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Monday, June 17, 2024

Berthoud Police Blotter: August 2021







August 1 – 8

Sunday, August 1

Nothing noteworthy

Monday, August 2

Scam / Computer Crime: Bimson Ave. – A man reported that his juvenile daughter’s Snapchat account was hacked. The suspect used selfies of the victim to try to ask her friends for sexual videos. 

Tuesday, August 3

Harassment / Road Rage: S. CR. 23 / Getaway Dr. – Driver reported a road rage incident and followed up today with additional video. A possible suspect was unable to be contacted. 

Scam: Laborn Court, a man accepted a friend request on Facebook from a female individual. The female then attempted to scam him out of $1000 or send a video to his family.

Wednesday, August 4

Burglary x 2 / Trailer Theft: Buckskin Road, a mobile trailer office and Conex box owned by a homebuilder were broken into. Multiple tools were stolen from both. A white enclosed trailer was also stolen. The suspect vehicle is a white Toyota Tundra extended cab. The vehicle was seen on video on the vehicle trespasses. Loveland Police also had a REDDI (Report Every Drunk Driver Immediately) report around 2:30 am of this vehicle driving in oncoming traffic. 

Vehicle Trespass: Grand Market Ave. – A man left his vehicle unlocked and it was entered by the same suspects from the above incident. 

Overdose: Indiana Ave. – A man overdosed on heroin and cocaine. His friends called 911 and administered Narcan.

Vehicle Trespass: Night Sky Drive, a woman reported her unlocked vehicle entered. Nothing was taken that she has noticed so far. 

Thursday, August 5

Assist to Adult Protection Services: 3rd Street, a home care nurse reported a woman told her that her husband hit her with keys, and he has hit her before. The woman was interviewed and stated that she was never assaulted, and she is okay. Husband was not at home and follow up will be conducted to speak with him. 

Theft / Revoked License: Mountain Ave, a 43-year-old Loveland woman and a 64-year-old woman were each issued a summons for theft for stealing donations from the Habitat for Humanity. The 43-year-old was also booked for Driving with Revoked license and being a Habitual Traffic Offender.

Family Problems / Unwanted Person: 2nd Street, a 29-year-old Loveland man has been the subject of multiple welfare checks and disturbances the past two nights. The man is reportedly bi-polar and addicted to illicit narcotics. After causing problems at the house to include property damage, he was kicked out by his grandparents.

Friday, August 6

Criminal Mischief: Grace Place, sometime during the night someone broke the glass in a patio door. The glass was shattered but most still in place, so it appears no one entered the building.

Felony Warrant Arrest: Meadowlark Drive, a 50-year-old Longmont woman was arrested for her felony warrant and booked.

Vehicle Crash / Driving too Fast for Conditions: 1st Street & CR 10E, a vehicle was driving northbound on 1st Street when traffic in front stopped for someone to turn at Larimer County Road 10E. There was heavy rain and his vehicle started to skid on the wet street and collided with the rear of another vehicle. Summons issued.

Saturday, August 7

Recovered Stolen Vehicle: Copeland Street, a vehicle that was stolen in Greeley was located and recovered.

Disturbance: 2nd Street, a man parked his vehicle and trailer in front of this business blocking the driveway where the two men got into a verbal argument.

Sunday, August 8

Disturbance: Victoria Drive, a woman had been drinking and started to berate her husband with accusations of infidelity.

Traffic Problem: Hillsdale Park, a couple of people were contacted for riding illegal 4 wheelers on the trail and streets. 

August 9 – 16

Monday, August 9

Vehicle Trespass / Theft: W CR 6 – A woman had her unlocked vehicle entered today around 0500 hours. The only items taken were two pairs of sunglasses and some face masks.

Vehicle Trespass / Theft: Candice Ct: A man reported that jewelry and his wallet were taken from his vehicle. Over $5,000 was charged on credit cards.

