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Berthoud Police Blotter-January 2022

Berthoud Police Blotter-January 2022

January 1 - 9 Saturday, January 1 Recovered Stolen License Plate: East Highway 56 - A license plate stolen from Mead was located on an unoccupied vehicle. Attempts to contact the vehicle’s owner by phone and at the residence were unsuccessful. Sunday, January 2 Motor Vehicle Accident Hit and Run: 3rd Street - A male reported his white 2015 Chevy Sierra truck was struck by an unknown vehicle. No suspect information at this time. Theft/Forgery: East County Road 8 - A resident reported a check ... Full Story

Berthoud Police Blotter: September 2021

Berthoud Police Blotter: September 2021

September 1 -5 Wednesday, September 1 Possible Animal Neglect: Hwy. 287. - A neglect complaint was followed up at a local business regarding the neglect of several llamas on the scene. Animal control will follow up. Thursday, September 2 Motor Vehicle Accident: N. Berthoud Pkwy. / Grand Market Dr. - Male driver continued through the turn only at the roundabout and hit another vehicle. Motor Vehicle Accident: N. Berthoud Pkwy / Woodcock St. - Female driver did not yield entering the roundabout ... Full Story

Berthoud Police Blotter: April 2021

Berthoud Police Blotter: April 2021

        April 1- 4 Thursday, April 1 Vehicle Crash / Hit & Run: E. Colorado Avenue. A resident reported someone ran into his truck causing damage to his truck and pushing it into a van causing more damage. Blue parts of the hit-car were left, and part numbers come back to a 2014-2015 Mercedes Benz C-250 or 350 but with severe right front damage. Mercedes? This is not going to be a cheap fix. Karma! Lost Firearm: Berthoud, a resident lost his black .308 Ruger LCP somewhere in Berthoud ... Full Story

Berthoud Police Blotter: December 2019

Sunday, December 1 Vehicle Fire: Gray Mountain Road, a report was received of a vehicle on fire at this location. Deputies got fire out with extinguishers. Monday, December 2 Neighbor Problem: West Hill Drive, a resident plowed snow out onto West Hill Drive to block access to stop people from cutting through West Hill Drive which is public access, and this is the second time they have done it. Little Thompson Water District employees dug through the snow wall on the road to get ... Full Story

Berthoud Police Blotter: November 2019

November 1-3 Friday, November 1 Neighbor Problem: 7th Street, a resident reported yesterday a friend knocked on the upstairs apartment door by accident instead of his door (downstairs). The neighbor called his friend names, and then went out with a camera and videotaped his kids in the car. Saturday, November 2 DUI / Violation of Bond Conditions / Violation of Protection Order: N. Berthoud Parkway & Hwy 287, a 25-year-old Greeley woman called to report that a male passenger in her vehicle ... Full Story

Berthoud Police Blotter: September 2019

Sunday, September 1 Assault / Domestic Violence: Common Drive, a woman slapped and scratched her husband which evidence corroborated the story. The Mrs. was booked. Warrant / Vehicle Crash / Driving Under the Influence of Drugs / Assist to State Patrol: Hwy 287/Caballero Way, deputies were dispatched to a motor vehicle crash on Highway 287 and Caballero Street in rural Berthoud to assist Colorado State Patrol. Witnesses reported the driver of the pickup truck leaving the scene and attempting ... Full Story

Berthoud Police Blotter: March 2019

Friday, March 1 Welfare Check: 4th Street, a person got a call from a Berthoud Resident at this address. She is telling them that there was a pipe in the middle of the street and that she went and got it and brought it to the side of the road. she won't go back in the house and her caregiver is not on scene. She was cleared by medical. Saturday, March 2 Third Degree Assault / Domestic Violence: Chilcott St. a 48-year-old Ft. Collins woman had an altercation with Berthoud ... Full Story

Berthoud Police Blotter: October 2018

Updated Nov 10, 2018 Provided by Larimer County Sheriff’s Department Berthoud Squad October 1-7 Monday, October 1 Family Problems: Petrel Drive, a Texas man called and reported that his ex-wife admitted that she assaulted their 11-year-old daughter. The man has made several calls regarding this, which were determined to be unfounded. The man believes that he can read his ex-wife's mind and thoughts. If only I could read my wife’s mind, I wouldn’t be in so much trouble all of ... Full Story

Berthoud Police Blotter: September 2018

Update October 4, 2018 Provided by Larimer County Sheriff’s Department Berthoud Squad   Saturday, September 1 Assist to CSP / Motor Vehicle Crash / DUI: CR 23 and CR 6, deputies were requested by State Patrol to respond to a rollover motor vehicle crash. As deputies were walking toward the rolled vehicle, two males could be seen running from the area. Deputies were able to locate the males in a field and detained them. It was later learned there were four males in the ... Full Story

Berthoud Police Blotter: August 2018

Update September 4, 2018 Provided by Larimer County Sheriff’s Department Berthoud Squad Wednesday, August 1 Aggravated Motor Vehicle Theft / Vehicular Eluding / Criminal Attempt Vehicular Assault on A Peace Officer / Reckless Driving / Forgery / Violation of Bail Bond Conditions / Trespass on Agricultural Land / Possession of Burglary Tools / Possession of Drug Paraphernalia / Criminal Mischief of Agricultural Land: Welch Avenue, a resident reported his vehicle stolen. GPS put ... Full Story

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