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Sunday, June 16, 2024

Berthoud Police Blotter: December 2023

December 1 – 3

Friday, December 1

Burglary/Vehicle Theft: 2nd Street – A man entered a business around 05:30 hours in the morning with a key to the front door. The suspect broke down one door inside and stole a 2017 orange Ford Escape. The stolen Escape has a “Blast From the Past” placard on the front plate and no plate on the rear. The male suspect was contacted by phone but was not forthcoming with information and refused to meet. The vehicle was entered as stolen and the investigation is ongoing.

Driving Under the Influence: West County Road 14 – A woman was in a verbal argument with her boyfriend, who was trying to prevent her from driving drunk. The woman was observed driving through the parking lot and was contacted by law enforcement. The woman did not perform roadsides consistent with sobriety and was booked at the Larimer County Jail.

Theft: Mountain Avenue – A man reported that overnight an unknown male stole two leaf blowers that were stored outside the building. This just blows my mind.

Saturday, December 2

Trespass: Sawtooth Mountain Drive – An unknown suspect has been entering a residence along with two other residences under construction through unsecured slider doors and basement windows.

Assist to Colorado State Patrol/Motor Vehicle Accident with Injuries: Northbound Interstate 25 Mile Marker 250 – A truck driven by an intoxicated driver was driving aggressively and crashed into a concrete jersey barrier, caught air, and then landed back in the northbound lanes. The truck crossed all lanes of travel and crashed into an embankment on the east side of the interstate. A female passenger sustained serious injury.

Sunday, December 2

Theft/Curfew Violation: Berthoud – Parents of a 15-year-old brought a suspected stolen bike to Town Hall, their son had in his possession after sneaking out of the house in the middle of the night. Parents have had ongoing issues with the son and requested the son be cited for violating curfew. He was also summonsed into municipal court for the theft of the bike and the School Resource Officer was notified. The owner of the bike was identified the following day and the bike was returned.

SCAM BUSTER! Be in the Know.

Gift Card Switch Scam: Scammers have been stealing gift cards from store racks, carefully opening them, and replacing the code on the back with their card numbers. They then replace them in the store on the rack so that when someone purchases and activates it, the money goes directly to the scammer’s card, not your recipient.

WHAT YOU CAN DO – Register the card, if optional, and use it as soon as possible. Order the gift card directly from the business rather than taking it off the shelf. If you take it from a kiosk, check carefully to ensure there is no tampering, and take the card from the back of the stack.

RECEIVE EMERGENCY NOTIFICATIONS ON YOUR CELL PHONE. Please visit https://NOCOAlert.org and register to get emergency notifications on your cell phone. Reverse 911 does not work on cell phones, only on landlines. Berthoud has the lowest registered numbers in Larimer County.

December 4 – 10

Monday, December 4

Failed to Drive In Designated Lane/Motor Vehicle Accident: Grand Market Avenue/North Berthoud Parkway – A male driver merged into another lane and crashed into another vehicle in that lane. That driver was issued a summons.

Identity Theft: South 9th Street – A woman reported she had a credit card opened using her personal information. She is currently not out any money.

Possession of Methamphetamine/Possession of Cocaine/Possession of Drug Paraphernalia/Fictitious Plates/Warrant Arrest x4: 1st Street – While deputies were searching for a man with four active warrants, a man who matched the description was next to a vehicle that matched the description of the vehicle attached to the wanted man. Upon contact, obvious signs of narcotics were observed. After a K-9 alert, a vehicle search yielded misdemeanor amounts of methamphetamine and cocaine. The vehicle also had a fictitious Colorado license plate. The male was booked at the Larimer County Jail.

Tuesday, December 5

Careless Driving/Motor Vehicle Accident: County Road 8/Highway 287 – A male driver misjudged a left-hand turn and struck a stationary truck at this intersection. The driver was issued a summons.

Recovered Stolen Vehicle/Possession of ID Documents/Possession of Financial Devices/Possession of Methamphetamine/Fictitious Plates/Possession of Drug Paraphernalia/Warrant Arrest x6: North County Road 31 – A stolen Budget rental truck was located. Three individuals were contacted and found to have three warrants each. A warrant search was conducted on a camping trailer and financial devices, identification documents, drugs, and drug paraphernalia were located. The recovered stolen rental truck was towed back to the Sheriff’s Office to be processed for further evidence.

