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Saturday, June 15, 2024

Berthoud Police Blotter: May 2018







Updated June 1, 2018


Provided by
Larimer County Sheriff’s Department
Berthoud Squad


Tuesday, May 1

Theft: Gentlewind Way, a resident reported that someone stole her window well cover and replaced it with another one that does not fit sometime in the last two weeks. She does not think the wind could’ve been an issue and suspects juveniles.

Fraud: 2nd Street, a resident reported he had submitted a money order to pay rent. It had been cashed, but the park denied receiving it. Two other residents had checks go missing that week also. Possibly stolen from the lock box.

Wednesday, May 2

Criminal Mischief: Mountain Avenue, church staff reported a BB sized hole in the front window. The projectile broke through the first pane but not the second. The projectile was not located. No suspects, but the trajectory lines up with the skate park. Shooting a church and lightning season coming upon us. There’s one that saw you do it!

Thursday, May 3

Stolen License Plate Recovery: Nebraska Avenue, a man from Westminster and a woman from Ohio were contacted by Thornton Police with the stolen license plate on their vehicle from a Berthoud case. They were also in possession of meth, heroin, burglary tools, drug paraphernalia and multiple IDs and Financial Transaction Devices.

Unauthorized Use of Financial Trans Device: 2nd Street, a resident reported that someone transferred $2500 from her credit card to an unknown account.

Assist to Medical: Chaparro Circle., a man called for an ambulance to help with mass genocide and stolen souls. He also reported that he had been injected with methamphetamine by the CIA. And I want to report the IRS keeps taking my money. It’s the Feds I tell you.

Friday, May the 4th be With You

Warrant Arrest: Welch Avenue, a 42-year-old man was contacted at his residence and arrested on a warrant. Booked.

Saturday, May 5

Obstruction of Telephone Service / Domestic Violence / Warrant Arrest: 2nd Street, a man prevented his wife from calling 9-1-1 during an argument. Booked.

Sunday, May 6

Welfare Check: Mountain Avenue, a man in his late 20’s was reported as “he keeps passing out”. A woman came in and woke him up and they went outside. The man was contacted and found to be extremely intoxicated.

Harassment / Obstruction of Telephone Service / Domestic Violence: 4th Street, a call came in reference a disturbance and dispatch could hear a lot of yelling going on. When deputies arrived, the man looked out the window at deputies and yelled at them everything was fine and to get off the property. The man and a woman finally came out to talk with deputies. They both stated the argument was over her wanting to watch TV and he wanted to sleep. When she told him, she was calling the sheriff the man tried to slap the phone out of her hands and then tried to take it away from her. The man was booked. No body interrupts Wheel of Fortune, no body.

Code Enforcement:

Animal Problems – 5
Vehicle Problems – 16
Other Ordinance Problems – 8

Monday, May 7

Fraud / Elder Abuse: 2nd Street, adult protection reports that a 46-year-old has charged $40,000 to her elderly father’s credit card.

Warrant Arrest: 2nd Street, 2 transients were contacted in a suspicious vehicle, a white/blue Winnebago RV. Both were arrested and booked for their warrants. This looked like a cousin Eddie RV.

Theft: Mountain Avenue, a business owner reported unknown person(s) stole a $650.00 portable hand washing station from next to a port-a-potty he had out the west end of his business.

Tuesday, May 8

Possession of Controlled Substance/Warrant Arrest: 2nd Street, the white/blue Winnebago RV from yesterday’s warrant arrests was contacted again as it was still leaking urine/body waste into the street. The owner was contacted and advised that it needed to be moved. A female was contacted inside and she had a warrant for her arrest and tried to hide a small baggie in her bra area. The substance was presumptive positive for meth and was booked into the jail.

Vehicle Crash / Property Damage: 3rd Street, a driver and another vehicle were involved in an accident in the parking lot.

Stolen Firearm/Theft/Possible Burglary/Vehicle Trespass: S 3rd Street, a resident reported that her pistol, cash was stolen from her purse inside her vehicle while it was in the garage. The resident stated that she may have left the door open but does not remember. A resident stated she last saw the handgun on 050618 when she placed it in her purse. Unknown what location where the theft/trespass occurred. Pistol was entered as stolen. 

Suspicious/Mental Health Related: Franklin Avenue, a resident reported being awoken in the middle of the night and assaulted by two staff members. Early onset of dementia, no physical evidence of an assault.

