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Friday, April 12, 2024

Berthoud Police Blotter: March 2024






March 1 – 3

Friday, March 1

Motor Vehicle Accident/Careless Driving: Berthoud Parkway/Highway 287 – A male driver was nodding off from being tired when he struck a truck pulling a dump trailer that was waiting to turn. This caused the man’s vehicle to roll. The at-fault driver was transported to the hospital and issued a citation.

Mental Health Hold: 3rd Street/Mountain Avenue – A man attempted suicide by slitting both of his wrists. Three outstanding citizens intervened and called 911 while providing life-saving measures. Two tourniquets were applied by the on-scene deputy before medical arrival. The man was later placed on a mental health hold after he was taken to the hospital.

Burglary/Theft/Violation of Protection Order: 2nd Street – A man unlawfully entered a residence from which he is restrained to take back his property. The man allegedly also took property belonging to the homeowner, from whom he is also restrained. A felony arrest warrant was issued.

Reckless Driving/Driving Without a License: Interstate 25/Highway 56 – A man was contacted on a traffic stop for speeding 100 mph in a 75 zone and weaving. The driver was from South America and admitted to having been on his phone texting and not having a driver’s license. He was issued a summons.

Saturday, March 2

Motor Vehicle Accident with Injuries: South County Road 23 – Deputies responded to a report of a vehicle on fire in a ditch. The vehicle was associated with a hit-and-run accident in the area. A citizen intervened by getting the driver out of the car, and dragging him up the embankment toward safety.

Speed Exhibition/Speeding 40+ Over: Highway 287 & County Road 10E – A male driver was observed traveling at excessive speeds southbound and appeared to taunt the marked patrol car which was traveling northbound on the opposite side of the divided highway. An emergency turn-around was utilized by the deputy. The vehicle accelerated and was clocked on radar at 106 mph and was eventually stopped. The driver was summonsed.

Sunday, March 3

Warrant Arrest: Tavner Court – A woman was contacted with an outstanding warrant. She was booked at the Larimer County Jail.

Suspicious Circumstances/Possession of Methamphetamine: County Road 15C – Neighbors reported a disturbance between a man and a woman in this area. Two individuals were identified as the involved parties. Criminal charges were not substantiated, but a user amount of methamphetamine was found in the woman’s possession, and she was issued a summons.

Warrant Arrest: 5th Street – A man was contacted with an outstanding warrant. He was booked at the Larimer County Jail.

March 4 – 10

Monday, March 4

Warrant Arrest x2: 7th Street – A man was contacted with an outstanding Felony and Misdemeanor warrant. He was booked at the Larimer County Jail.

Tuesday, March 5

Non-Injury Motor Vehicle Accident/Following Too Closely: Berthoud Parkway/Mountain Avenue – A female driver rear-ended another driver’s vehicle. The at-fault driver was cited for following too closely.

Traffic Complaint: Highway 287/Berthoud Parkway – CDOT (Colorado Department of Transportation) employees were doing road work in this area and had some areas blocked off. A CDOT employee reported several vehicles disregarded their traffic cones to bypass the blocked areas to the point they almost had to shut down operations due to safety concerns. LCSO Traffic Unit assisted and made numerous traffic stops for speeders in a construction zone.

Identity Theft: Welch Avenue – A man reported his identity was used for a student loan of $4,700. The man discovered this loan after checking his credit report.

Wednesday, March 6

Unattended Death: Meining Road – An elderly man with extensive medical history was found deceased by his adult daughter.

Thursday, March 7

Non-Injury Motor Vehicle Accident: Highway 287/Mountain Avenue – A vehicle heading South on 287 hit a patch of ice and slid off the road and into the bushes. The vehicle was drivable but stuck in the bushes requiring a tow to the registered owner’s address in Longmont.

Burglary: Blue Bell Road- A man reported that at some point overnight, an unknown person entered his garage through a possibly unlocked side door and stole $40,000 worth of high-end bicycles through the door, which he found open. The owner did not have any serial numbers for the stolen bikes and a neighborhood canvass produced no additional information.

Friday, March 8

Lost Property: 2nd Street – A woman reported she lost her keys on a walk near Pioneer Park.