Burglary: Murrlet St – A resident reported somebody entered his garage and stole a can of gas. Video surveillance was captured of the incident.

Theft: N Berthoud Pkwy – A large air compressor was stolen from a construction site. The suspects removed the fence posts to get onto the property.

Found Property: 9th St – Roadbike-style bicycle was found abandoned outside a business on Mountain Avenue.

Tuesday, August 10

 Nothing of significance to note.

Wednesday, August 11

Vehicle Theft: Nicholson St. – Resident’s wife’s Jeep was stolen by his co-worker while working at a job site. The Jeep was recovered later in Loveland; however, the suspect was not located.

Suicide Threat: Murlett St. – Female had an online argument with an online boyfriend who virtually broke up with her and she made suicidal statements. She was contacted and was found to not be an imminent threat, and deputies referred to her counselor.

Non-Injury Motor Vehicle Accident: 1st St. – A vehicle attempting to pull into a parking space hit another parked vehicle.

Thursday, August 12

Vehicle Theft: E Hwy 56 – A landscaping company had a 2018 Ram 2500 stolen sometime after 0600 hours on 08/11/21. No suspects or cameras.

Motor Vehicle Accident: Woodcock St / N Berthoud Pkwy – A truck pulling a trailer was driving northbound through the roundabout when another vehicle entered the roundabout and began to pass on the truck and trailer on the right. The trailer drifted into the second lane, striking the front driver side fender on the passing vehicle.

Vehicle Trespass: W CR10 – Resident came home and found his van was trespassed and rummaged through. An additional vehicle was also entered and keys were taken.

Theft: N Berthoud Pkwy – A male reported that his iPhone 12 was stolen while he was working at a construction job site.

Motor Vehicle Accident: Bimson Ave. / 5th St. – A pickup truck was traveling south on 5th Street while a food truck was traveling north on 5th Street near Indiana Avenue. The mirrors of each vehicle hit causing damage to both mirrors. No citations were issued as there were cars parked on both sides of the street making it hard for two vehicles to pass at once.

Friday, August 13

Mail Theft: E CR6C/ Springhill Ln. – A resident reported mail theft including a check for $8,000. The theft occurred between 1130-1530 hours.

Mail Theft: NE Frontage Rd. – A resident reported mail stolen. Other mailboxes in the area were also broken into off Weld County Road 46.

Scam: S 9th St. – A resident received a fraudulent email from the “Geek Squad,” saying that his account would auto-renew unless they called them. Upon calling the phone number, he was advised that he must “undownload” software from the computer, to which remote access was granted, subsequently locking the resident out of the computer. He was then told he must pay money in order to receive a password. The resident contacted the bank and changed all usernames and passwords. The malware was removed by a local computer repair company. The male was not out any money.

Hit and Run: E CR 8 – A female was struck by an unsecured tree on a trailer being towed by a white Ford F-250 or F-350. Video footage was captured and the investigation is ongoing.

Saturday, August 14

Hit and Run: 7th St. – A woman’s vehicle was backed into while at the park. No suspect vehicle was located.

Mental Health Hold: Berthoud – A man reported his juvenile foster child had a psychotic episode, cut furniture with a knife, struck another foster kid with a stick, and fought with the reporting party. Upon arrival, the juvenile saw the ambulance and barricaded in a room. After entry was made the juvenile fought, tried to bite and kick deputies and emergency medical technicians. The juvenile was safely taken to the hospital for a mental health hold

Sunday, August 15

Burglary: Pierre Ridge Rd. – Unknown suspects forced entry into a camper trailer at this parcel and stole the water heater. Latent prints recovered.

Trailer Theft / Theft: S CR 15 – A resident reported a trailer stolen. Occurred in the last two years. Tools around the shop and $2k worth of soil was taken as well.

Mental Health: Ranchhand Dr. – A man called 911 after his ex-wife slit her wrist. The woman was transported to the hospital by deputies and placed on a mental health hold.