Driving Under Restraint: Spartan Avenue and 9th Street, an 18-year-old Berthoud man was stopped for speeding. Cited for speeding and cancelled/denied license.

Driving Under Restraint: Hwy. 287 and Sunset Court, a 22-year-old stopped for no tail lights. License was revoked. Booked

Suspicious Circumstances: Humboldt Peak Lane, a resident observed several parties trying the doors on her vehicles, which were parked on the street. She yelled at the subjects who left in a burnt orange 4 door, possibly a Honda. Another vehicle involved left a short time later. It was described as a black Nissan Xterra.

Wednesday, May 9

Speeding / Warrant Arrest: N Hwy 287, a 20-year-old Ft. Collins man was stopped for driving 97-mph in a 65-mph zone. Citation for speed and jail for a warrant. 

Theft: 7th Street, a resident reported that her nephew’s bike was stolen at the end of March and it appeared yesterday at the Berthoud Elementary bike rack. 

Vehicle Crash / Non-Injury: 1st Street and CR12, a Loveland man could not get his work truck into gear and rolled back into another vehicle causing minor damage to the front bumper.

Unauthorized Use of a Financial Transaction Device: E. Hwy 56, an employee lost his Home Depot card on an unknown date at an unknown location. The card was used to make about $1000 in purchases before it was caught by the company.

Neighbor Problem: Murrlet Street, a resident reported her neighbor kicked her 12-year-old son while he was at his house. The neighbor denied kicking the boy and stated the boy wouldn’t leave his house when asked and the neighbor had to “escort” him out of the house.

Vehicle Crash / Non-Injury: S. CR 17, a Loveland man made an unsafe U-turn, causing a collision with another vehicle.

Disorderly Conduct: Spartan Avenue, a baseball coach from Greeley was upset at an umpire after the game and intentionally threw a ball at his back. Witnesses also reported the coach being argumentative and profane during the game. Parents from his team stood across the street were yelling and harassing the deputies as they were investigating.

Assault / Harassment / Domestic Violence: Mayo Court., a boyfriend sent harassing messages to his ex-girlfriend. He then came over and choked her, bit her, and threw her to the ground.

Thursday, May 10

Vehicle Crash with Injury / Failed to Use Proper Child Restraint: W CR8, a driver was trying to pass another vehicle at the start of the turn lane where only one lane exists. The driver side-swiped the other vehicle causing severe damage to the vehicles and minor injury to all occupants of that vehicle. The driver was cited for careless driving causing injury and also cited for not using a proper child restraint since his 5-year-old was just in a regular seatbelt.  

Friday, May 11

Drug Paraphernalia: 4th Street, a resident reported that her daughter and son-in-law recently moved out and left some meth. paraphernalia behind. 

Funeral Procession: Participated in the procession for Specialist Gabriel Conde. Thank you for your service and Rest in Peace Soldier. It was a wonderful sight to see all of Berthoud out to pay their respects. I had a reporter from the Washington Post riding with me and he was very impressed by the show of support.

Saturday, May 12

Suspicious / Warrant Arrest: 4th Street, received a report of a suspicious vehicle with people staying overnight in a truck. A man and woman were contacted inside the vehicle and it was discovered that the man had a warrant.

Welfare Check: Greenwood Drive, while arguing with his stepfather, a juvenile accidentally took a double dose of his prescription medications. Evaluated by ambulance and left on scene.

Sunday, May 13

Warrant Arrest: Franklin Avenue, a resident was contacted during a medical assist and found to have an active warrant out of Loveland. Booked.

Code Enforcement:

Animal Problems – 3
Vehicle Problems – 6
Other Ordinance Problems – 12

Monday, May 14

Warrant Arrest: Franklin Avenue, a 57-year-old man was contacted and found to have an active bench warrant out of Loveland. Booked. 

 Theft: Woodcock Street, a resident reported missing over 120 10mg oxycodone pills.

Burglary / Possession of Burglary Tools / Trespassing: 4th. Street, a homeowner was alerted to intruders in his garage via surveillance camera. He found and held two juveniles until deputies arrived. Forced entry had been made, nothing was taken. They said they broke in just to get a soda. Right, and the world is flat.

Tuesday, May 15

Vehicle Trespass: E. Colorado Avenue, a resident reported his vehicle was entered and several miscellaneous items were stolen.

