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Sunday, July 25, 2021

Berthoud Police Blotter: July 2021





July 1 -11

Thursday, July 1

Mental Health Hold: Burbank St. – Male made comments about hurting or killing himself. He was voluntarily transported by EMS to the hospital for a mental health hold.

Found Property: Torreys Peak Ln. – Two backpacks found by a citizen in a grassy area.

Hit and Run: Turner Ave. – Semi-Truck hit the reporting party’s parked vehicle and left the scene. Waiting for surveillance video for more information.

Warrant Arrest: Mountain Ave. – Male was arrested on an outstanding Misdemeanor and Felony warrant.

Fictitious Plates: E HWY 56 – A parked vehicle was contacted in a parking lot with plates not registered to the car they were affixed to. Plates were seized for return to the Department of Motor Vehicles.

Friday, July 2

Forgery / Theft: Meadowlark Dr. – An unidentified male passed a fake $20 at a business. He was driving a 1991 teal Honda and an unidentified male and female were also in the car. Waiting for video footage.

Verbal Disturbance: Tabor St. – Verbal disturbance between the landlord and tenant.
Verbal Disturbance: Country Road Trl. – A woman reported she was receiving harassing texts.
Saturday, July 3

Mental Health Hold: Grand Market Ave. – Male was having suicidal thoughts. He was taken to the hospital by deputies and placed on a mental health hold.Sunday, July 4

Third-Degree Assault / Menacing / Domestic Violence: 2nd St. – Male menaced and assaulted his wife. When asked if he had any weapons, the male ripped a folding knife out of his pocket and slammed it on the table, cursed, then faced off with a deputy. The male was placed on the ground and detained. Medical personnel cleared the male on the scene after he complained of arm and back pain. The male was booked in at the Larimer County Jail. Victim advocates responded to assist the wife.

Possession of Controlled Substances: Breckenridge Dr. – A male was contacted after a verbal disturbance and had less than 4 grams of methamphetamine on his person. Summonsed and released.

Monday, July 5

Sex Assault / Assist to Department of Human Services: Preserve Dr. – A juvenile reported to her mother that she was sexually assaulted by her father some years ago. The victim is separated and safe. The Investigations Unit was notified.

Missing Adult: Franklin Ave. – A male was called in as missing. Entered as missing and a Be On the Lookout (BOLO) was sent to Larimer County and surrounding agencies.

Tuesday, July 6

First-Degree Trespass / Theft / Criminal Mischief: W CR 8 – A male reported that an unknown person entered a business parking lot sometime between 070221 and 070621, entered a new boat, and stole the radio from the boat, cutting multiple wires and harnesses in the process. No suspects, video surveillance to be collected and Crime Scene Investigations responded to assist in processing the boat.

Illegal Dumping: Mountain Ave. – An unknown male in a white truck illegally dumped concrete and air conditioning units into a business dumpster.

Returning Missing Person / Warrant Arrest x2: Franklin Ave. – A male was located after called in as missing. He was taken into custody on warrants for sex assault on a child that he had been on the run from since 2013.

Harassment / Possible Restraining Order Violation: Megan Cir. – A resident reported that an unknown suspect created a fake Instagram and porn star page using her name. A possible suspect is currently being investigated.

Wednesday, July 7

Missing Adult: E CR 4 – Adult male was reported to have not contacted his mother since 061021 which is highly unusual. The male is homeless and his wallet with money was found by Fort Collins Police Services a couple of weeks ago. Male entered as missing.

Harassment: Ranchhand Dr. – A resident reported the suspect from a prior sexual assault which occurred in 2014 in Las Vegas has contacted her and is harassing her. The suspect is still unknown at this time. The Investigation Unit was notified.

Suicide Attempt / Mental Health Hold: Colorado Ave. – An adult female took pills in a suicide attempt. The female kicked a firefighter and medic but they declined to press charges. No injuries to firemen, medics, or deputies. The female was placed on a mental health hold at the hospital.

Suicide Attempt / Mental Health Hold: Rosewood Dr. – A male was placed on a mental health hold after attempting to overdose and taken to the hospital.

Warrant Arrest: E Hwy 56 – A male was contacted and found to have an outstanding Misdemeanor warrant. Booked into the Larimer County Jail.

Thursday, July 8

Motor Vehicle Accident: 5th St./Bimson Ave. – A citizen called in and stated someone had witnessed a white truck hit his vehicle causing damage to his mirror. Witnesses stated the driver of the white truck attempted to locate him but was unable to and had taken a picture of his vehicle before leaving the area.

Fraud: Mountain Ave.- A citizen called in and reported somebody has been using fraudulent checks with her bank account information. Investigation is ongoing.

 Friday, July 9

Mental Health Hold: Turner Ave – Female was having a manic episode and walked into a neighbor’s house. She made nonsensical statements and requested a Mental Health Evaluation. She was taken to the hospital for a mental health hold.

Third-Degree Assault / Domestic Violence: Meadow Lark Dr. – A male pushed his wife down causing an abrasion and bruising. Booked at the Larimer County Jail for charges of Third Degree Assault and Domestic Violence.

