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Friday, July 19, 2024

Berthoud Police Blotter: September 2017

Updated October 2, 2017

Provided by
Larimer County Sheriff’s Office: Berthoud Squad

Friday, September 1

DUI / Suspended License / Turn Signal Violation:  1st Street & Bunyan Avenue, a 55-year old Longmont man was stopped for a traffic violation. He was suspected to be under the influence of alcohol/prescription drug Oxycodone.

Saturday, September 2

Vehicle Theft:  2nd Street, a resident reported that someone stole her 1998 Saturn from her driveway.

Warrant Arrest:  2nd Street, during an investigation, 42-year old Berthoud woman was found to have a misdemeanor warrant for her arrest.

Vehicle Trespass / Theft:  Mountain Avenue a resident reported his unlocked car was entered while he was at the store.

Missing Adult:  10th Street, a 37-year old man was reported as missing. An acquaintance went to his house and found it open and no one around.

Family Disturbance:  2nd Street, a resident called to report that a 47-year old man was intoxicated and causing a scene with her granddaughter.

Sunday, September 3

Reckless Driving / Driving Uninsured Vehicle / Speeding:  Hwy 287 & CR4E, a 21-year old Ft. Collins man was observed driving 125 mph in a posted 65 mph zone.

Recovery of a Stolen Vehicle:  Keep Circle, a stolen brown Saturn sedan was found parked and abandoned in the 100 block of Keep Circle. On a neighborhood canvass, it was determined that the vehicle was dumped at that location on Saturday. This location is also one block south of where it had been stolen.

Code Enforcement:

Animal Problems –  8
Parking Problems – 20
Other Ordinance Problems – 20

September 4 to 10

Monday, September 4

Burglary: Nicholson Street, unknown suspect entered a construction trailer and stole construction tools. Suspect dressed as a construction worker drove away from the area in a Blue Ford truck.

Warrant: I-25 and Hwy 56, 24-year-old male arrested on an outstanding warrant during a traffic stop.

Tuesday, September 5

Theft: Hays Market, Mountain Avenue, A 54-year-old male was contacted for shoplifting, he was found to be in possession of illegal drugs and arrested.

Camping complaint: Mountain Avenue, Deputies have been trying to curb the amount of transient camping in town.

Wednesday, September 6

Motor vehicle crash: Hwy 56 and Weld County road 7, two vehicles involved in a non-injury rear end crash. At fault driver cited.

Drug call: Turner Middle School, student contacted with small amount of marijuana, student was cited for minor in possession. School Resource officer advised along with parents.

Assault: 4th Street, 67-year-old male victim assaulted by unknown assailant at a local business, case is under investigation. Victim was transported to a local hospital for evaluation of injuries.

Thursday, September 7

Warrant: Willow Drive, 52-year-old male arrested on outstanding warrants.

Motor Vehicle Crash: Hwy 287 and Hwy 56, 19-year-old female on Hwy 287 disregarded red light and struck an east bound vehicle. No injuries, at fault driver was cited.

Friday, September 8

Indecent Exposure: 8th Street, 20-year-old male was contacted watching a house with the front of his pants open and actively exposing himself. Male was arrested and placed in jail.

Saturday, September 9

Restraining order violation: 52-year-old male violated an active restraining order through phone contact with the 72-year-old male victim. Investigation continues and suspect is being sought.

Weapon call: Hwy 287 and County road 17, a female brandished a gun during a confrontation with another driver due to road rage issues. Probable Couse could not be established and the female was warned about her behaviors.

Sunday, September 10

Hit and Run Motor Vehicle Crash: Welch Avenue, citizen called to report his Jeep was hit while parked on the street sometime over the weekend. Vehicle has white paint transfer and bumper damage.

Violation of restraining order: 2nd St. #10, BER – A 23-year-old man caused a disturbance at his parent’s house, damaged personal property of another and was found to have an active restraining order designated to keep him from his parents and their residence.

