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Wednesday, June 12, 2024

Berthoud Police Blotter: November 2019

November 1-3

Friday, November 1

Neighbor Problem: 7th Street, a resident reported yesterday a friend knocked on the upstairs apartment door by accident instead of his door (downstairs). The neighbor called his friend names, and then went out with a camera and videotaped his kids in the car.

Saturday, November 2

DUI / Violation of Bond Conditions / Violation of Protection Order: N. Berthoud Parkway & Hwy 287, a 25-year-old Greeley woman called to report that a male passenger in her vehicle had stolen money from her and that she was waiting for Deputies to respond. Unable to substantiate the theft; however, we were able to substantiate the DUI, violation of protection order and violation of bond conditions with the driver. New idea! When you are breaking the law, call us for your friend so we respond. We will take it from there.

Sunday, November 3

Assist Other Agency / Assault / Domestic Violence: Sioux Drive, Westminster Police requested assistance in arresting a 30-year-old Berthoud man on felony domestic violence charges. 

November 4-10

Monday, November 4

Burglary / Felony Theft / Possession Burglary Tools / False Information to Pawnbroker: Berthoud Area, two Loveland men are suspects in multiple construction trailer break-ins, theft of construction equipment, trailers, and diesel fuel. Charges filed which cleared up 10 theft cases.

Juvenile Problem: Massachusetts Ave, a juvenile male student was attempting to upload a questionable video to YouTube through his School District Account. Homework? I think not!

Burglary: Bunyan Ave, Derby employees arrived to find cash register drawers empty outside the rear entrance. Video surveillance shows a masked male entering and leaving with two cash drawers. It was not the Lone Ranger.

Driving Under Revocation (DUR) / Habitual Traffic Offender (HTO) / Speeding: 1st St. and Bunyan Ave., a 28-year-old Longmont man was contacted for speeding. He was revoked HTO with 10 actives restraints. Booked. Some never learn and will continue to put us in danger on our streets.

Tuesday, November 5

Vehicle Crash / Non-Injury: Loves Travel Center, 2 semis were heading to the fuel pumps but one of the drivers saw an open pump on the other side and turned into the other semi.

Wednesday, November 6

Vehicle Crash / Non-Injury / Failed to Yield Right of Way: E Hwy 56 and I-25, a driver was traveling east on Highway 56. Another driver made a left turn onto Highway 56 from the Northbound I-25 off-ramp and collided with the first driver’s work van.

Vehicle Crash / Non-Injury: Berthoud Parkway and Grand Market Ave, 2 vehicles were introduced to each other in the roundabout northbound. 

Thursday, November 7

Vehicle Crash / Non-Injury: 10th St a driver backed into another vehicle in the parking lot at this location. 

Possible Stolen Vehicle: 2nd Street, Weld County Sheriff towed an abandoned trailer in their jurisdiction. A friend of the owner contacted them after they got the letter about it being abandoned at the tow yard and now wanted it reported as stolen from July of 2018. It appears it may have been a misunderstanding / civil issue.

Vehicle Crash / Non-Injury: W CR8 / N. Hwy 287, a driver was travelling eastbound on west county road 8. She stopped at the red light at west county road 8 and north highway 287 behind another vehicle. She looked down to change her music and believed the front car had started moving forward through a green light and looked up to see that it was still stopped at the red light; just before colliding with the rear of that vehicle. 

2nd Degree Burglary / Theft: 2nd Street, burglary occurred at a marijuana dispensary. Three males in masks broke a window and entered a storage area of the business, before breaking through drywall and entering the main lobby. Suspects were able to gain entry to an area with merchandise by climbing over a wall. Suspects broke several glass display cases and stole marijuana paraphernalia and various marijuana product. Crime Lab responded and processed the scene for evidence. If they put that much effort in a real job, they could have bought all this stuff.

Friday, November 8

Vehicle Crash w/Injury:

2300 block SE Frontage Road, while CSP was handling their 4th crash at MM250 on I-25. A separate four vehicle crash, which also involved a tow truck, occurred on the frontage road. One driver sustained a broken nose and possible other injuries and was transported to the hospital.

Missing Juvenile: Mt. Massive Street, reported that her 11-year-old grandson went outside to play and now they can’t find him. Deputies searched the parks and school playgrounds as well as the house. He was eventually found at a neighbor’s house.  

