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Friday, June 14, 2024

Berthoud Police Blotter: February 2020

February 1 – 9

Saturday, February 1

Speeding / Protection Order Violation: Mile Marker325 S Hwy 287, a 39-year-old Livermore man was contacted for doing 100 mph
in a 65-mph zone. A 28-year-old woman was in the passenger seat and there is an
active protection order protecting the woman from the man. 

Warrant / Speeding: Berthoud Parkway and Blue Bell Road,
a 20-year-old woman was contacted for speeding. A records check showed she had
a warrant out of the Longmont Police Department for failure to appear for
careless driving. Booked. I’m seeing a pattern in her driving

Landlord/Tennent Problem: Tavner Court, a resident
reported his landlord was in his bedroom and refused to leave until being paid
$200 owed by the resident. The landlord was informed that she was committing
trespass and needed to exit the room. She complied but went back into the room
again without permission. Deputy gave her a final warning and informed her that
she would be charged if she went back into the room anytime in the future
without consent. The landlord was very uncooperative and refused to move away
from the caller’s door. The resident eventually agreed to give her the $200 if
she would leave. If he gave the $200 to the landlord initially, maybe, just
maybe this all could have been avoided.

Sunday, February 2

Animal Problem: Wales Drive, a resident was walking
her dog and noticed a raccoon in the greenbelt – west of the houses and to the
south next to the pine tree. yesterday the raccoon was in the park off Wilshire
Circle. The resident is concerned because it has been in the neighborhood for 2
days and this morning her dog barked at the raccoon and it didn’t run off, so
she thinks it may be injured. Animal Control responded, but said it wasn’t sick
and that they think people may be feeding them as they are just comfortable
around people. A homeowner yesterday stated to me that they have found Tuna
cans around, so they think someone is baiting the Racoon’s. Please do not
feed the cute little wildlife critters, leave that up to Elly May Clampett.

February 3

Vehicle Crash
/ Hit and Run: 
Vantage Parkway, a resident
reported a large crane work truck struck his parked car sometime during the day.

Vehicle Crash / Property Damage:  Hwy 287, two vehicles were both traveling south
on Highway 287 just south of Highway 56 during inclement weather. Another vehicle
in front of them began to lose control. Both drivers braked, but due to black ice,
one of the vehicles slid into the other one.

Felony Check
Dove Lane, a man and woman issued a bad check on a closed account for

Disturbance:  Tavner Court, a resident reported his landlord
served him notice to quit and he is planning on moving out by the end of the month.
The resident said the landlord let herself in. The resident said landlord was screaming
and threatening and there was a prior incident several nights ago. The landlord
was rather uncooperative and locked the fence so he couldn’t park on the property
to “make life difficult for him”. The landlord was told that’s not how the law worked
and she should consult a lawyer and follow the civil eviction process. The landlord
informed the deputy that she owns several properties and 16 tenants for years and
knows what she is doing. The landlord insisted she owned the property and she could
“do whatever I want.” And yet here we are.

February 4

Driving with
Revoked License
:  W. CR 8 / N. Hwy 287,
a 24-year-old Lafayette woman was stopped for a traffic violation and found to be
revoked for vehicular assault. Booked.

Violation of Bond Conditions / Violation of Protection
Order / 1st degree Trespass: 
St, a 22-year-old woman was high on meth and called requesting a deputy respond
for an unknown issue. She was found to be on bond and getting high violated her
bond.  She also had several active protection
orders which she also violated. Booked.

February 5

DUI / Warrant
Arrest / Traffic: 
5100 Block S. Hwy 287,
a 28-year-old Longmont man was contacted for traffic violations. Booked on the warrant
and new charges.

February 6

Theft:  Wilshire Drive, a resident reported someone
attempted to use his debit card in Texas.

Family Problems:  Hollyberry Street, a father reported his 14-year-old
daughter had a boy over and the boy started smoking weed. the boy left the house
through the window.  The 16-year-old boy
was identified and well known to the Berthoud Squad.