Fraud: Cedar Drive – A man reported his identity was stolen, no suspects at this time.

Wednesday, December 6

Child Abuse/Neglect: Berthoud – Parents took their 42-day-old baby to the hospital after the infant reportedly fell from the bed. Other injuries, including several broken bones, were discovered during an evaluation that were inconsistent with the story.

Second-Degree Burglary/First-Degree Trespass/Tampering/Possession of Burglary Tools/Warrant Arrest x3: Meining Road – A man was contacted inside an empty house that was for sale. He was in the process of changing the locks when he was contacted. He told deputies he bought the house but could not provide proof of the purchase. The man also had three outstanding warrants for his arrest. He was booked at the Larimer County Jail. Well, he found a new home for the night, just not the one he wanted!

Second-Degree Criminal Trespass/First-Degree Criminal Trespass/Theft: West County Road 10e – Three unknown males jumped the fence of a towing company and unlawfully entered a vehicle. They took two bags of presumably stolen items. The men also entered an older model Dodge Dart and fled the scene. The reporting party stated the same men had come earlier in the day and attempted to get the vehicle out of the tow yard but could not prove ownership. They provided fraudulent identifications and stated they were from the Denver area.

Criminal Mischief: Mountain Avenue – A woman reported that while she was parked in a business parking lot on Mountain Avenue an individual keyed her vehicle, causing damage to the paint.

Thursday, December 7

Lost Property: West County Road 14 – A woman reported that a gold ring band with a few small diamonds was lost near the TPC golf course. If anyone finds it, please contact the Sheriff’s Office.

Friday, December 8

Felony Eluding/Second-Degree Kidnapping/Reckless Endangerment/Driving Under the Unfluence/Hit and Run Motor Vehicle Accident: Mountain Avenue – The driver of a truck struck a parked and occupied vehicle at a restaurant on Mountain Avenue and then fled the scene. Another man jumped into the truck bed to prevent the driver from fleeing, but the driver left. He then returned a short while later. The two got out of the vehicle and got into an argument, the second man jumped back into the truck bed to avoid being run over by the first male. Witnesses said the second man was banging on the rear window and yelling at the driver to stop, but he fled on Mountain Avenue as deputies approached. A short pursuit was initiated in which the driver reached speeds of 80 miles per hour with the second man in the bed of the truck. The first man stopped several blocks later and was found to be intoxicated. No one was injured and there was no property damage. The driver was booked at the Larimer County Jail.

Saturday, December 9

Warrant Arrest: Grand Market Avenue – A man was contacted with an outstanding warrant for his arrest. He was booked at the Larimer County Jail. This guy got off our naughty list, but who knows if he is off Santa’s Naughty List!

Sunday, December 10

Driving Under Revocation/Driving While Ability Impaired/Speeding: 4th Street/Cedar Drive – A Flock camera alerted to a plate with an associated warrant, the vehicle was located and was observed to be speeding. The wanted party was not in the vehicle; however, the vehicle was being driven by a man who was known to have a revoked driver’s license. The man was stopped and showed signs of impairment. He did not complete standardized roadside testing in a manner consistent with sobriety and was booked at the Larimer County Jail.

Theft: East Highway 56 – An unknown suspect stole a Dragon Express Train horn kit and walked eastbound under Interstate 25. Oddly enough the suspect was not located or heard.

SCAM BUSTER! Be in the Know.

Law Enforcement Impersonation: This is ramping up again – Law enforcement, Department of Homeland Security, IRS, Social Security, and other government agencies will NEVER call and ask you to pay them money over the phone, via gift card, through a kiosk… They may say you have a bond for your arrest, owe back taxes, your social security number has been used nefariously, etc. What can you do? Hang up!

RECEIVE EMERGENCY NOTIFICATIONS ON YOUR CELL PHONE. Please visit https://NOCOAlert.org and register to get emergency notifications on your cell phone. Reverse 911 does not work on cell phones, only on landlines. Berthoud has the lowest registered numbers in Larimer County.

December 11 – 17

Monday, December 11

Criminal Mischief: Berthoud – The Town of Berthoud reported two juveniles vandalized a public bathroom, causing $200 worth of damage. The juveniles were trespassed and issued a summons.