Unlawful Sexual Contact: Franklin Ave. reported that another resident touched her inner thigh, where a staff member also saw this happen. To be screened by the DA.

Saturday, November 9

Family Problem: McKee Hospital, a father wanted a check on his 9-year-old son. He was supposed to have the child from Friday – Sunday. He received a text from the child’s mom last night saying his son was going to the hospital. Son was being attended to at the hospital along with mom.

Sunday, November 10

Suicidal Subject / Mental Health Hold: Love’s Travel Center, a 45-year-old man was contacted after calling 911 and asking for help; before hanging up on Weld County Dispatchers. The man was parked in the middle of the parking lot, blocking through traffic and several parking spots. The man only spoke Spanish and would not speak to Deputies. A Spanish speaking Colorado State Patrol Trooper responded and spoke with the man; who demanded a plane ticket to Honduras and a security escort to the airport in Denver. The man said that he would drive his vehicle into traffic and crash, in order to kill himself, if his demands were not met. After multiple attempts to get the man to exit the vehicle, a vehicle pinch (blocked) was conducted, and the man was removed from the vehicle. He was transported to the hospital and placed on a Mental Health hold. 

November 11- 17

Monday, November 11    Thank you to our Veterans!

Theft: Mountain Ave, a juvenile male was caught shoplifting at Hay’s Market. He was issued a summons, Trespassed from Hays, and returned to Berthoud High School.

Vehicle Crash / Non-Injury: Bunyan Ave and 2nd St, a driver performed an illegal U-turn in the intersection and hit another vehicle. Citation for unsafe U-turn. both vehicles towed due to damage. 

Tuesday, November 12

Assist to Berthoud Fire: Welch Avenue, a fire was reported in this residence with lots of smoke. Fire was caused by an extension cord, according the fire department.

Wednesday, November 13

Suspicious / Extra Patrol: Tabor Street, a resident reported suspicious man and woman associated with a white older model truck with faded “Knife River” printed on the side came to the door under suspicious reasons and drove by numerous times slowing and looking at the residence.

Burglary: Vantage Parkway, a home builder reported someone had broken into the house that was under construction and stole an HVAC unit.

Thursday, November 14

Fraud / Scam: 2nd Street, a resident just used a web site called Indeed.com looking for a job and was contacted via text by someone claiming to be with ReMax,” who sent an employment package with an $8000 check and instructions to put it in an account. The resident called ReMax, found it to be a hoax and not out any money. Deputy texted the number saying he was interested in the job, but they have not called back.

Verbal Disturbance: Franklin Avenue, two residents were in a verbal argument and one of the ladies made general threats.

Vehicle Crash / Non-Injury: 650 Block of Hwy 56, a driver heading west on Hwy 56, turned in front of a vehicle traveling east, causing an accident. The first driver was issued a citation for failing to yield right of way. 

Misdemeanor Warrant Arrest: 4th St. and Elm Dr., a 32-year-old man was contacted for a traffic violation and arrested on an outstanding warrant. Booked.

Friday, November 15

Juvenile Issue / Criminal Mischief: Pioneer Park- A juvenile male used sidewalk chalk to draw pentagrams and threats to a “Mr. Smith.” Damage was to parking stalls, sidewalk, basketball courts. The kid also used cattail fur to try and resemble an animal that was sacrificed in one of the symbols. Photos taken and SRO is assisting with ID of the suspect from video footage. It starts with the scarifying of cattails and soon moves up to the mutilation of chrysanthemums.

Family Problems: Wagon Bend Dr. a mom reported that her sons Logan Farner (10/05/00) and a 16-year-old, keep bringing Marijuana into the house and using it. Tonight, she took the marijuana to give to deputies but put it down and the 16-year-old took it back and refused to say what he did with it. Both the sons are extremely rude and disrespectful to LE and mom. In my day my grandfather would have slapped my mouth right off my face which I would have deserved. Here is a good case to bring back the woodshed.

Saturday, November 16

Criminal Mischief: Wagon Bend Road, a 16-year-old got into a verbal argument with his mother and damaged some property. The son was verbally uncooperative towards the end and was filming Deputy’s. He was issued a summons and later ripped it up and threw it away. Another case for going out to the woodshed.

Dog Bite: 5th Street, a 1-year-old female was bitten by her dog. The bite did not break the skin or cause injuries. The dog was surrendered to Longmont Humane Society as it was there for its checkup. Sad day

Family Problems: Mt. Meeker Avenue, a woman reported that her husband and their kids were in a disturbance.

