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Friday, June 21, 2024

Berthoud Police Blotter: June 2021

June 1 – 6

Tuesday, June 1

Felony Warrant Arrest / Resisting Arrest / Impersonation: W CR 8 / Hwy 287- Male was contacted on a welfare check and provided a false name and his identity was confirmed later after he walked away. Located at Meadowlark Dr hours later and attempted to flee. Deputies apprehended the suspect and took him into custody. Booked on the warrant and summons issued for other charges. 

Wednesday, June 2

Disturbance: S.8th Street, during a child exchange a woman and her ex-husband got into a verbal disturbance in front of her home.  Both parties were counseled about co-parenting.

Thursday, June 3

Fatal Motor Vehicle Accident: HWY287/Berthoud Pkwy. – Deputies and the CRASH Team responded to a three-car motor vehicle accident at the above intersection that resulted in one fatality.  Victim advocates responded to assist with witnesses and involved parties.

Warrant Arrest: 2nd St. – Warrant arrest

Friday, June 4

Family Problems: 1st St. – Family problem call led to a mental health escort to the hospital.

Cold Theft: Westport Ave.- $1,000 worth of siding materials were stolen from a construction site. No suspects at this time; however, video surveillance will be reviewed.

Saturday, June 5

Motor Vehicle Accident: Mountain Ave. – Female reported that another driver backed into her vehicle in a parking lot, causing minor damage. Independent witness verified the sequence of events.

Motor Vehicle Accident: County Road 8.- Female was cited for improper left turn resulting in an accident.

Driving Under the Influence / Leaving the Scene of an Accident: County Road 14 – Driver swerved to miss hitting a deer and crashed into a ditch. The driver then left the scene and later drove back in a different vehicle. Found to be driving under the influence and booked.

Displaying Fictitious Plates: HWY 287 – Male summons for displaying plates on a vehicle that were not registered to that vehicle. Plates were seized and returned to the Department of Motor Vehicles. 

Sunday, June 6

Violation of Protection Order: Berthoud – Male contacted female several times, violating several protection orders. Warrant for arrest sought.

June 7 -13

Monday, June 7

Restraining Order Violation: W CR 14 –  Male contacted a female party, with whom he is restrained from.  A warrant was issued for the male. 

Tuesday, June 8

Vehicular Eluding: Berthoud Pkwy/CR 4E – Deputy attempted to stop a white Chrysler 300 with unreadable out-of-state plates for speeding 20+ over and equipment violations.  The vehicle fled and was pursued, but deputies were unable to get it stopped due to dusty road conditions and positioning. The pursuit was terminated for public safety heading south out of the County and Berthoud area. The vehicle was driven by an unknown white male. 

Wednesday, June 9

Motor Vehicle Accident: N Berthoud Pkwy, – Male driver was issued a summons for Reckless Driving while trying to pass another vehicle illegally on the left and striking the other vehicle.  

Thursday, June 10

Theft: 2nd St. – Juvenile reported his AirPods and gold chain necklace were taken while he was skateboarding. The suspect was described as a 40’s-50’s year old, white, male, who was walking around using only one crutch. 

Domestic Violence / Third-Degree Assault:  Longs Peak Ave. – Male shoved his girlfriend into a door causing a head injury during a break-up argument. Booked at the Larimer County Jail.

Friday, June 11

Cold Theft: Aspen Dr. –  Theft of approximately $75 worth of diesel fuel from a vehicle. Unknown suspect.

Saturday, June 12

Violation of Protection Order / Expired Plates: 2nd St/ Versaw Ct.  – Male driver was contacted for having expired plates and found to be restrained from the passenger.  Booked into the Larimer County Jail.

Sunday, June 13

Felony Warrant Arrest / Driving Under Revocation: TPC Parkway / Heron Lakes Parkway – Male was contacted fishing at TPC. Found to have a felony warrant and admitted to driving while under revocation.

Suspicious Circumstances / Possibly Burglary: Mountain Ave –  Open main door with signs of forced entry on business. The building was cleared with nothing out of place.

Family Problems / Disturbance: Bruce Dr.  – A female and male were involved in a disturbance that was initially reported as physical. Conflicting stories and lack of physical evidence to substantiate criminal charges against either party led to an impromptu civil standby for the male to collect his belongings and leave for the night and was given a courtesy ride.

Failure to Report an Accident: CR 8 – Male drove his vehicle off the road, through a wire fence, and into a hayfield. The driver did not immediately report the accident & was summonsed.

June 14-20

Monday, June 14

Suspicious Circumstances/ Possible Burglary / Trespass: Loves Travel Center – During extra checks at the Love’s Travel Center, staff reported a male wearing a plaid shirt had been entering several semi-cabs. A modular home trailer that was thought to contain the suspect was entered and cleared. Trespass substantiated, no subject at this time.