Driving Under the Influence: Highway 287/County Road 8 – A male driver was contacted for speed and weaving. The driver was found to be under the influence of alcohol and booked at the Larimer County Jail.

Found Property: Westport Avenue – A man reported that his son found a pair of Air Pods on the sidewalk while walking to the Berthoud Recreational Center. The Air Pods were taken to the Larimer County Sheriff’s Office and logged in as found property.

Disturbance: 1120 West County Road 14 – A woman claimed her boyfriend pushed her to the floor during an argument. The boyfriend provided a conflicting statement, and there was no evidence to substantiate a crime had been committed. The parties were separated for the night.

Tuesday, December 12

Vehicle Theft: Greenwood Drive – A man refused to give the owner back her vehicle after two years of the victim trying to recover the vehicle. The vehicle was entered as stolen.

Wednesday, December 13

Trespass: 2nd Street – A local business asked that a man be trespassed from the property as he was recently evicted. The man was contacted and verbally acknowledged that he was trespassed. He refused to be served with the trespass paperwork.

Theft: Pyramid Peak Street – A home builder reported a sheet of siding was stolen from in front of a home currently under construction. The stolen siding was later found and returned to the builder.

Mental Health Hold: Victoria Street – A man attempted suicide by placing a plastic bag over his head and taping it around his throat. The man was transported to the hospital and placed on a mental health hold.

Third-Degree Assault x2: Colorado Avenue – A man got into an argument with two women about his diet restrictions. He ultimately punched one woman in the face causing injury and bit the other woman two times causing injury. The man was contacted and booked at the Larimer County Jail.

Motor Vehicle Accident/Property Damage: East Highway 56 – While making a turn in a parking lot, a tractor-trailer hit a vehicle on top of a car hauler trailer.

Thursday, December 14

Mental Health Hold: Berthoud – A juvenile expressed thoughts of self-harm to a mandatory reporter. The juvenile was taken to the hospital to meet with the mental health team and the parents were notified.

Friday, December 15

Harassment/False Imprisonment/Obstruction of Telephone Services/Domestic Violence/Child Abuse x3: 7th Street – A citizen called in a physical disturbance reporting that a man harassed his wife and broke her phone. An investigation revealed that he also held her down in front of their three small children. Victim advocates responded to assist the woman and the man was booked at the Larimer County Jail.

Possession of Fentanyl/Possession of Methamphetamine/Possession of Drug Paraphernalia/Driving Under Revocation/Failure to Yield: Mountain Avenue – A male driver and female passenger were contacted for traffic infractions. User amounts of methamphetamine and fentanyl were found, as well as drug paraphernalia.

Saturday, December 16

Suspicious Circumstances: Burbank Street – A man was observed on surveillance cameras attempting to enter parked vehicles. The footage was sent to deputies to review.

Sunday, December 17

Non-Injury Motor Vehicle Accident: 5th Street/Mountain Avenue – A male driver and a female driver were involved in a motor vehicle accident at this intersection. Each driver accused the other of being at fault, as there were no security cameras at this location, the at-fault driver could not be established.

Possession of Fentanyl/Possession of Fentanyl/Possession of Drug Paraphernalia/Warrant Arrest: Clayton Place – A woman was contacted in a parking lot and was found to have a warrant. She also had just over three grams of fentanyl on her person. She was booked at the Larimer County Jail.

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RECEIVE EMERGENCY NOTIFICATIONS ON YOUR CELL PHONE. Please visit https://NOCOAlert.org and register to get emergency notifications on your cell phone. Reverse 911 does not work on cell phones, only on landlines. Berthoud has the lowest registered numbers in Larimer County.

December 18 – 24

Monday, December 18

Vehicle Trespass:  Elmwood Street – A man reported that his 2016 Ford F150 was entered sometime between 2000 hrs on 12/14/23 and 0430 on 12/15/23. Over $2,500 of hunting gear was stolen from the truck. The man believed his truck was locked. Stated he warned his neighbors that day on Facebook but neglected to contact law enforcement until today. He said that he would supply video footage from a neighbor of a potential suspect.