February 7

DUI: I-25 and Hwy 56, a 24-year-old Estes Park
man was called in as driving erratically and then stopped in the middle of I-25
and turned his lights off.  The front driver
seat was reclined, and the male driver was facing towards the center of the vehicle.
Deputy knocked on the driver side front window and did not receive a response. The
deputy opened the driver side front door and yelled, “Sheriff’s Office.”
And the man turned over and looked at him. 
When the driver exited the vehicle, deputies observed that he had urinated
on himself and also observed that there was what appeared to be vomit on his sweatshirt.

February 8

Detox Hold:  8th St / Welch Ave, a 36-year-old Berthoud
Woman was intoxicated and fell in the middle of the street. She was unable to care
for herself. Detox hold.

Vehicle Crash
/ Property Damage / Warrant Arrest / Disregarded a Traffic Control Device: 
S. Hwy 287 / N. Berthoud Parkway, a Ft. Collins
woman disregarded a traffic control device (red-light) and struck a Longmont woman’s
vehicle. The first driver was issued a citation. The other driver had an active
warrant out of Weld County. Booked.

February 9

/ Theft:
 Mountain Avenue, a 17-year-old
juvenile male entered the store and started a heated argument with the 16-year-old
female employee.  Both parties pushed each
other in the argument.  During the argument,
the male took a Gatorade bottle from the cooler and threw it on the ground, damaging
it and stole another one when he left.  The
male was located and refused to talk about it. 
He was issued a summons for theft and a trespass notice was issued.

Structure Fire / Assist to Berthoud Fire Department:  4th Street, assisted BFD on a structure fire at the Berthoud Laundry building. The fire damaged the Laundromat and the Jones Excavating and Plumbing Office.  Thanks to our own Interim Chamber Director Nicole Jenkins who got 15 people to evacuate and there were no injuries.

Monday, February 10

Theft: Mountain Avenue, Habitat for Humanity called
to report that in the early morning hours a White 2007 Chevy Impala loaded up
donated items outside and left. An employee saw the vehicle leaving this
morning and wrote down the plate. Possible suspects were identified as sisters.
Investigation continues. It’s always good to see siblings working together,

Welfare Check: Prairiestar Drive, a 50-year-old employee
has not shown up for work for two days. The boss cannot get ahold of him. It
was discovered that the employee was okay and that he was in custody in Boulder
County Jail. Sick days, vacation days, holidays, incarceration days, all
part of the benefit’s package.

Tuesday, February 11

Vehicle Crash/ Property Damage: 3rd Street, a driver
struck another vehicle while attempting a U-turn. U-turn = U-crash.

Assist to Ambulance: Mountain Vista Court, a pastor
who is trying to take a 40-year-old man to the hospital because he is having a
psychotic episode.

Assist: Hwy 287, assisted with several cars that slid
off the road due to icy conditions.

Wednesday, February 12

Vehicle Crash / Property Damage: Hwy 287 and CR 8, a
vehicle was northbound in the left turn lane, to turn westbound onto West
County Road 8 where he turned in front of another vehicle that was traveling
southbound. Both vehicles towed due to heavy damage.

Violation of a Protection Order: 3800 E Hwy 56, a
Fresno, California man was contacted after a verbal disagreement in the Loves
Parking lot. He was driving with his wife with which he has a valid, active Protection
Order. Booked into Weld County Jail. 3 hots and a cot, you don’t get that at
Hotel California.

Thursday, February 13

Scam: Mountain Avenue, an elderly male has been
coming in to 7-11 for a couple of days and buying green dot cards. they think
he is being scammed. While he was buying another Green Dot card and trying to
read the number over the phone the clerks took the card away before he lost
another $400 and called us. The ladies at the Berthoud Library assisted him in
filing a complaint to Green Dot. Oh, thank heaven for 7-11 for
recognizing this as a SCAM!

Friday, February 14

Disturbance: Mountain Avenue and 3rd
Street, a male and female were reported as arguing on the shoulder of the
roadway. Both parties laughed and advised they were having a disagreement and
they did not need any help, several other family members on scene making sure
things did not escalate.

DUI / Traffic Violation: S.
5th St and Spartan Ave, a 38-year-old woman was contacted during a traffic stop
for an observed traffic violation. She was suspected to be operating a motor
vehicle under the influence of alcohol and was arrested. Booked.