Mental Health Hold: W Mountain Ave. – A male initially called dispatch for help with his drinking. The male would not exit his camper for over 15 minutes and when he finally came out, he refused to speak and would only nod his head and slap himself. It was reported that the male had been drinking non-stop for the past two days and was not eating. The male was transported by EMS to the hospital and placed on a mental health hold.

Saturday, July 10

Felony Warrant Arrest: Woodcock St. – Male arrested for outstanding Felony Warrant and booked at the Larimer County Jail.

Sunday, July 11

Finished a week-long security assignment for the TPC Korn Ferry Tournament at TPC Colorado.

July 12 – 18

Monday, July 12

Driving Under the Influence: 2nd St. – A male was contacted passed out behind the wheel and taken to hospital. Issued a summons for Driving Under the Influence.

Tuesday, July 13

Felony Warrant x 2: Meadowlark Dr. – A male was contacted and booked on warrants out of Broomfield.

Misdemeanor Warrant: N. 2nd St. – Male was contacted trespassing and found to have a misdemeanor warrant. Booked at the Larimer County Jail

Wednesday, July 14

Returned Runaway: Hwy. 287 / Berthoud Pkwy. – A 13-year-old runaway was found at this intersection and determined to be a runaway out of the Loveland Police Department (LPD) since 07/13/21. Juvenile safely was returned to parent and LPD was notified.

Criminal Mischief / Theft / Hate Crime: Glacier Ave. – A resident reported an unknown suspect vandalized their home two times over the weekend. The suspects threw feces on the front door and wall one day and then on Sunday stole the pride flag and put up a Trump flag. Possible footage from neighbors that are looking to see if cameras caught the suspects. No other homes were damaged.

Sexual Extortion: Berthoud – A 14-year-old male was contacted by an unknown female suspect and video chat nude with her. The suspect took a video and used it to extort money from the 14-year-old. Investigations notified.

Thursday, July 15

Felony Warrant Arrest: 7th St. – A female was contacted during a family problem call and found to have an outstanding felony warrant. She was booked in at the Larimer County Jail.

Third-Degree Assault: Welch Ave. – Two individuals were involved in a physical altercation. Due to inconsistent stories between the parties involved and witnesses on the scene, charges were not pursued at the time of the call. Video footage is to be collected and further follow-up is to be conducted.

Friday, July 16

Theft of Mail: E CR 4 – A resident reported mail from 071021 – 071521 was missing from his mailbox. This mail included a pair of sunglasses and a 2022 license plate tab. The registration tabs were entered as stolen.

Theft / Follow-Up: Glacier Ave. – The suspect from a prior case on 071421 came back to the residence during the night and stole a yard sign. The suspect appears to be targeting this home and family. The victim put up a ring doorbell camera after the last hate crime incident but it did not catch anything during this incident.

Harassment / Hate Crime: Berthoud – A 15-year-old was contacted by another juvenile via phone and the juvenile suspect left a voicemail using homophobic slurs and threatening to shoot the victim and made statements that the victim should commit suicide. The suspect is in the process of being identified. The Victim Response Team contacted the mother of the victim at her request.

Motor Vehicle Accident: Mountain Ave. / 4th St. – Driver struck the vehicle of another driver when pulling away from a parking spot, no injuries. The at-fault driver was summonsed.

The bike patrol unit conducted patrol throughout town, focusing on areas with recent hate crime activity. The midnight shift then conducted extra patrols in this area.

Saturday, July 17

Vehicle Trespass x 3: Skimmer St. – Three vehicles were broken into. One vehicle had a window broken to gain entry, the other two were unlocked. $1,000 worth of tools stolen in a black/brown tool bag. The vehicles were processed for evidence, and video footage of the suspects was collected.

Attempted Burglary: Skimmer St. – An unknown suspect attempted to enter the garage door at the residence. Photos were taken of the tool marks.

Vehicle Trespass: Wigeon Dr. / Murrlet St. – A work vehicle had its window broken and was entered. The vehicle was processed for evidence.

Vehicle Trespass: Means Ln. – Another work vehicle was entered by a suspect, breaking a window. A backpack with nothing inside was stolen. The suspect vehicle is a four-door silver sedan with silver rims, possibly a 2007-2012 silver or gray Nissan Altima.

Driving Under the Influence: 5th Welch Ave. – A female driver was contacted driving under the influence due to a REDDI (Report Every Drunk Driver Immediately) Report. Booked at the Larimer County Jail.

Disturbance / Driving Under the Influence: 3rd St./Mountain Ave. – A male was contacted as the driver of a vehicle involved in a disturbance. The driver completed and failed voluntary roadside maneuvers. He was booked at the Larimer County Jail.

Sunday, July 18

Hate Crime Follow-Up: Interviews were conducted in regards to the two recent hate crimes in the town. Both cases were found to be committed by the same suspects. Two 16-year-olds and two 14-year-olds were charged accordingly. Two of the juveniles also confessed to cutting down two trees at the park off Gateway Park Blvd. in Berthoud and were charged for that crime. All the juveniles were released to their parents with summonses.

Motor Vehicle Accident: N. Berthoud Pkwy / Mountain Ave. – A male driver was hit by another vehicle. No injuries and a citation was issued to the at-fault driver.


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