August 16 – 22

Monday, August 16

Assist Other Agency / Recovered Stolen Vehicle: N CR 27E – Jefferson County Sheriff Deputy asked us to check this address for a stolen vehicle out of their jurisdiction. The vehicle was located and towed. Jefferson County has a possible suspect lead and is primary in the investigation.

Non-Injury Motor Vehicle Accident: Mountain Ave – Driver scraped the side of another vehicle when attempting to park.

Fraud: Willow Dr – Several fraudulent charges were made to a citizen’s checking account, in addition, a notification that a credit card was applied for with the victim’s information. Identity theft protection was discussed with the victim. No suspect information is known.


Tuesday, August 17

Unattended Death: S Iowa Ave – Female was found deceased by her husband in their home. Nothing suspicious.

Unattended Death: Gary Dr – Male was found deceased by his wife in their home. Nothing suspicious.

Suspicious Circumstances / Detox Hold: 1st St – Female was contacted due to erratic and nonsensical behavior and she was wearing an ankle monitor. After being transported to the hospital, her identity was finally discovered. The female is on pre-trial for failure to register, had two warrants out of Denver that were non-extraditable, and is a registered sex offender in Berthoud. The female was believed to be under the influence of LSD.

Theft: Tabor St- A bobcat was found to be stolen, which occurred on 08/15/21 at 0115 hours according to GPS. The bobcat was tracked to Thornton and recovered by Thornton Police Department. Thornton Police handled the processing of the bobcat. No suspect information at this time.

Mental Health Hold: 14th St – Elderly male had a dementia episode and became violent with his wife. He was taken to the hospital and placed on a mental health hold.

Wednesday, August 18

Fraudulent Identification: 2nd St – A fraudulent identification was attempted to be used at a business.

Thursday, August 19

Nothing notable.

Friday, August 20

Theft / Trespass: Mountain Ave – A male was called in after he stole a soft drink from a business. He was issued a summons and trespassed. After being released, he returned to the same business he was just trespassed from, he was then booked at the Larimer County Jail.

Burglary: Prairie Flax St – An unknown suspect entered a construction trailer at this location. Several power tools and nails were stolen.

Saturday, August 21

Detox Hold: Colorado Ave – A male was called in for a welfare check after coming home intoxicated, falling, and hitting his head. He was transported by EMS to the hospital and placed on a detox hold.

Sunday, August 22

Non-Injury Motor Vehicle Accident: Hwy. 287 / CR 10E – Female driver was involved in a single-vehicle rollover accident.

Criminal Mischief: 10th St – Three juvenile males entered a house under construction and spray-painted on several walls and windows. All three juveniles and their parents have been contacted and further follow-up with the home builder is pending.

August 23 – 29

Monday, August 23

Felony Warrant Arrest / Violation of Protection Order / Possession of a Financial Device: Victoria St.  – Female was arrested on a felony LCSO check fraud warrant. She attempted to run when she saw deputies and was found hiding in a vehicle in the garage. A male, whom the female was restrained from, was found inside the home and also arrested. Multiple credit/debit cards were found in his wallet after his arrest. Both were booked at the Larimer County Jail.

Mail Theft: Windom Peak Ln. – A resident reported his mail was most likely stolen within the last six days.  He received notification a package was delivered Saturday, but he could not find it today.  His wife’s debit card may have also been stolen.

Tuesday, August 24

Warrant / Criminal Impersonation: 10th St. / Mountain Ave. – Male was contacted in a vehicle with no plates, he provided a fake name to avoid warrants. Booked into the Larimer County Jail.

Cold Burglary / Theft: 2nd St. – Male reported his storage unit was broken unto. Unknown items were stolen.

Eviction: North Berthoud Pkwy. – Male was evicted from an apartment, left behind several items which were logged into the Larimer County Sheriff’s Office for safekeeping.