Saturday, February 15

Scam: 8th St, a resident reported a scam circulating around
the attendees of the Church. No money has been reported lost thus far.

Suspicious Circumstances: 4th Street, a
resident heard a loud blast on the north side of her house, it rattled her
windows. She wasn’t sure if it was a gunshot or something else. Another resident
is saying someone lit a firework at 4th and Bunyan. The suspect vehicle
is a mid-1980s Dodge van. Tough guys going around town, causing trouble. But
doing it in a soccer mom van kind of takes the tough out of it.

Sunday, February 16

Family Problems: Bowen
Lane, a resident reported his son-in-law was roughing up his daughter earlier
tonight at their residence. The daughter stated that she and her husband had a
heated argument with yelling and screaming and throwing things. She advised
that she went to a hotel to cool down. That works, hotels have free ice so
it’s easy to cool down.

Warrant Arrest: 500 blk 8th St. a 31-year-old Berthoud man was arrested for a felony warrant. Booked.

February 17 -23

Monday, February 17

Unlawful Sexual Contact: Franklin Avenue, a resident
reported a male only known by his first name has inappropriately touched her on
the bus. Investigations notified.

Tuesday, February 18

Family Problem: Murrlet Street, a resident reported
his 14-year-old daughter and her mother are fighting. Mother and daughter were
on the way home when mom asked daughter how her day was, and daughter was rude
with her answer. Mom reminded her that she needs to clean her room when they
arrived home and daughter “went off” on mom, before pulling the door
handle, as if to attempt to get out of the vehicle while it was moving.

Wednesday, February 19

Possession of Fake ID: 2nd Street, a fake ID was
passed at a dispensary.

Family Problems: Bowen Lane. A man moved out of
this address 3 weeks ago. He is in the middle of a separation from his
wife who changed the locks at the house. Today she sent a message that he needs
to get the rest of his stuff out of the house.

Thursday, February 20

Violation of a Protection Order: Turner Avenue, a 49-year-old
man has been violating a protection order by messaging the protected party. He
also has an additional warrant for his arrest.

Vehicle Crash /Property Damage: Hwy 287 and
Mountain Avenue, a Loveland woman was stopped at a green light, waiting to make
a left turn from Highway 287 onto Mountain Avenue in Berthoud. She needed to
yield to oncoming traffic while making the left turn, when she observed a gap
in northbound traffic and began making the left turn. As she turned, another
vehicle was travelling northbound through a green light and crashed.

Friday, February 21

Fraud – Attempted: Bunyan
Avenue, a resident was notified by his bank that someone may have hacked their
email and tried to get customers to reroute payment to another place fraudulently.

Theft (Porch Pirate): Wales
Drive, a resident reported someone stole $700 worth of supplements from
her porch. A neighbor found her stolen goods in their trash. The resident had
doorbell-camera footage of a possible suspect vehicle. The neighbor
returned the stolen supplements. Suspect vehicle is an older, green Honda

Saturday, February 22

DUI / Defective Plate
9th St/Mountain Avenue, a 41-year-old Frederick woman was
stopped for a traffic violation. She was arrested for suspicion of driving
under the influence. Booked.

Detox Hold: 2nd Street, a 22-year-old woman was
transported to the hospital on a Detox hold.

Suspicious Circumstances: Turner Avenue, a resident reported
things that have happened in the last two weeks and a message she received a
week ago from a woman reference someone being infatuated with her.

Juvenile Problem / Criminal Mischief: Welch Avenue and
2nd Street, kids riding on bicycles threw a rock at her car. small
chip on her door. They were boys, 2 teenagers and 3 between 10-12 years old. Contacted
the parents of two of the juveniles. The other kids were told to have parents
contact deputies once they were home. all the kids were cooperative and
understood their wrongdoing. The resident declined charges as the damage was
very minimal

Sunday, February 23

Suspicious Circumstances: 8th Street, a resident noticed when she was out for a walk that the front door to this address was open, animals were going in and out. Checked with the homeowners and everything was OK. The son admitted to opening the doors sometime overnight. no items missing, animals are accounted for.

February 24

Health Hold:
Berthoud, a woman attempted to harm herself by taking pills.
Transported to the hospital and placed on Mental Health Hold. Please
refer to March 1st.