Warrant Arrest x3: Meadowlark Drive – A woman was contacted who had three outstanding warrants for her arrest. She was booked at the Larimer County Jail after medical clearance for Fentanyl.

Warrant Arrest x2: 6th Street – A woman was contacted with two outstanding warrants. She was booked at the Larimer County Jail.

Saturday, March 9

Violation of Protection Order x2: 2nd Street – Neighbors reported that a man was having a mental break down, possibly due to methamphetamine use. Upon contact, the man was alert but found to have violated two protection orders with a woman he was in contact with. He was booked at the Larimer County Jail.

Harassment/Child Abuse/Domestic Violence: Country Road – A married couple was drinking and arguing when the woman struck the man multiple times while he was holding their one-year-old son. As she was chasing him around, the woman tripped over a chair and struck her face on the floor, requiring stitches and a medical clearance at the hospital. She was then booked at the Larimer County Jail.

Sunday, March 10

Motor Vehicle Accident with Serious Bodily Injury/Careless Driving: Highway 287/Highway 56 – A male driver made a left turn in front of another vehicle, causing a t-bone crash. The passenger of the man;s vehicle was transported by ambulance to the hospital with serious bodily injuries. The at-fault driver was issued a citation for Careless Driving Causing Bodily Injury.


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March 11 – 17

Monday, March 11

Vandalism/Criminal Mischief: North Berthoud Parkway – Four juveniles were suspected of causing vandalism in the park women’s bathroom and starting two small burn piles in the field. Upon follow-up, all juveniles were served with summonses to the Berthoud Municipal Court.

Welfare Check: 6th Street – A CPS case worker, looking into an allegation that a woman was using drugs in front of her children, requested deputies respond after the woman’s behavior escalated. The woman left the scene prior to arrival, failed to meet with deputies, and was not able to be located. An Attempt to Locate (ATL) has been entered requesting a welfare check on her children.

Trespass: East Highway 56 – A business requested that an adult female be formally and permanently trespassed from their property. The trespass notice was served to the woman by deputies.

Tuesday, March 12

Fraud: Grand Market Avenue – A store employee was convinced over the phone by two males, one pretending to be from corporate and the other a delivery driver, to take money out of the store’s safety deposit box and deposit it in a Bitcoin ATM. The employee deposited half of the requested money before calling her supervisor, who told her to stop.

Burglary/Theft: Mount Meeker Avenue – A tankless water heater, valued at $2085, was stolen from a new home under construction. Crime Scene Investigators responded to process the scene and the Investigations Unit was notified, as this may be linked to prior thefts in the area.

Burglary/Theft: Eliza Avenue – A home under construction was entered and a saw attachment was stolen. The Investigations Unit was notified, as this may be linked to prior burglary/thefts in the area.

Driving Under the Influence of Drugs (DUID)/Speeding: County Road 23 and John Galt Drive – A male driver was stopped for speeding, driving 92 miles per hour (MPH) in a 50 MPH zone. He was booked at the Larimer County Jail.

Wednesday, March 13

Welfare Check Follow-Up: 6th Street – The woman from Monday’s welfare check and her children were contacted as passengers after a Flock alert. Suspicions of drug use were present for the woman, and the children were not properly restrained in the vehicle. Deputies walked with the woman to her residence, where she retrieved booster seats for the children. Information was passed along to Child Protection Services (CPS). The ATL on the woman’s vehicle was removed.

Warrant Arrest: Water Avenue/Sun River Road – An adult female was observed suspiciously prowling the construction area of the Vantage subdivision in a vehicle. She was contacted and found to have an outstanding warrant for her arrest. The woman was booked at the Larimer County Jail.

Thursday, March 14

Unattended Death: Welch Avenue – A woman found her husband unresponsive on a dining room chair. First responders performed CPR but were unsuccessful. The Victim Response Team responded.

Warrant Arrest x2: Meadowlark Drive – A man with two outstanding misdemeanor warrants was contacted. He was booked at the Larimer County Jail.