Motor Vehicle Crash: Hwy 287 and County Road 17, two vehicle crash, at fault driver cited.

Code enforcement

Animal Problems – 2
Parking Problems- 10
Other ordinance violations- 7

September 11- 17

Monday, September 11  

Shoplifter: Hayes Market, Mountain Avenue, a 14-year-old male was contacted for shoplifting and cited. His parents and the School Resource Officer were notified.

Prohibited Camping: Mountain Avenue, Deputies are still working to locate transient persons who are being reported as sleeping in private parking lots and possibly entering vehicles.

Burglary: South 8th Street, three to four suspects working together entered a residence and stole a 2-year-old Australian Shepard. Through the investigation identities of suspects were developed; a 23 year old female and a 19 year old male were arrested, further investigation is continuing as to the involvement of 2 other known persons.

Tuesday, September 12

No report

Wednesday, September 13

Fraud / At Risk Adult: East Michigan Avenue, 22-year-old male was taken advantage of by an unknown suspect who had the man access his bank account and tricked him into purchasing gift cards he could not afford. The case is under investigation.

Bear: Hwy 287/ County Road 4, an injured black bear was located just outside of the town. It is believed the bear was struck by a vehicle which did not remain on scene. Department of Wildlife responded; the bear was euthanized due to it’s injuries.

Thursday, September 14

DUI: 4th Street/ Bimson Avenue, Willow Drive, 74-year-old man was arrested on suspicion of Driving under the Influence of Alcohol.

Reckless Driving: Mountain Avenue, 21-year-old woman was cited for Reckless Driving after failing to stop behind other vehicles in traffic at a red light. She swerved to left barely missing another vehicle and then continued through red light.

Solicitation without a business License: 6th Street. A 25-year-old and a 23-year-old man were contacted for soliciting without a business license.

Friday, September 15

No report

Saturday, September 16

Unattended Death: Aspen Drive, an 86-year-old woman passed away during the night.

First Degree Criminal Trespass: Mount Massive, 52 year old woman reported an unknown suspect entered her vehicle during the previous evening and stole a back pack.

Sunday, September 17

Code enforcement

Animal Problems – 5
Parking Problems- 9
Other ordinance violations- 5

September 18 to 24

Monday, September 18

Motor Vehicle Crash: Hwy 56 / Weld CR 7, a 17-year-old female hit a deer that had run out into traffic, vehicle was moderately damaged, female was not injured and the deer ran into a cornfield.

Suspicious Circumstances: Mountain Avenue, Bank employee observed a man photographing the Berthoud Town Hall, including the front of the bank. A license plate was recorded by the employee and deputies located the subject, who advised he is a local realtor and was making a brochure to show the architecture of Berthoud.

Forgery: Ace Hardware, 3rd Street, a 33-year-old male presented a bad check to the business, investigation revealed subject has also presented other bad checks to businesses in Longmont and Firestone.

Vehicle Fire: Hwy 287 / Hwy 56, Deputies responded to a vehicle fire, the fire was put out by another motorist and Berthoud Fire Department.

Tuesday, September 19

Theft: South 9th, Unknown suspect using a ladder stole plums off a tree, along with damaging branches in the backyard of a residence.

Marijuana Investigation: Welch Avenue, 68-year-old female resident was spoken to about a marijuana grow in her back yard. She was counseled on number of plants and covering them from view.

Wednesday, September 20

Trespass: 1st Street, Unidentified male unlawfully entered the restroom of a closed business.

Motor Vehicle Crash: Hwy 56 / Weld CR 7, a 32-year-old male driver rear ended a 56-year-old male driver. At fault driver will be cited. No injuries.

Theft: Mountain Avenue (Skate Park), 11-year-old male had $43.00 stolen from his wallet while at the skate park. Two suspects developed, Larimer County School Resource Officer advised and will continue investigation.