Family Problems:  Erving Court – A man reported his roommates were fighting and a man had a gun and fired it in the house while he and a woman were locked in the garage. After all parties were contacted at the house it was discovered two of the three individuals have PTSD which was triggered during their argument. There was no probable cause for arrest. And the man who fired the gun agreed to go with the mental health unit for an evaluation. 

Vehicular Eluding/Driving Under Revocation/Aggravated/Fictitious Registration:  East Highway 56 – A traffic stop was attempted on an Audi sedan that was freshly spray painted and had mismatched license plates. The Audi began to elude southbound on I-25 and a pursuit was started. StarChase was deployed but did not adhere to the vehicle and the pursuit was terminated at mile marker 247. Mead Police ultimately contacted and arrested the driver after he crashed off the Highway 66 exit. The driver was taken into custody at the crash scene and booked at the Weld County Jail.

Trespass/Attempted Burglary:  2nd Street – Property owners reported a man and woman suspect trespassed in several unlocked units. 

Fraud: East Highway 56 – A credit card skimmer was found on one of the truck fuel pumps. The investigation is ongoing.

Second-Degree Burglary/Criminal Mischief/Theft: Franklin Avenue & 5th Street – Unknown suspect(s) crawled through a basement window and burnt a window sometime between 12/14/23 and today. Suspects also entered a garage at 5th Street and stole blankets. Evidence was collected. 

Missing Adult/Found Missing Adult: Urban Place – A woman reported her fiancé was missing. The woman said the man had recent mental health issues. He was entered as missing and was later contacted by a police department in Oklahoma who advised they obtained a court order for a mental health hold.

Tuesday, December 19

Warrant Arrest x2: Mountain Avenue – A man was seen on Mountain Avenue was known to have two municipal warrants for his arrest. He was booked at the Larimer County Jail.

Third-Degree Assault/Domestic Violence: Curlew Drive – A man shoved his girlfriend over a chair causing her to hit her head on the hardwood floor causing pain during an argument. The man was booked at the Larimer County Jail.

Recovered Stolen Vehicle:  Wagon Bend Road – Aurora Police recovered a Black Ram 1500 that was stolen from this address in February. The truck was stripped of its engine and abandoned at a strip mall. There were no suspects. License plates are still outstanding.

Wednesday, December 20

Felony/Misdemeanor Warrant Arrest:  Highway 287/Sunset Court – A Male was contacted with two outstanding warrants. He was booked at the Larimer County Jail. 

Vehicle Theft/Stolen firearm: Woodcock Street – A man reported his 1997 blue Honda Civic sedan was stolen from in front of his apartment sometime between 2000 hours on 12/19/23 and 0800 hours on 12/20/23. A loaded handgun was also in the vehicle. Both items were entered as stolen and a stolen alert for the plate was entered into Flock. 

Thursday, December 21

Possession of Fentanyl/Driving Under Revocation/Driving Without Insurance:  8th Street – A woman was contacted on a traffic infraction. Her license was found to be suspended and she did not have any insurance. A vehicle search yielded user amounts of fentanyl. She was booked at the Larimer County Jail.

Driving Under Revocation/Unlawful Possession of Schedule II Controlled Substances:  East Highway 56 – A man was contacted for a traffic infraction. Methamphetamine, Alprazolam, and Fentanyl were found in a suitcase in the bed of the truck, and it was not possible to discern ownership of the drugs between the driver and the other two passengers. The driver was cited for driving under revocation and the drugs were logged for destruction.

Friday, December 22

Suicide:  West Country Road 4 – An elderly man shot himself after receiving bad news at a doctor’s appointment. Victim Advocates and Co-Responders helped with the family.

Motor Vehicle Accident:  10th Street/Spartan Avenue – A male driver disregarded a stop sign as he was north on 10th Street, and he struck the front end of another vehicle. No injuries were reported. The at-fault driver was issued a summons.

Mental Health:  4th Street – A man reported numerous crimes against his ex-wife. Speaking with family members the man has been struggling with mental health and currently lives at an unknown address in the Lakewood area. No crimes substantiated. 

Vehicle Trespass/Theft:  Meadowlark Drive – A woman reported she was involved in a road rage incident where an unknown man followed her. After an exchange of words, the woman ran inside the business. When she came out, she noticed her iPhone 13 was gone. She had left it on the passenger seat of her unlocked car. The woman believed the man who followed her possibly stole it. 