Friday, March 15

Non-Injury Motor Vehicle Accident/Careless Driving: West County Road 14 – A two-vehicle accident resulted in a non-injury crash at the intersection. The driver of the at-fault vehicle was issued a summons for Careless Driving.

Non-Injury Motor Vehicle Accident/Careless Driving: East Highway 56 – A two-vehicle accident resulted in a non-injury crash at the intersection. The driver of the at-fault vehicle was issued a summons for Careless Driving

Saturday, March 16

Runaway Juvenile: Berthoud – A woman reported that her granddaughter, of whom she has custody, left for school on the morning of 03/15/24 with a juvenile male and never made it to school or home that night. Contact was made with the male juvenile via his father calling him and he told deputies that he would return the girl to her home at 1315 hours. Verbal contact was made with the runaway, and she was advised to call her grandmother to let her know she was returning home. The juvenile did not return home after she contacted her grandmother saying that she would be home soon. A missing Juvenile form was entered and a Be On the Lookout (BOLO) was sent to the neighboring agencies.

Runaway Juvenile Returned: Berthoud – The juvenile female in the above entry was located at a friend’s house in Johnstown and returned to her family. The missing entry was removed.

Assault/Hit and Run: 4th Street – A man called 911 reporting someone assaulted him and then ran him over. When deputies contacted the man, he was not willing to cooperate nor did he provide any useful information to aid the investigation. He had minor injuries but no additional evidence was located.

Eluding/Report Every Drunk Driver Immediately (REDDI) Report: Highway 56/1st Street – Colorado State Patrol (CSP) aired a REDDI report. The vehicle was located as it entered Larimer County, and a short, low-speed pursuit was initiated. The vehicle stopped at 1st Street & Bunyan Avenue. The driver was taken into custody and transferred to CSP.

Sunday, March 17

Possible Felony Menacing: 7th Street – A man reported that while sleeping at a friend’s house, another man entered the residence upset, and pointed a gun at his head threatened to shoot the him if he did not leave the house. Deputies contacted both parties and received conflicting statements. A consensual search for weapons was conducted, resulting in no weapon being found. The female homeowner and another witness stated they did not see a gun and everything was just verbal. Further investigation will be conducted.

Runaway Juvenile: Berthoud – A juvenile female ran away from home again with a juvenile male after her grandparents went to bed on 03/16/24. The girl was entered as a runaway and BOLO was sent out to surrounding agencies.

Stalking/Domestic Violence/Warrant Arrest: Curlew Drive – A man was residing at a residence in violation of a protection order (VPO) with a female. Upon investigation, a pattern of threatening behavior towards the woman was established. The man was found at a hotel in Loveland and taken into custody on the above charges and an outstanding warrant for VPO.


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March 18 – 24

Monday, March 18

Unattended Death: Welch Avenue – Meals on Wheels tried to deliver meals to a woman, but she did not answer the door or the phone. A family member of the resident was contacted and requested deputies enter her home and check her welfare. The woman was found deceased in the living room.

Cold Theft: Westport Avenue – A homebuilder reported the theft of skylight panels that were taken over the weekend.

Mental Health Hold: Berthoud – A parent of a juvenile male called to report his son was making suicidal statements and actively self-harming. The juvenile male was contacted and taken to the hospital to be placed on a mental health hold and provided additional resources.

Tuesday, March 19

Violation of a Protection Order/Burglary/Stalking/Harassment/Intimidating a Witness/Domestic Violence: Curlew Drive – A man’s vehicle was found during a follow-up at the residence tied to the protection order violation. The owner of the vehicle tried to avoid deputies but was apprehended before he could escape. Further investigations revealed additional charges against the man.

Verbal Disturbance: Pyramid Peak Street – Deputies responded to a verbal disturbance in the alley between residences yelling at construction crews whose vehicles were parked in the alley, limiting access to their residence. The supervisor of the construction crew was contacted and said he would notify his crews about the restrictions placed by the town and building inspectors. Builders must notify the homeowners prior that they will be blocking the alley and it can only be blocked for an hour. Everyone was given information about the permit process to block the alley as well if needed.

Obstruction of Telephone Service/Domestic Violence: Grand Market Avenue – A man took his wife’s phone during an argument to prevent her from dialing 911. He was arrested and booked at the Larimer County Jail.