Tuesday, June 15

Warrant: Meadowlark Dr . – Male taken into custody on a felony warrant and booked at the Larimer County Jail.

Motor Vehicle Theft: 13th St.- Male reported his 2001 Ford F250 Super Duty truck stolen out of his driveway. White in Color with a camper shell. The truck was entered as stolen and a Be On the Lookout was sent out to surrounding agencies.

Motor Vehicle Accident / Careless Driving: Hwy 287 – Single vehicle rollover with a minor injury. The driver was issued a ticket for careless driving.

Motor Vehicle Accident / Hit & Run: Mountain Ave. – Hit and run of a parked car in a parking lot. Unknown suspect vehicle.

Wednesday, June 16

Suspicious Circumstances: Grand Market Ave. / Berthoud Parkway – A jogger found a pair of heels with what looked like blood on them by the road. Blood tests were used to confirm it was not blood and a drone was used to search the nearby field but no one was located.

Sexual Assault of a Child: Berthoud – The Larimer County Sheriff’s Office received a Safe2Tell report alleging an inappropriate sexual relationship between a teacher and student at Turner Middle School in Berthoud. The alleged crimes began in March of this year and occurred both at and away from the school. Investigators executed a search and arrest warrant, and the teacher was taken into custody without incident.

Driving Under the Influence: CR 10E / Barela Dr. – Female was contacted after being called in as a Report Every Drunk Driver Immediately (REDDI) Report. Booked at the Larimer County Jail.

Warrant Arrest x 2: 2nd St/Welch Ave. – Male booked on his two warrants. Proof of service issued for a canceled license.

Motor Vehicle Accident / Hit and Run: 4th St. – A vehicle struck a parked car which pushed it into another parked car. The suspect fled before the arrival of deputies.

 Thursday, June 17

Fraud / Forgery: Mountain Ave. – Bank reported that a male attempted to cash a check that was stolen from a mailbox. The investigation is ongoing.

Friday, June 18

Vehicle Eluding / Driving Under the Influence / Unlawful Possession of a Controlled Substance / Recovery of Stolen Firearm: S. Hwy 287 / W CR6 – A traffic stop was initiated on a vehicle for speeding 99 in 65 mph zone. The vehicle fled until it turned into a driveway on White Water Court and stopped. Two individuals were taken into custody. 3.75 grams of Cocaine was located on one individual, and both were under the influence of drugs and alcohol. A pistol stolen from Longmont was located in the vehicle. Both individuals were booked at the Larimer County Jail.

Saturday, June 19

Restraining Order Violation Follow-Up: Capitol Ave. – A male was contacted and taken into custody for a previous restraining order violation.

Unlawful Possession of a Schedule II Controlled Substance (x2) & Schedule I Controlled Substance / Violation of a Protection Order: Mountain Ave./1st St. – Vehicle was contacted on a traffic stop for speeding. A search subsequent to a K9 alert yielded a total of 4.71g of methamphetamine, 2.12g of heroin, and 4.73g of Adderall. The male driver was charged with two misdemeanor counts and one felony count of unlawful possession of controlled substances. The passenger was charged with one count misdemeanor unlawful possession of controlled substances. Both parties had protection orders prohibiting the possession of controlled substances. Booked

Sunday, June 20

Road Rage / Criminal Mischief: Hwy 287 / W CR 8 – Two vehicles were involved in a road rage incident. One driver was angry at the other driver’s driving and punched the passenger window, shattering it. Issued a summons for criminal mischief.

Construction Site Theft / Driving Under Suspension / Possession of Drug Paraphernalia: Grand Market Ave. / Prairie Star Dr. – A male was called in for stealing lumber at a home under construction. Deputy located the male after the lumber spilled out of the back of the pickup. A vehicle search after a positive K9 indication resulting in the discovery of drug paraphernalia. Lumber delivered back to the victim using the streets department’s help. Male issued a summons for Theft, Driving Under Suspension, and Possession of Drug Paraphernalia.

June 21 – 30

Monday, June 21

Speeding / Vehicular Eluding: Highway 287 / CR 6 – Vehicle was clocked speeding on northbound 287 at the county line. Attempted to stop the vehicle at CR6/Hwy 287 when it rapidly accelerated, and after a short distance, the pursuit was terminated due to the speed and public safety.

Vehicular Eluding: W CR 6/S Hwy 287 – A vehicle was observed speeding and weaving. The vehicle immediately fled upon an attempted stop. The pursuit was terminated due to public safety.

Tuesday, June 22

Stolen Vehicle Recovery / Stolen Vehicle: Bronco Ct. – A resident reported a vehicle abandoned and blocking her driveway. The vehicle was stolen out of Aurora. The vehicle was processed and towed. While collecting video footage on a neighborhood canvas it was discovered that a neighbor’s vehicle had been stolen from their driveway at 336 Bronco Ct. The vehicle was entered as stolen and a Be On the Lookout was sent out to surrounding agencies.