Vehicle Trespass: E. Colorado Avenue, a resident reported his vehicle was entered and several items were stolen. 

Suspicious Circumstances: Bimson Avenue, a resident called reporting a possible burglary in progress as someone was inside her house. She was awoken by her dog barking at what she described as a multi-colored alien standing in her room and said she had pictures of it. The picture was of a flag. NORAD was notified.

Wednesday, May 16

Welfare Check: 7th Street, a resident was contacted on a welfare check. He was located unable to move and was not able to care for himself. Deputies called for an ambulance and he was transported to the hospital.

Thursday, May 17

Burglary: E. Welch Avenue, a resident reported that sometime within the last month, while she was out of town, an unknown suspect entered her residence and stole miscellaneous items.

Property Damage Accident: 900 block of Mountain, a driver backed into another vehicle when backing out of a parking space.

Suspicious: 4th Street, a resident found a black paintball mask on the west side of her garage. May be related to a burglary next door on Welch.

Friday, May 18

Missing Person: Franklin Avenue, staff reported that a resident had been missing and they are out looking for her. The woman’s son-in-law called her on her cell phone and she was located at the church across the street.

Saturday, May 19

Suspicious Circumstances: Franklin Avenue, staff called to report that a resident reported to them that he got into an argument with a substitute staff member the previous evening and now he has a large bruise on his shoulder.

Disturbance: 4th Street, a resident called and reported she and her husband were in a very heated argument with their 25-year-old son. The argument between parents and son was about opposing world views. If this was about the world being flat, I quit.

Expired Tags / Drove Without Insurance / DUID / Prohibited Use of a Weapon: Keep Circle, a 24-year-old New Mexico man was stopped for expired license plates. He was uninsured and had recently smoked marijuana. He had a pistol in a bag next to him. Booked.

Sunday, May 20

Harassment: Franklin Avenue, a resident struck a fellow resident. Charged

Suspicious Circumstances: BNSF Railroad, some geniuses decided to pull up traffic signs and in their infinite wisdom piled them on the railroad tracks. Along comes a train and pow, bam, hits the signs and luckily the train did not derail. What ever happened to just placing a penny on the tracks to smash it?

Disturbance: Franklin Avenue, deputies responded for a male who is violent, being aggressive and has barricaded himself. Transported to the hospital.

911 Hang-up: S. 1st Street, a 911 call came into dispatch, but nothing was heard. Dispatch called back and only got static on the line. Deputies responded and found a family of foxes and one of the babies was chewing on the phone line. Found out the baby fox was making prank calls and thinks he’s being pretty foxy about it.

Code Enforcement:

Animal Problems – 5
Vehicle Problems – 4
Other Ordinance Problems – 1

Monday, May 28

Trespass: RR Tracks and Hwy 287, train engineer called in to report a vehicle was under Hwy 287 by the RR tracks and their dog ran out in front of the train and got hit. Several people contacted in the area and charged with trespass by the railroad.

Tuesday, May 29

Traffic Problem: Mt. Meeker, a father and son were seen driving in the neighborhood on a go cart. It is now called a stop cart.

Disturbance: Mt. Massive, a man got into an argument w/ his girlfriend, he went outside, and she locked him out.

Theft of Services: Woodcock Street, a video was captured of a non-resident dumping trash into the dumpster

Wednesday, May 30

Suspicious Circumstances: Mountain Avenue, the Town of Berthoud received several messages via social media from a Milliken lady that she was treated badly by her boss and then he fired her.

Littering: Berthoud Peak Drive, a resident was seen by a passerby throwing a bike and other things on property that belonged to someone else. The resident had permission to be on that property and was using it as storage.

Animal Problem: W. CR4, 30 goats were on the roadway, traffic was stopped and life was at a standstill. We talked with the head goat named Billy and he herded everyone back into the corral.

Vehicle Trespass: Alpine Avenue, a resident reported her unlocked car was entered over the weekend. She noticed her glove box was open and console in the middle was also open and items were taken.

Thursday, May 31

Scam: S. 2nd Street, a resident received a message on her phone this morning from someone with a heavy accent, but she could not understand what they were saying. she thought it was a bill collector, but after she listened to the message again just now the person is saying not to ignore the call or she would suffer the consequences and not to hang up.

Disturbance: 6th Street, a woman called, reporting that while on the phone with her sister, she could hear a man in the background yelling at the sister. Man is a renter and was told he had to leave so the argument began.


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