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Friday, June 21, 2024

Berthoud Police Blotter: February/March 2015

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Provided By
James Anderson
Patrol Sergeant, Berthoud Squad

Sunday, February 1

Warrant Arrest: CR-8 & S Hwy 287, Longmont Police transported a 28 year old man who was arrested on a Larimer County warrant to Berthoud. Deputies took custody and transported the man to Jail.

Family Problems: 1000 block of Navajo Place, a woman called twice throughout the evening because her soon to be ex husband was intoxicated and being confrontational with her about her.

5 contacts, 1 warning, 4 citations

Monday February 2

Citizen Assist: Checked area of Hwy 56/I-25 for a 20-year-old missing man from Denver after a psychic told the family he would be found there. No sign of male,

Animal Call: 500 block of Bunyan Avenue, Berthoud Elementary School, a small dog was found on the playground at the elementary school. Dog was taken to Berthoud Town Hall and returned to owner.

3 contacts, 1 warning, 2 citations

Tuesday, February 3

Vehicle Accident: 1st Street and CR-10E, Due to icy conditions a driver heading north slid into the ditch with the back of his car sticking out in traffic. A teenage driver came over the hill and swerved to miss hitting the stuck car, she started to slide and hit another oncoming vehicle.

Assist to Boulder County Sheriff’s Office: Road Rage incident starting in Longmont continued North on 287 till one of the drivers pulled off at CR 2E and Hwy 287.

Vehicle Accident/Driving Under the Influence/Careless Driving/Paraphernalia: An off duty Longmont officer sees a vehicle go off the North side of the road in the 5100 block of S. Hwy 287. Vehicle continues into a field and continues to drive around. Driver and vehicle are contacted and the driver admits to marijuana use.

3 traffic contacts, 3 warnings

Wednesday, February 4

Juvenile Problem/Mental Health Hold: 900 block of Massachusetts Avenue, a special needs student got out of control again striking teachers, walls, and deputies.

Domestic Violence/Criminal Mischief/Obstruction: 300 block of Massachusetts Avenue, a 37 year old man called to say he wished to turn himself in on his pending charges. He was met at town hall and taken into custody.

6 traffic contacts, 3 warnings, 3 motorists assist

Thursday, February 5

Mental Health Hold/Family Problems: 500 block of Indiana Avenue, a daughter reported that her mother was hitting her last night and all day today. Daughter had bruises on her legs from being kicked by mom. After interviewing mom it is believed that she was possibly having a medical issue.

Suspicious Circumstances: 300 block of Victoria Street, a resident called to report suspicious behavior by her ex-boyfriend.

2 contacts, 1 warning, 1 citation

Friday, February 6

Assist to Berthoud Fire: While on Patrol near CR 10E and Hwy 287 a deputy noticed a wall of flames over the hill near the water tower. Berthoud brush trucks responded

Sunday, February 8

Juvenile Intervention: A mother requested that her 10-year-old son understands that his actions in class could get him in legal trouble. The ramifications of his actions were explained to him.

Suspicious Circumstances: 100 block of Welch Avenue, resident reported that an unknown individual placed glass shards under his political sign and he viewed it as a direct threat against him.

3 contacts, 3warnings

Monday, February 9

Suspicious Incident: 800 block of CR17, a resident reported that their shed had been entered and items taken. Investigation revealed that the only thing missing was her son’s belongings who had recently moved out of the house. She was not able to contact her son to confirm that he was the one that entered the shed.

Criminal Mischief: Gateway Park Neighborhood, Unknown person spray painted several electrical boxes, fences, and a bridge in the neighborhood at Mountain Ave and /CR 17. Any information would be appreciated.

Animal Call: 100 block of Welch Avenue, neighbor reports several pit bulls fighting in the front yard. Family discloses they have 6 pit bulls at the residence. They were educated on Berthoud Animal Code and given a week to get in compliance.

1 contact, 1warning

Tuesday, February 10

Theft: Clayton Place & CR 10E, a builder reported someone stole 840 sq feet (28 Sheets) metal siding from the job site.

Family Problems Assist: 800 block of 10th Street, brother and sister were involved in a verbal/physical altercation at their dad’s home over the theft of a cigarette from each other.

4 Contacts, 4 Verbal Warnings

Wednesday, February 11

Animal Complaint: 700 block of Gateway Park Lane, written warning given for a barking dog at this address after neighbor complaints.