Driving Under the Influence: S Berthoud Pkwy/Spartan Av. – A vehicle was stopped for traffic infractions and the driver failed roadside sobriety tests. Booked at the Larimer County Jail.

Wednesday, June 23

Shoplifting / Felony Possession of Drugs: 3800 E. Hwy 56, a man was seen taking several electronic items out of the store without paying for them. Deputies located the suspect with the stolen items. He was also found to have illegal drugs in his possession. Booked in Weld County Jail.

Warrant Arrest: Blue Mountain Ave – Deputies responded to a 911 hangup from a 911 only phone at this residence. A male was contacted on the back porch and arrested for a misdemeanor warrant.

Suspicious Circumstance / Possible Criminal Mischief: Urban Pl. – A man reported his truck was parked by North Prairie Star and had a broken passenger side window, nothing reported missing.

Criminal Mischief / Theft: 2nd St. – A common mailbox was pried into some time this weekend. Pry mark evidence was collected by the evidence tech team. No leads or suspects at this time.

Burglary / Theft: S 1st St. – A man broke into his neighbor’s storage unit and connected to electrical services. The man refused to answer the door. Warrant forthcoming.

Attempted Theft of Automobile Parts: E. Nebraska Ave. – A female reported that she saw three Hispanic males in their early 20’s underneath her son’s vehicle. The individuals had hand tools and what appeared to be a drill. CINDI scared the individuals off before they could steal anything. The suspect vehicle is a white 4 door sedan. The initial canvas revealed no cameras in the immediate area.

 Thursday, June 24

Aggravated Motor Vehicle Theft: Mount Massive St. – A female reported her 2004 silver Lexus R330 was stolen from her driveway overnight.

Vehicle Trespass: Breckenridge Ct. – Two vehicles were entered and items were stolen. The suspects used a debit card at the Loves. They were also observed in the stolen Lexis RX300 from Berthoud.

Warrant Arrest x 2: Meadow Lark Dr. – Female arrested and booked for two outstanding warrants.

Friday, June 25

Unlawful Possession of a Schedule II Controlled Substance / Fictitious Plate/ Unlawful Possession of Drug Paraphernalia / Warrant Arrest x2: CR 8/Gateway Park Blvd. – Male was stopped for traffic offenses. Upon contact, plain view paraphernalia was observed. A search of the vehicle yielded user amounts of meth and fentanyl. The driver admitted to possession of all substances and was arrested on warrants. The passenger was found to be in possession of distribution materials; he admitted to unlawfully distributing marijuana and was cited for paraphernalia.

Cold Theft: West CR 10 – A male reported his rear license plate was missing and possibly stolen.

Theft of Mail: Burbank St. – Informant reported that her mail and her neighbor’s mail were stolen from their mailboxes. Video surveillance of the suspect provided to the deputy.

Saturday, June 26

Mental Health Hold: 3800 E. Hwy 56 – A woman was called in by staff for yelling at customers and saying she wanted to shoot cops. A contact team was formed and a drone was used to keep visual. De-escalation was attempted but the female ran and was safely taken into protective custody a short time later. The female was transported to the hospital for a mental health hold. Special thanks to Weld CSP who offered their assistance immediately after hearing the call and assisted with the contact team.

Sunday, June 27

Driving Under the Influence: 1st St / West CR 10E – Vehicle stopped for traffic infractions, leading to charges of Driving Under the Influence (DUI).

Monday, June 28

Driving Under the Influence: S. 5th St. / Colorado Ave. – A male driver was contacted for a traffic infraction and did not complete voluntary roadside maneuvers in a manner consistent with a sober driver. Booked uncooperative at the Larimer County Jail.

Motor Vehicle Accident: E CR 10 / 1st St. – Non-injury motor vehicle accident. The at-fault driver was issued a summons for careless driving and driving without insurance.

Tuesday, June 29

Driving Under the Influence / Hit and Run: N. Berthoud Pkwy. – A male driver backed into another vehicle and left the scene driving carelessly. Contacted by deputies and the male did not complete voluntary roadside maneuvers in a manner consistent with a sober driver. Booked uncooperative at the Larimer County Jail.

Wednesday, June 30

Citizen Assist: Mountain Ave. – Report of a dog locked in a vehicle with windows slightly ajar. Deputy responded and located the owner, who advised they will take the dog home.

Family Problems: Hollyberry St. – Father reported that his daughter was being harassed by her ex-boyfriend. He stated they woke up that morning with a traffic cone on his roof. Deputies contacted ex-boyfriend, who admitted to throwing the cone on the roof as a joke. The ex-boyfriend was scolded for his bad joke and was advised to leave the residents alone.

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