Third Degree Assault: Bunyan Ave. a man was punched in the face by another man at the bar. The man was driven to the hospital for a large laceration on his face. The assaulter left the bar, and nobody knows who he is.

Sunday, November 17

Vehicle Crash / with Injury: CR 14 and Berthoud Parkway, a motorcycle rider crashed his motorcycle after hitting gravel and losing control. Suffered a possible broken collar bone but declined medical. No other vehicles were involved. 

Suspicious/Traffic Violations: Tabor St and Nicholson St, a man and woman were observed in a suspicious vehicle from a prior call on 11/13/19 in the same neighborhood. This is the second call we have had on these two going up to random homes offering services. The man claimed he works for a car dealership in Wyoming and was offering auto repair services.  The man was issued a summons.

Fraud: Tundra Av, a resident reported suspicious charges on his credit card. The card was used at gas stations in Colorado Springs and they may have video footage of the suspect where the purchases were made. Investigation continues.

November 18 – 24

Monday, November 18

Vehicle Crash / Non-Injury: Mountain Ave, two vehicle minor crash in the parking lot. No injuries both parties exchanged information. 

Assist to Longmont PD / Mental Health: Fickel Park, a 39-year-old man was called in by a friend that he was at a park in Berthoud. The man was contacted and distraught over a recent breakup.

Burglary/Theft: Berthoud Parkway & CR14, a contractor reported approximately $4,704.00 in tools were stolen from an enclosed trailer. The lock was found cut and the door was open. This is a complex of apartments under construction.

Tuesday, November 19

Vehicle Crash / Non-Injury: Hwy 287 and County Road 8, a driver rear ended another vehicle at this intersection. 

Trespass / Possible Attempted Burglary: Lene Lane, a resident’s mother emailed Deputies with the Berthoud Squad stating an unknown male suspect attempted to enter this home from the backyard by pushing on a door, while the owner and his wife were inside getting things ready for the move in.

Suspicious Circumstances: Mayo Court, a resident reported her son was on his way to school this morning at 8:00 and saw a man with an orange hoodie and blue jeans, looking into several backyards in this area. Orange and blue, we know this was not a Denver Bronco they could not have made this many yards.

Wednesday, November 20

Suspicious Circumstances: Spartan Avenue, 2 students reported to the SRO they watched someone walking around the parking lot looking in cars. SRO located a 15-year-old boy who was identified as the one looking in cars. He was found to have cigarettes on him and was issued a summons.

Stolen Motorcycle: Massachusetts Avenue, a resident received a ticket in the mail from E-470 Enforcement. He contacted the enforcement people and they said they have a photograph of someone riding his motorcycle “flipping off the camera”.

Thursday, November 21

Assist to CSP: Love’s Travel Center, a 46-year-old Loveland woman was contacted by CSP for walking on I-25 and given a ride to Love’s by Courtesy Patrol. The woman was advised to not walk on I-25. She has mental health issues and kept wanting to report a sexual assault back in 2014. After further investigation it was found to have already been reported with Wheat Ridge Police. The woman was given a ride back to the Johnson’s Corner where she is currently staying with permission from the pastor. She was advised to contact Wheat Ridge Police if she had further information on her assault. 

Found Property: Mountain Ave, a wallet, with cash was found by a customer in the parking lot and turned into the business here. It was logged at the Sheriff’s Office after contact with the owner was unsuccessful.

Harassment / Domestic Violence: 5th Street, a resident reported she has been receiving numerous text messages saying “I hope you die while in the hospital” from a former boyfriend. The ex-boyfriend was contacted and told to stop, at which point he turned his aggression and vulgarity towards the deputy. Further investigation will be conducted, and a warrant sought for the above charges. All he had to do was listen to the deputy but instead turned snarky so it will not work out in his favor. Deputies-1 / Snarky man-0

Theft: 2nd Street., a contractor reported that his generator was stolen from outside his trailer.

Friday, November 22

Crashes: Berthoud, handled several slide offs and crashes due to the icy road and driving too fast. Did I mention driving too fast?

DUI: 1st St / County Road 12, a 35-year-old woman was stopped for a traffic violation and found to intoxicated. Booked.

Saturday, November 23

family problems / assault 3rd / Harassment / Trespass: Greenwood Drive, a 15-year-old boy shoved mom and hit Step-father and then trespassed into renter’s room. The boy was transported to HUB. Boulder County was also notified as they had pending charges for the boy from last week.