Family Problems: 800 block of 10th Street, a father reported his 17 year old son was out of control and breaking into the house.

Teaching at Berthoud High: presented to an advance math class at Berthoud High School going over speed, velocity, and coefficient factors for calculating data from accidents.

Follow-Up Evidence Collection: Met with CSP Trooper Simpson to retrieve crash data from a vehicle accident in Berthoud.

Family Problems: 900 block of Kansas Ave. – a father called and reported that his 16 year old son was out of control. The juvenile was contacted and refused to speak with deputies.

Civil Papers Served

2 contacts, 2 warnings

Thursday, February 12

Identity Theft: 200 E Colorado, a resident reported that someone used her Wells Fargo Credit card online for over $3000.00.

Found Property: 300 block of Massachusetts Avenue, a black wallet was turned into Berthoud Town Hall.

Animal Complaint: 1100 block of Monroe Avenue, a written warning was given for a barking dog at this address after complaints by a neighbor.

Vehicle Accident: 800 block of Franklin Avenue, an employee was parked across the street from her work and when she went to leave she noticed a large dent and scratch along the passenger side of her vehicle.

11 contacts: 8 warnings, 3 citations

Friday, February 13

Juvenile Problem: 900 block of Massachusetts Avenue, a juvenile male was acting aggressive again and causing a disturbance.

DUI: Mountain Avenue and 2nd Street, a 43-year-old man was initially called in as a traffic complaint because he had parked his motorcycle on the sidewalk in front of a business. The reporting party called back to say that the man urinated on the sidewalk.

Assist to FBI: An FBI Agent asked if we could keep a vehicle he seized from a search warrant until he could take it down to Denver.

3 contacts, 2 warnings, 1 arrest

Saturday, February 14

DUI/Careless Driving/Violation Bail Bonds: CR-2E & CR-15: The off duty Berthoud sergeant observed a vehicle weaving all over and leaving the road multiple times. Vehicle contacted at CR-2E and CR15. A 44 year old female from Berthoud was highly intoxicated and was passive resistive. This female was on bond from another DUI arrest exactly 1 month earlier. Bond conditions stated no alcohol.

Found Property: Sioux Drive & 10th Street, two honest women were walking and located a crushed tin birthday holder case. Inside the case was over $160 in miscellaneous gift cards and $30 in cash. Deputy was able to track down the owner and the property returned to the owner. Small town with great people!

Ordinance Violation: 900 block of Kansas Ave: a resident was issued a written warning for ordinance violation for their illegally jacked camper on the street.

Assist to Medical: 5600 block of CR-8E: a 13 year old boy had a manic episode and became violent destroying his residence. The boy calmed down upon seeing the deputy.

Neighbor Problems: 1300 block of 4th Street, a resident called to report that her neighbor was accusing her of allowing his cat to get out of the apartment complex.

2 contact: 1 warning, 1 DUI arrest

Sunday, February 15

Warrant Arrest: Hwy 56 & Hwy 287. A 42-year-old man was contacted by Longmont PD who drove him up to us. The man was taken into custody on 2 warrants.

Criminal Mischief: 2400 block Omni Court, 3 individuals launched 18 eggs at a residence. Farm Fresh Eggs LARGE Grade AA container left at the scene of the crime. No unspent eggs. Charges are forthcoming.

Monday, February 16

Suspicious Circumstances Possible Sexual Assault: Planned Parenthood reported that a juvenile female reported to them that she was sexually assaulted.

Theft/Civil Issue: 700 block of Welch Avenue, a female called to report that her ex-boyfriend entered her residence and stole several thousands of dollars worth of equine dental equipment. After talking with both parties, it was determined that both parties purchased the equipment with a company bank account. It is unclear who has more rights to the property than the other. Case will be screened by the District Attorney’s Office.

Tuesday, February 17

Vehicle Accident: 1700 block of Exeter Street, a resident called to report that while he was on vacation someone backed into his truck that was parked on the street.

1 contacts, 1 warning

Wednesday, February 18

Juvenile Problem: Four kids walking home from school were messing around play fighting but a neighbor called in possible fight. No actual fighting took place.

Three contacts, 2 written parking warnings, 1 – 72 hour tag

Thursday, February 19

Three contacts, 2 warning, 1 citation

Friday, February 20

Harassment: 200 block of Victoria Street, a resident reported her friend’s husband made inappropriate sexual comments at church and recently walked into her residence uninvited.