Warrant Arrest:  Highway 287/Berthoud Parkway – A man with an outstanding warrant was contacted and booked at the Larimer County Jail.

Saturday, December 23

Harassment/Third-Degree Assault/Domestic Violence x2:  Woodcock Street – A disturbance was called in by a woman who stated her boyfriend had assaulted her and left. Obvious injuries were seen on the woman. It was found there were two separate incidents in which the woman was the primary aggressor in the first and the man was the primary aggressor in the second. Both parties were medically cleared and booked at the Larimer County Jail.

Sunday, December 24

Third-Degree Assault on a Peace Officer x3/Criminal Mischief/Disorderly Conduct/Obstruction:  7th Street – A man was reported as naked and screaming in a field just after midnight. He was visibly intoxicated and incoherent but was coaxed into a patrol car. The man was initially going to be placed on a Detox hold, but then spat in a deputy’s face after refusing to exit the vehicle to get into the ambulance. The man was the booked uncooperative at the jail where he spat on two other deputies and damaged a duty vest.

RECEIVE EMERGENCY NOTIFICATIONS ON YOUR CELL PHONE. Please visit https://NOCOAlert.org and register to get emergency notifications on your cell phone. Reverse 911 does not work on cell phones, only on landlines. Berthoud has the lowest registered numbers in Larimer County.

December 25 – 31

Monday, December 25

Theft/Fraud: Southwind Road – Two individuals employed to clean a residence stole a checkbook and $550 worth of gift cards while cleaning a female’s house. A fraudulent check was then possibly given to be used to buy a vehicle in Longmont.

Warrant Arrest: Wilfred Road – A female was contacted for an outstanding misdemeanor warrant and booked at the Larimer County Jail.

Tuesday, December 26

Possession of Drug Paraphernalia/Warrant Arrest: Clayton Place/County Road 10E – A male was contacted for having a warrant for his arrest. Upon contact, he was found to have drug paraphernalia on his person. The male was booked at the Larimer County Jail on his warrant and cited for paraphernalia.

Driving Under the Influence of Drugs/Possession of Schedule II Controlled Substance/Warrant Arrest: Mountain Avenue – A male was contacted in the driver’s seat of his vehicle, and passed out with marijuana and prescription narcotics throughout the vehicle in plain view. The male refused a blood test and was booked at the Larimer County Jail.

Wednesday, December 27

Missing Runaway Juvenile: Berthoud – A female juvenile was reported as a runaway by her mother. Attempts to locate the female juvenile by multiple deputies were unsuccessful. The Investigations Unit was notified and the female juvenile was entered as a runaway through law enforcement databases. An Attempt To Locate (ATL) was sent to all nearby agencies.

Mental Health Hold: Ole Bessie Drive – It was reported that a male made statements that he wanted to kill himself or kill someone. When deputies attempted to contact the male at his residence, he erratically drove out of the driveway. The male eventually drove his vehicle off the road near Interstate 25 and Highway 56 where he was detained by Sheriff Deputies. The male was transported to the hospital and placed on a mental health hold.

Warrant Arrest x2: Mountain Avenue – A female asked to speak to deputies regarding a previous incident, in which the Investigations Unit was notified. She initially consented to an interview with an Investigator but changed her mind at the last minute. The female showed mental health issues and lit her hair on fire during the contact. She was found to have two warrants for her arrest and after she was medically cleared at the hospital, she was booked at the Larimer County Jail on her warrants.

Thursday, December 28

Felony Possession of Methamphetamine/FelonyPossession of Fentanyl/Possession of Drug Paraphernalia/False Reporting of Identifying Information to Law Enforcement/Warrant Arrest: Bunyan Avenue/Vantage Parkway – A traffic stop was conducted on a vehicle driven by a male and with a male passenger. The male passenger initially gave his brother’s name to avoid being arrested on an outstanding warrant, but his brother came back with valid warrants for his arrest as well. The male passenger also was found to have drug paraphernalia. A vehicle search was conducted and felony amounts of methamphetamine were located in the car next to the male driver’s items. The male driver was arrested and upon a search of his person, an additional 12 fentanyl pills were found in his pocket. The male driver was medically cleared and booked at the Larimer County Jail on the drug charges. The male passenger was booked on his warrant and summonsed for paraphernalia and false reporting of identifying information.