February 24 to March 1

Domestic Violence / Criminal Mischief / Harassment: Gateway
Park Lane, a resident reported hundreds of daily texts and a slashed tire from a
42-year-old Berthoud man. Booked. It appears this man is in need of a
big case of GROW UP!

Criminal Tampering / Obstruction / Driving Without License:
20700 SE
Frontage Road, a 47-year-old Loveland man was called in as a possible
intoxicated driver and found parked slumped over the wheel. Booked at Weld
County Jail. 

February 25

Berthoud, a sister requested a welfare
check on her brother. She stated she had just been to see her brother and it
appears as if he has been drinking for weeks and made suicidal statements to
her. The brother was contacted at home and was extremely intoxicated. He also
admitted to making suicidal statements and was placed in protective custody and
transported to the hospital.

February 26

Berthoud Parkway and Grand Market, a 41-year-old Berthoud Woman was
contacted for a traffic violation and found to have a misdemeanor warrant. Booked. 

Vehicle Crash
– Property Damage:
Love’s Travel Center, a 52-year-old Alabama truck driver
backed his semi into another semi, causing damage.

Assault /
Violation of Protection Order / Domestic Violence / Warrant:
Tavner Court. A
32-year-old Berthoud woman was in a disturbance with her 39-year-old boyfriend.
During the altercation she was injured, and the boyfriend left the residence. The
boyfriend has 2 active warrants along with new charges and his license is

February 27

Theft: Franklin
Avenue, two residents reported in total $132 was taken from their purses.

Franklin Avenue, a 95-year-old woman slapped the hand of an 86-year-old woman
when she was moving the privacy divider. When and if I make it to 95, I am
going to be just as cranky.

Theft: Loves
Travel Center, management reported an employee stole $5 worth of windshield
washer fluid and admitted to it. Thought he was going to make a clean get

Problems / Possible Harassment / Domestic Violence:
Bimson Avenue, a woman reported
her ex-husband punched a hole in the wall at their apartment.

February 28

Vehicle Crash – Property
Hwy 56 and
I-25, a semi driver was turning onto Hwy 56 from the I-25 northbound
offramp when another vehicle was struck by the back-left tire of the

Disregarded Traffic Control Device / Operated an Uninsured Motor
Vehicle on Public Roadway / Suspended License:
Hwy 287 / Berthoud Parkway. A
driver was stopped for running the red light. Admitted to no have insurance
and his driver’s license was suspended for, wait for it, you guessed it no

Saturday, February 29

Attempted 2nd Deg Assault on a Peace Officer/Resisting
Arrest/Obstruction/Careless Driving/No Insurance/Other Traffic Charges:
St SW/Berthoud Parkway, a 24-year-old Loveland man was traveling on 42nd Street
at a high rate of speed (100+) on a motorcycle with no eye protection. The man
stopped in the church parking lot stated he was not going to identify himself.
He did agree to a pat down but during the pat down he resisted and fought with the
deputy. The Loveland man was booked uncooperative at the jail due to
threatening in booking to fight when the handcuffs came off.

Degree Trespass:
Murrlet Street. A resident reported that sometime last night,
someone entered his garage and scattered tools and kids’ toys all over the
garage. Nothing damaged or missing. But Honey, I did put all my tools away,
a burglar took them out of the toolbox and made this mess. Yea that’s it, a
burglar did it.

of Telephone Service / Domestic Violence:
 Woodcock Street, a resident called 911 to
report that her spouse was suicidal after a heated verbal argument. The man
tried to take the phone away from her to prevent her from calling law
enforcement and ended up knocking the phone out of her hands. She and her 7-year-old
son ran out of the house, but the two other children were still in the
residence. He was intoxicated and refused to come to the door or answer the
phone. Deputies entered the residence and removed the two children and took the
man into custody.

March 1

Berthoud, a woman attempted suicide by sitting in her running
vehicle with a hose going from the exhaust into the car door. Her husband found
her and removed her from the vehicle and opened the garage. The woman was
placed on a mental health hold at the Hospital. When you reach this
point in life there is help. Colorado Crisis Services, 24/7 Support:
1-844-493-8255 or text TALK to 38255. ColoradoCrisisServices.org

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