Wednesday, March 20

Fraud/Theft: Mountain Avenue – A local bank’s fraud department reported an adult female cashed eight fraudulent checks at two separate locations for a total of $16,700. The bank is currently out $9,355. A warrant is forthcoming for the arrest of the woman.

Verbal Disturbance: East Highway 56 – A semi-truck driver reported that another driver threatened to grab a gun after a verbal dispute. Each party had conflicting statements and there was no probable cause for charges.

Assault: City Lights Lane – A woman was hit by a vehicle and a tire ran over her leg. She was taken to the hospital. The male driver refused to talk to deputies and a warrant was issued for his arrest.

Thursday, March 21

Returned Missing Runaway: Berthoud – A juvenile female was found with her boyfriend after a tip as they drove away from a residence where the male juvenile was house-sitting. The runaway female juvenile was transported to The Hub and a Youth in Conflict referral was completed by deputies.

Criminal Tampering/Domestic Violence: Little Branch Lane – A man hid his estranged wife’s car keys in the residence so he could take their dog and secretly move out. A warrant is forthcoming.

Friday, March 22

Vehicular Eluding Causing Injury/Careless Driving Causing Injury/Driving Under the Influence of Drugs/Child Abuse/Reckless Endangerment/Speeding/Possession of Marijuana by a Minor: Highway 287 – A vehicle was seen speeding. The vehicle then under-steered a turn and crashed into a field, causing injury to a juvenile passenger. The female driver failed roadside maneuvers and was booked into the Larimer County Jail. The woman’s two-year-old child was medically assessed and released to her grandparents.

Theft: Bunyan Avenue – A flatbed trailer was reported as stolen. The trailer was valued at approximately $6,200 and was entered as stolen into the law enforcement databases.

Saturday, March 23

Warrant Arrest x2/Suspicious Circumstances: Massachusetts Avenue – A woman was contacted in a large bus, unlawfully parked. She was found to have two outstanding warrants for her arrest, and she was booked at the Larimer County Jail.

Trespassing: West I-25 Frontage Road – Neighbors in the area of County Road 7 & Serenity Ridge Road called to report that a large group was having an illegal bonfire on the property behind Loves. There have been many prior incidents in which deputies have responded and broken up large parties of teenagers. Numerous municipal summonses were issued for trespassing. Berthoud Fire responded to extinguish the fire.

Prohibited Use of Weapons/Disorderly Conduct (Discharge of a Firearm)/Shooting from a Public Highway/Unlawfully Carrying a Concealed Weapon/Unlawful Possession of Cocaine/Possession of Drug Paraphernalia/Theft <$300: South County Road 21- A reporting party saw what looked like a drive by shooting on County Road 21. Deputies arrived in the area and located a suspicious vehicle that attempted to evade the patrol car. The vehicle, which was occupied by four males, eventually came to a stop. Each party was ordered out of the car and a pat search for weapons was conducted. One of the men made furtive movements before exiting the vehicle. A Terry search for weapons in the car found a .22 revolver and ammunition, directly where the man was seated. Under Miranda, the man admitted that he had the revolver concealed in his waistband as deputies were ordering the occupants out and he tried to hide it in the car before exiting. The man also admitted that he shot six rounds while standing beside the car on County Road 21. A bag of cocaine was found inside of the man’s underwear along with a rolled-up dollar bill. The man’s father later reported to deputies that the revolver was taken from him, without permission. The driver was booked at the Larimer County Jail.

Theft: East Highway 56 – A man reported his rear license plate was stolen while his vehicle was parked at a gas station. The plate was entered as stolen into law enforcement databases.

Sunday, March 24

Recovered Stolen Trailer: Ensley Drive – A stolen trailer was found abandoned. Attempts to contact the registered owner were unsuccessful and it was found the registered owner currently has outstanding warrants for his arrest. The trailer was removed as stolen and towed from the scene.


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March 25 – 31

Monday, March 25

Accident Alert/Motor Vehicle Accidents: Highway 287/Mountain Avenue – Berthoud was on accident alert this morning due to the snowstorm. Traffic lights at this intersection were covered with snow and motorists could not see the lights, causing at least four vehicle accidents. Thanks to Berthoud Fire for spraying down the traffic lights.