Motor Vehicle Accident/Driving Under Revocation/Disregard Traffic Control Device: Highway 287/Berthoud Parkway – A male driver ran a red light causing a box truck to hit the trailer he was towing. The at-fault male driver also had a suspended license and was issued a summons.

Friday, December 29

Vehicle Trespass: Heron Lakes Parkway – An unlocked vehicle was entered and a Playstation 5 and other miscellaneous items were stolen. Please lock your vehicles and do not leave valuable items inside the car.

Runaway Juvenile Located: Berthoud – The runaway female juvenile from the previous evening was located at a friend’s home in Loveland. She was removed as missing from law enforcement databases.

Warrant Arrest x3: Highway 287/Berthoud Parkway – A female initially reported she was being kidnapped. The investigation revealed she was not kidnapped, and a past traumatic event caused her to make things up. It was found the female had three outstanding warrants for her arrest (one felony warrant and two misdemeanor warrants) and she was taken to the Larimer County Jail.

Suspicious Circumstances: Bimson Avenue – A reporting party looked outside when a neighbor’s car alarm went off and observed three males in a silver four-door Honda near the vehicle. The driver was manipulating what appeared to be a firearm and then a shot was fired towards the sky from the driver’s seat. The informant believed the shot was a negligent discharge. The vehicle then left the area at a high rate of speed. No shell casings were found at the scene and the vehicle on scene did not appear to be trespassed.

Saturday, December 30

Criminal Tampering/Domestic Violence: Welch Avenue – A male took a female’s house key because she did not pay her share of the rent. The female stated she did not want to leave the residence, fearing that she would be locked out. When the female left the residence to see her children, the male locked her out, which forced her to break in through a window. The male was contacted at the residence and corroborated the story. The male was booked at the Larimer County Jail.

Vehicular Eluding: Grand Market Avenue – A traffic stop was attempted on a vehicle with fictitious registration tabs being driven by a male who was possibly involved in a drug transaction at a gas station. The male driver eluded and was not apprehended. The owner of the car gave the male the vehicle several days prior with a civil agreement for him to make payments. The investigation is ongoing.

Possession of Fentanyl/Possession of Drug Paraphernalia/No Proof of Insurance: Meadowlark Drive/West County Road 8 – A male and female were stopped for a traffic infraction. A positive K9 sniff led to the discovery of .64 grams of fentanyl in the female’s purse and numerous amounts of drug paraphernalia. The female was released on a summons due to a severely necrotic injection site infection which would require long-term medical attention. The male was also issued a summons and released.

Sunday, December 31

Felony Menacing/Third-Degree Assault/False Imprisonment/Obstruction of Telephone Services/Domestic Violence/Driving Under Revocation: 2nd Street – A male went to his ex-girlfriend’s residence to allegedly pick up some property and an altercation ensued. The male menaced the female with a knife and then assaulted her by grabbing her by the wrist, leaving visible injury. He then prevented her from leaving her bedroom and interfered with and attempted to prevent her from calling law enforcement. The male was contacted via phone and partially admitted to some of the events. He agreed to meet with deputies at Berthoud Town Hall but never showed up. It was also discovered that the male drove to the female’s residence after his driving privileges had been suspended. An urgent arrest warrant was filed and granted by Larimer County Courts.

Motor Vehicle Accident Injury/Hit and Run: Highway 287/Berthoud Parkway – A White Ford Explorer rear-ended a Toyota Prius causing minor damage. The Explorer fled the scene before law enforcement’s arrival. Follow-up is needed to identify the driver.

Harassment/Domestic Violence: Ranchhand Drive – Multiple calls for domestic disturbances came from a residence throughout the night. Deputies returned and learned that a male threatened to kill his girlfriend. The male was booked at the Larimer County Jail.

RECEIVE EMERGENCY NOTIFICATIONS ON YOUR CELL PHONE. Please visit https://NOCOAlert.org and register to get emergency notifications on your cell phone. Reverse 911 does not work on cell phones, only on landlines. Berthoud has the lowest registered numbers in Larimer County. 

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