Wednesday, August 25

Felony Warrant Arrest: 1st & Mountain Ave.  – Male booked in at the Larimer County Jail for a Felony Warrant.

Vehicle Theft: Ole Bessie Dr. – Locked 2007 Ford F-350 work truck was stolen from a construction site. Broken glass was located on the ground where the truck had been parked.

Careless Driving / Motor Vehicle Accident: North Berthoud Pkwy. / CR 10E – Male driver ran over a stop sign at this intersection. Summons issued for careless driving.

Felony Warrant Arrest: North Berthoud Pkwy. – Male was arrested for his Felony Warrant and booked at the Larimer County Jail.

Thursday, August 26

Motor Vehicle Accident: Berthoud Pkwy. / Crestridge Dr. – Female was sitting on her skateboard at this intersection when a car cut the corner short and ran over the edge of the skateboard. At this point, the driver has not been able to be contacted.

Motor Vehicle Accident: Berthoud Pkwy.  / Grand Market Ave. – A box truck failed to yield the right of way to another vehicle, causing the second vehicle to swerve and strike the curb. The box truck fled the scene. No injuries.

Criminal Mischief: Bunyan Ave. – Unknown suspect drilled the locks at a business and pried the point of sale kiosk. Entry was not gained.

Friday, August 27

Scam: W CR 14 – A male reported an attempt to be scammed out of $300 after receiving a phone call from an individual reporting to be from Xcel Energy. The resident stated the male told him if he did not provide a $300 payment via a Greendot card, his electricity would be shut off. The resident then contacted Xcel customer service who informed him that his account had no such outstanding bill.

Saturday, August 28

Felony Eluding / Driving Under Restraint / Wanted Subject: CR 15C – A gray Honda with a blacked-out hood and front bumper was observed parked on the side of the road, halfway in the street. The windows had condensation and the driver was laying down in the driver’s seat and appeared under the influence. Upon trying to contact the driver, he took off in the vehicle. A pursuit was initiated traveling east and south into Weld County and was ultimately terminated in Mead for public safety.

Suspicious Circumstance: Meadowlark Dr. – A female was contacted in a parking lot after hours, sleeping on the ground.  She was given a warning to pick up her trash and she left the property.

Criminal Mischief: Wagon Bend Rd. – A model home, a sign for the neighborhood, and electrical boxes were shot with paintballs. Unknown suspects.

Sunday, August 29

Follow Up from Pursuit: A male involved in the above pursuit was contacted and arrested by Lone Tree Police Department, after he was involved in another pursuit with them, including ramming a patrol car. The Male was arrested for multiple felony and misdemeanor charges, including three warrants. More charges may be forthcoming. 

Felony Warrant / Misdemeanor Warrant Arrest: 9th St. – Male was contacted and found to have two outstanding warrants for his arrest. He was booked at the Larimer County Jail.

August 30 – 31

Monday, August 30

Vehicle Trespass: Mount Meeker Ave. – A work truck was entered and several thousand dollars’ worth of tools were removed.

Vehicle Trespass: Exeter St. – An unlocked vehicle was entered. Minor items of value were removed.

Vehicle Trespass: E Iowa Ave. – Two unlocked vehicles at separate residences were entered and rummaged through. Keys and other items of minor value were removed.

Theft: Bunyan Ave. – Two large shade sails were stolen from the business over the weekend. No video was available in the area.

Tuesday, August 31

Recovered Stolen Vehicle: Ole Bessie Dr., BER – BCSO Deputies located the stolen vehicle in Lafayette, Colorado. Items inside the vehicle that were stolen are still outstanding.

Vehicle Trespass: Bristlecone Ct. – Resident reported two vehicles that were left unlocked were entered. Credit cards taken from one were used at a Loveland Walmart and King-Soopers for $2,770.41. Credit cards were canceled and the bank has taken care of the charges.

Domestic Violence/ Harassment / Criminal Tampering: 4th St. – Male held down female after throwing her phone.


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