1 contacts, 1warning

Sunday, February 22

Assist to Fire: 800 block of N County Road 13, Small fire on West side of property. The elderly homeowner was unaware of the fire.

Warrant Arrest: 600 block of 1st Street, a 30-year-old woman was contacted and arrested. Her license is also revoked.

Assist to Fire: Small fire at the Kwik Korner. Pump had issues shutting off.

10 contacts, 5 citations, 5 warnings

Monday, February 23

Traffic Problem: Berthoud Elementary, vehicle parking in bus only lane around noon.

Assist to Fire: 800 block of Pyramid Peak Street, brick layer heating his mixer with a propane torch said he heard a “boom” and found his propane tank vented and was on fire.

Animal Bite: “Chewy” the cat didn’t take kindly to a 3-year-old popping a balloon and decided to attack. Being true to his namesake, “Chewy” leaped onto the head of the 3-year-old causing a wound to the head that needed stitches.

Warrant Arrest: An 18-year-old man was stopped at Eighth Stree and Welch Avenue for driving without lights at 11:00 pm. His license was found to be canceled and he had 4 active warrants.

Five contacts, 4 warnings, 1 arrest

Tuesday, February 24

Family Disturbance: 600 block of Capitol Avenue, a resident called to report that he and his fiancé had gotten into a verbal argument.

Suspicious Incident: 800 block of Franklin, a 54 year old resident reported that back in August 2014 a friend took his checkbook, debit card to take care of his bills while he was in the hospital. All items have been returned

Family Problems: 300 block of Turner Avenue, boyfriend & girlfriend got into a heated argument over lost keys.

Wednesday, February 25

Animal Problem: 600 block of Mt. Massive Avenue, a young but big Saint Bernard got out of his yard. Transported to the Berthoud jail and bonded out to the owner.

Traffic Light Issue: The traffic lights at Hwy 287 and Hwy 56 were called in as malfunctioning. The snow was blowing very hard and collecting on the southbound lenses and blocked the light.

Suspicious Incident: Welch Avenue and 3rd Street, a man was seen sitting on the train tracks as a train was approaching. Suspect walked away when Berthoud fire fighters started walking his way.

Violation of a Protection Order: 200 Block of Mountain Avenue, a 37 year old man was arrested when he was following an ex-girlfriend. The man is restrained from contacting the ex-girlfriend. This turned out to be the man who had been sitting on the railroad tracks.

Suspicious Circumstance: A Social Worker at McKee Medical Center called because a patient that had been brought in had a lot of injuries.

Thursday, February 26

Vehicle Accident: At the round-a-bout, an 18 year old man (it was his birthday today) slid on an extremely slick icy road and ran into the back of another vehicle causing minor damage.

Suspicious Incident: Welch Avenue and Victoria Street, a man and woman were seen trying to get into a car and then driving away. They were gone on arrival and no stolen vehicle reports have been called in.

Friday, February 27

Citizen Assist: 1300 block of 4th Street, a 57-year-old man requested deputy assistance with serving several personal restraining orders to his neighbors. He was told he would have to go through the sheriff’s office civil department.

1 contact, 1 citation

Saturday, February 28

Parking Problem: Mountain Avenue and 2nd Street, several complaints came in about vehicles blocking driveways and parking in the bus lane.

Family Problems: 900 block of 4th Street, a call came in about a disturbance. Both sides talked and worked it out.

12 contacts, 10 warnings, 2 citation

Sunday, March 1

15 traffic contacts, 12 warnings, 3 citations

Monday, March 2

Suspicious Circumstances: 800 block of Franklin Avenue, a resident believes that in February someone changed her social security check deposit from her account to an unknown account. After speaking with both banks the issue appears to be with Social Security.

Injured Animal: An injured black cat was turned over to Animal Control.

Driving Under revocation/Uninsured Vehicle/Warrant Arrest: Hwy 287 & Hwy 56, a 23-year-old man was contacted because the plate on his vehicle did not list to that vehicle. The driver had two warrants for his arrest and his license was revoked.

Assist to Adult Protection: A Social Worker from Mckee Medical Center called to report an 85-year-old woman was admitted with dehydration issues and a few sores and injuries that had not been treated.

Family Problems: A man and woman got into an argument about their kids.

Criminal Mischief: 1000 block of N CR-17 was recently vacated and abandoned. A call from previous occupant stated that when he drove by he noticed a couple of the windows were broken out. It is unknown who the current owners are to close up the house.


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