by interacting with the protected party. The man was contacted driving under the influence and barricaded in his vehicle before being taken into custody.

Friday, June 14

Shoplifting: Mountain Avenue – A man was caught stealing Buzz Balls and a bag of Doritos. The man ran away when confronted by staff. PC exists for petty theft for the below unidentified man.

Saturday, June 15

Burglary/Vehicle Theft x2: 2nd Street – Forced entry was made on two doors at an automotive dealership. The suspects stole two vehicles, multiple tools, 100 Colorado Temp Tag Sleeves, and vehicle titles. The investigation is ongoing.

Criminal Mischief: Gateway Park Drive – A man reported that his home and vehicles were egged. There is currently no suspect information or surveillance footage.

Driving Under the Influence/Careless Driving: West County Road 10E/Delvin Street – A male driver side-swiped a parked car and was seen throwing beer cans from his vehicle. The man did not complete standardized field sobriety tests consistent with sobriety and was booked at the Larimer County Jail.

Vehicle Trespass: West County Road 14 – A locked vehicle was entered at this address and a firearm was stolen from the vehicle.

Sunday, June 16

Burglary/Vehicle Trespass x4: Ellie Way – Two unknown male suspects entered a garage and a vehicle parked inside. Four other vehicles at nearby residences were reported to have been trespassed.  All these crimes were linked to the burglary from the previous day.

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June 17 – 23

Monday, June 17

Non-Injury Motor Vehicle Accident: North Berthoud Parkway/Grand Market Avenue – A two-vehicle crash in the roundabout blocked the merging lane of traffic. One vehicle was towed due to airbag deployment.

Harassment: Longview Avenue – A woman reported that while at the park with her two young children, she asked a teenager with an unleashed medium-sized dog to leash the dog since it was barking at her son. The teenager then began shouting obscenities at the woman, who then tried to record the incident, before the teenager slapped the phone out of her hands. The woman left the park with her children before deputies arrived and the teenager and dog could not be found. A photo of the teenager and a small video was provided to law enforcement. This investigation is ongoing.

Criminal Mischief: Welch Avenue/2nd Street – A portapotty was knocked over causing damage.

Tuesday, June 18

Scam/Impersonating a Peace Officer: Candice Court – A man impersonating a Larimer County Sheriff’s deputy called a man stating the man failed to appear for a court trial he was subpoenaed to and now has two warrants for his arrest. The man was told that in lieu of being arrested he could pay $5,000 to the scammer. The man is not out of any money, as he realized it was a fraud. If you receive a call advising you that you have warrants, call the non-emergency dispatch line at 970-416-1985.

Wednesday, June 19

Suspicious Circumstances: 2nd Street – A woman purchased a vehicle from a used car dealer in March. The dealer provided only a bill of sale and has not provided the title for the vehicle after several requests. The auto dealership is now not returning calls. The investigation is ongoing.

Thursday, June 20

Scam/Impersonation of a Peace Officer: Mountain Avenue – A woman called the Sheriff’s Office to report that a man who stated he was a deputy with the Larimer County Sheriff’s Office in an attempt to swindle her out of money by telling her she had warrants for her arrest for missing jury duty. The woman was not out of any money and called the Sheriff’s Office to confirm she did not have any warrants.

Theft: Spartan Avenue – A man called to report his wallet and key fob were taken out of his bag while he was coaching a basketball team during a tournament held at Berthoud High School. This investigation is ongoing.

Trespass/Unlawful Conduct on Public Property: Welch Avenue (Berthoud Library) – A man was contacted attempting to camp in the gazebo of the library. He refused to identify himself, due to his non-extraditable warrants, and was detained. His identity was determined, and he was issued a summons upon release.

Friday, June 21

Third-Degree Assault/Domestic Violence: Welch Avenue – A man assaulted his wife following an argument over civil paperwork. The man was booked in the Larimer County Jail as uncooperative.

Vehicle Trespass: West County Road 14 – Two men stole thousands of dollars’ worth of tools from the bed of a pickup truck. The men were in a U-Haul van and were wearing masks. This investigation is ongoing.

Verbal Disturbance/Warrant Arrest: Sioux Drive – Two men were called for a verbal disturbance. One man was taken into custody inside the garage where an open attic was found. The other man was not seen leaving the residence. A search warrant was completed and the All Hazard Response Team responded to the scene to search the residence and attic. The man was not found in the residence.

Saturday, June 22

Motor Vehicle Accident/Careless Driving Causing Bodily Injury/Operating an Uninsured Vehicle: Highway 287/North Berthoud Parkway – A male driver attempted to make a left-hand turn onto Berthoud Parkway on a flashing yellow arrow and crashed into the passenger side of another vehicle, causing the struck vehicle to skid over the right-hand turn median on Berthoud Parkway and hit a car stopped at the red light. Three individuals were transported to the hospital with injuries. The at-fault driver was cited for careless driving causing bodily injuries. Another driver of a car parked at the red light was cited for operating an uninsured vehicle.

Runaway Juvenile: Berthoud – A juvenile male was last seen on 06/21/24 at his home by his father. The juvenile was entered into law enforcement databases as missing. The juvenile was later located the following day.

Sunday, June 23

Driving Under the Influence/Non-Injury Motor Vehicle Accident: East Highway 56 – A man did not perform roadsides as a sober person and was booked into jail.

Hit and Run Motor Vehicle Accident: Berthoud Parkway/Mountain Avenue – A silver Jeep Grand Cherokee, with a fictitious plate, rear-ended a vehicle at the intersection, causing minor cosmetic damage. The driver fled the scene prior to law enforcement’s arrival. The driver was suspected of being intoxicated and was not located. The investigation is ongoing to contact the driver.