Identity Theft/Fraud: Willow Drive – A male reported his identity was used fraudulently in Arizona.

Property Found: County Road 23 – A male reported to law enforcement that he located a small caliber revolver about four to five years ago, and forgot about it. The firearm was entered as found into law enforcement databases.

Tuesday, March 26

Non-Injury Motor Vehicle Accident: North Highway 287/Berthoud Parkway – A two-vehicle motor vehicle accident at the intersection caused major vehicle damage, with one vehicle ending up on its side.

Harassment/Mental Health Hold: Berthoud – A male juvenile returned home intoxicated after drinking most of the day and not going to school causing a disturbance with a parent. Deputies arrived and placed the juvenile male on a mental health hold and issued a summons. A Child Protection Services Youth in Conflict referral was made.

Wednesday, March 27

Third-Degree Assault: 6th Street – An adult female started a verbal argument with her neighbor, which quickly turned into the female grabbing the neighbor on her chest, causing pain and a minor abrasion. Physical evidence was photographed and the female was issued a summons to Berthoud Municipal Court.

Thursday, March 28

Cold Theft: 8th Street – A male reported a backpack with an iPad and several other contents was stolen from his unlocked vehicle while it was parked at this address on 03/24/24. The estimated loss is approximately $800.


Mental Health Hold: Berthoud – A juvenile female took several of her medications in a suicide attempt. The juvenile was found on the ground unconscious on the sidewalk outside the house by her mother. She was transported to the hospital and then placed on a mental health hold.

Three-Car Motor Vehicle Accident with Injuries/Motor Vehicle Accident: North Berthoud Parkway/Grand Market Avenue – A female driver was rear-ended by a male driver, who was rear-ended by a green jeep that left the scene. Flock cameras captured images of the suspect vehicle. Deputies attempted to contact the driver of the suspect vehicle and will continue to follow up. A passenger in the female’s vehicle sustained minor injuries.

Friday, March 29

Municipal Violation/Throwing Objects: Grand Market Avenue – A female was cited for throwing eggs at another individual’s vehicle.

Vehicular Eluding x3/Child Abuse/Kidnapping/Reckless Endangerment: Berthoud – A black Acura sedan was seen in Berthoud racing another vehicle. The vehicle was pursued but discontinued. The vehicle was located again and a second pursuit was initiated. During the second pursuit the suspect vehicle’s engine seized and the juvenile driver fled on foot into a large field while vehicle occupants were held on a high-risk stop. Longmont Police Department & Boulder County Sheriff’s Office assisted with drones and a perimeter while a K9 track was used. A warrant is forthcoming for the male juvenile.

Saturday, March 30

Assist to Colorado State Patrol/Motor Vehicle Accident with Injuries: County Road 8E/Carvin Court – Deputies assisted the Colorado State Patrol with a motor vehicle accident where a vehicle struck a bicyclist who performed a U-turn in front of oncoming traffic. The bicyclist was transported to the hospital with injuries. Colorado State Patrol took over the investigation. Thanks to a seasonal Park Ranger who stopped to assist with traffic control.

Motor Vehicle Accident:1st Street/County Road 10E – A juvenile female driver ran into the back of a stopped vehicle at this intersection. The driver was issued a citation.

False Reporting: 2nd Street – A male called to report a female roommate had lit the house on fire to get deputies to respond to the house faster. The male was not cooperative on the phone and the house was not on fire. A warrant is forthcoming for the male as he falsely reported to law enforcement.

Sunday, March 31

Assist to Medical/Unattended Death: Spring Beauty Drive – An adult male was found unresponsive by his family before breakfast. He was transported by ambulance and ultimately passed at the hospital after being attended to by doctors. Investigations notified. Thanks to the Sheriff’s Office Chaplain for responding.

Mental Health: 1st Street – A female was screaming, and yelling and locked herself in the restroom. The female was hearing voices that no one else could hear and was recently diagnosed as schizophrenic. The female was voluntarily transported to the hospital for mental health care.

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