Sunday, November 24

Due to early deadline for the Holiday there is no Sunday report. HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

November 24 – December 1

Sunday, November 24

Suspicious Circumstances: 4th Street, a Jeep keeps parking and hanging out on corner of her lot and will hang out here all night. Jeep is currently parked here and there are 3 younger males in the Jeep sitting there with car running. Contact was made and a citation was issued.

Assist to Mead PD: I-25 at Mile Marker 248: calls came in of a possible disturbance due to an accident and 2 men were throwing punches on side of interstate. One of the men died during this incident and Mead PD and State Patrol are investigating.

Motorist Assist: I-25 and Hwy 56, a vehicle had broken down and blocking the travel lane. Deputy pushed vehicle into Loves Travel Stop parking lot.

Monday, November 25

Assist Westminster PD / Child Abuse: Massachusetts, a juvenile student reported an incident involving their father that took place over the weekend in Westminster. Initial information was gathered, and Westminster PD was contacted and will continue to investigate.

Unlawful Sexual Contact: Mountain Av / 2nd St, a juvenile female reported to her mother near this intersection she was grabbed inappropriately by an unknown male suspect. Suspect described as white male, 40s, with a salt/pepper beard, beanie hat, dark shorter hair and was walking a black dog. Investigation’s Unit notified and will continue the investigation.

Assist to Medical: Auklet Drive, ambulance responded for a 56-year-old woman who was sick. The call taker said the female is heavily intoxicated and reported that she has been drinking and wants to be checked out. fire/ambulance requested deputies due to the female was crawling on the floor and was very dramatic. Transported to the hospital.

Tuesday, November 26

Vehicle Crash /Property Damage: 1400 Block 4th St., a driver backed into another vehicle while trying to pull onto 4th Street. The driver left the scene however he ultimately returned. Cited. 

Vehicle Crash /Property Damage: Weld CR7 and Weld CR42, a snowplow hit ice causing the blade to go into dirt, which forced it off the road. The truck landed on its side. No injuries to the driver.

Vehicle Crash / Hit and Run: Wagon Bend Road, a resident reported her vehicle was hit causing minor damage while parked on the street. Neighbor got photos of suspect vehicle and plate information. Suspect was identified and the investigation is ongoing. 

Wednesday, November 27

Theft/Trespass: 1st Street, a business reported $1,500 in copper and brass was stolen at 4:00 am on 11/25/19. Suspect was in a tan RV with an orange stripe and a black trailer. One of the males was observed wearing a letterman jacket with an “R” or “B” on it.

Employee Theft: 1st Street, a business reported that an employee quit and was asked to return his tools in October. The ex-employee has not returned them and kept the company credit card and has been making purchases on that card. Investigation continues.

Disorderly Conduct / Harassment: Franklin Avenue, a resident is a long-term patient here and her behavior is deteriorating. She claimed that the medical staff did not give her the medication that she is prescribed. She kicked a nurse in the shin and slapped a cup of water out of another nurse’s hand.

Thursday, November 28

Assist to Berthoud Fire: 4th Street, deputies assisted Berthoud fire and Loveland fire with a garage fire. close to the home. The fire department quickly extinguished it and nothing suspicious was observed by fire investigators. 

Friday, November 29

Crimes Against At-Risk Adult: Franklin Ave. it was reported of an incident where an outside agency nurse struck a patient they were moving and cut their hand while placing them into a bed. Patient was checked by medical staff and showed no other signs of injury. Waiting on additional information from the outside agency to interview suspect and witnesses.

Vehicle Crash / Careless Driving: 287 and Berthoud Pkwy, a driver slid through the left turn lanes and into traffic hitting another vehicle. Cited. 

Saturday, November 30

Felony DUI / Child Abuse X3 / Revoked Habitual Traffic Offender: Bunyan / 1st Street, a 27-year-old Berthoud man was called in as a drunk driver after a disturbance with three kids in his vehicle. He has a history of multiple DUI’s.

Warrant Arrest: Hwy 287 and Mountain Avenue, a 58-year-old Longmont woman was contacted during a traffic stop and found to have a warrant out for her arrest. Booked.

Sunday, December 1

Vehicle Fire: Gray Mountain Road, a report was received of a vehicle on fire at this location. Deputies got fire out with extinguishers.


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