Criminal Mischief: Grand Marker Avenue – A man became upset about his termination from employment and threw a soda bottle at one of the menu display monitors at a local business. The man was contacted, admitted to the incident, and was issued a citation.

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June 24 – 30

Monday, June 24

Lost Firearm: Munson Court – A man reported that he lost his 9mm pistol sometime in January of 2022. The firearm was entered as lost into the law enforcement databases.

Verbal Disturbance/Mental Health: 6th Street – Neighbors heard a woman screaming for help and listened to an active disturbance in the residence. Upon arrival, deputies heard screaming and a forced entry was made. A woman was escorted out of the residence. She had visible cuts to her arm that were bleeding. The woman stated these cuts were self-inflicted, and her boyfriend later exited the residence and confirmed her statement. The Co-Responder unit assisted with a safety plan and further treatment.

Tuesday, June 25

Vehicle Trespass/Theft: Buck Valley Drive – An unknown suspect broke into a vehicle at this address and stole phone charging devices and Bluetooth devices, all valued at $70. There was no video and no suspects at this time.

Vehicle Trespass/Theft: Cross Bill Drive – An unknown suspect trespassed into a vehicle at this address and stole a garage door opener and an emergency kit.

Wednesday, June 26

Suspicious Circumstances/Harassment: Sundown Drive – A woman reported that a man has repeatedly contacted her after she blocked his number and his social media accounts. The man used different Text Now numbers to call her and she reported that the man had been seen driving by her house extremely slowly and believed he was in the backyard over the weekend. The woman was provided with information on how to obtain a Civil Protection Order.

Cold Theft: East Iowa Avenue – A man reported his unlocked vehicle was entered Monday night (06/24/24) and the garage door was opened with the garage door opener in the vehicle. The man reported a Snap-On ratchet set was stolen valued at $350. Neighbor’s Ring camera captured a possible suspect vehicle at approximately 0330 hours.

Suspicious Circumstances: 2nd Street – A man reported that he purchased a vehicle from a used car dealership on 05/07/24 and the dealership has failed to provide a title within the required 30 days. This was the second call regarding similar complaints in the past two weeks. The dealership was contacted and advised they would provide the title promptly.

Second-Degree Assault on Peace Officer x3/Second-Degree Assault on Medical Provider x3/Stalking Domestic Violence/Harassment Domestic Violence/Resisting/Obstruction/Felony Warrant x2: Center Park Way – A man contacted the Larimer County Sheriff’s Office Dispatch to report his ex-wife was outside of his house threatening to take their shared children, which he has sole custody of. While deputies were in route, Dispatch notified them that the woman had 2 felony warrants for domestic violence-related crimes against the man. Upon contact with the woman, she immediately became uncooperative, and she verbally and physically resisted deputies during the arrest. Two deputies were assaulted by the female while effecting the arrest. Once in custody, the woman was transported to the hospital for medical clearance. While there, the woman physically assaulted a nurse, spit on a second nurse, and on another deputy, all while verbally claiming to have communicable diseases. Once cleared medically, the woman had to have leg restraints placed on her and was placed into a full cage in a patrol vehicle. She was then booked into the jail uncooperative.

Thursday, June 27

Warrant Arrest: 6th Street – A man was contacted at this location with a misdemeanor warrant for his arrest and booked at the Larimer County Jail.

Eviction: 6th Street – A female resident and all others were removed from this location. A rifle, and vehicle keys were logged for safekeeping. Drug paraphernalia was logged for destruction.

Theft/Issuance of a Bad Check: South Highway 287 – A local business reported a customer paid for over $2,000 worth of work with a bad check. The customer then issued another bad check to cover the first check that bounced.

Theft: 3rd Street – A man reported the back plate of his 1994 Ford Bronco was stolen while it was parked at his residence. The plate was entered as stolen into law enforcement databases.

Second-Degree Burglary/Felony Theft: Memory Lane – An unknown suspect trespassed into two vehicles, which gave them access to a garage door opener. Once in the garage, the suspect was able to steal sets of car keys, miscellaneous tools, and an exclusive “Lucid” drone valued at approximately $35,000. The homeowner was home at the time but did not wake up to the garage door opening. An area canvass was completed, and the on-duty evidence technician processed the scene.

Friday, June 28

Motor Vehicle Accident with Injuries: Highway 287/Mountain Avenue – Two-vehicle motor vehicle accident at the intersection with serious bodily injuries. Both drivers were transported to the hospital by ambulance.

Warrant Arrest x4: County Road 44 – A man was contacted with four outstanding misdemeanor warrants. He was booked at the Larimer County Jail.

Felony Aggravated Cruelty to Animals/Felony Menacing/Domestic Violence/Prohibited Use of a Weapon/Reckless Endangerment/Domestic Violence: 5th Street – A man shot and killed a woman’s Pitbull during an argument. Moments prior to pulling the trigger, the man caused the woman to fear for her life and looked at her while he stated he was not afraid to take a life. The man was booked at the Larimer County Jail.

Saturday, June 29

Nothing of significance to note.

Sunday, June 30

Suspicious Circumstances: East Highway 56 – Two semi-trucks backed into one another and caused very minor damage. A video captured the incident which showed that neither driver was at fault. Deputies advised drivers to exchange insurance information.

Non-Injury Motor Vehicle Accident: Highway 287/County Road 8 – One vehicle rolled into the rear of another vehicle while stopped at the red light. Neither driver sustained injuries.

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