Thursday, September 21

Code Enforcement: Town of Berthoud Code enforcement has been working with citizens about signs in the Town’s right of way. Signs must be removed either by Code Enforcement or citizens.

Citizen Assist: 2nd Street, 42-year-old wanted to go to the Medical Center of the Rockies to talk to a therapist voluntarily reference ongoing family issues and mental health issues. Deputy provided transportation.

Friday, September 22

Family Problems: South 1st Street, a 55-year-old female reported that her 34-year-old daughter was intoxicated and improperly feeding her 4-month-old grandchild.  

Underage Possession of Marijuana: 4th street/ Bunyan Avenue, two 18-year-old males were contacted and found to have consumed/ smoked marijuana. They were summonsed into court.

Underage Possession of Marijuana: Michigan Avenue, three 18-year-old males and a 17-year-old male were contacted for smoking marijuana on the street during bike patrol. Quarter ounce of marijuana and paraphernalia seized. They were summonsed into court.

Violation of Bond Conditions: South 9th Street, 62-year-old female reported her 33-year-old daughter had pushed her, then tried to pry cotton swabs from her hand. The cotton swabs were believed to have Heroin residue on them. The 33-year-old female was on bond for a previous case and was arrested.

Saturday, September 23

Driving Under the Influence: Mountain Avenue, 47-year-old man drove his vehicle into the garden behind this home, damaging his vehicle and getting it stuck in the mud. He was later arrested for Driving under the Influence of Alcohol or Drugs. Suspected Psilocybin mushrooms were in his vehicle and have been sent to a lab for further testing.

Second Degree Burglary: 3rd Street, 62-year-old man reported that unknown suspect(s) cut the lock to his utility trailer and stole sound equipment from inside. The lock was left on scene and “dummy” locked in place. The lock was collected for evidence.

Sunday, September 24

Transients: Mountain Avenue, Deputies still working with Businesses along Mountain to stop the Transient camping issues in town.

Code enforcement

Animal Problems – 10
Parking Problems- 5
Other ordinance violations- 20

September 25 to September 30

Monday, September 25

Theft: Exeter Street, 49-year-old female reported that sometime in the last month, someone from their in-home cleaning crew stole $2,500 worth of diamond jewelry, including an engagement ring made into a necklace for her daughter.

Warrant: Spartan Avenue, 21-year-old male arrest on an outstanding warrant after being contacted near a construction zone.

Criminal Mischief: 2nd Street, Building and dumpsters were spray painted by an unknown suspect(s) causing damage.

Tuesday, September 26

Motor Vehicle Crash: 1st Street, 52-year-old male travelling south on 1st Street believed to have fallen asleep while driving, drove through east side grass near sidewalk and struck a tree, which stopped all vehicle motion. Driver transported to local hospital and summonsed into court.

Motor Vehicle Crash: 8th Street /Turner Avenue,52-year-old female school bus driver turned too sharp in a school bus and struck a parked car. Minimal damage and driver was summonsed into court.

Criminal Mischief: 2nd Street, Unknown suspect(s) painted yellow markings on 2 dumpsters and a post at this location causing damage.

Wednesday, September 27

Harassment: Arapahoe Avenue, 18-year-old female reported she is being harassed by an acquaintance.

Motor Vehicle Crash: County Road 17 and County Road 14, 44-year-old male driver disregarded a red light and struck a 36-year-old female driver. Both cars suffered heavy damage and had to be towed. One passenger was taken to the hospital for a possible concussion. At fault driver summonsed into court.

Driving under the Influence: Woodcock Street, 28-year-old female driver struck a parked car. Driver arrested for suspicion of Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol or Drugs.

Thursday, September 28

Family Problems: Franklin Avenue, an 87-year-old female revoked her medical power of attorney and left the Berthoud Living Center against doctors wishes with one of her sons, causing the other son to be concerned so he tried to stop this from happening.  

Runaway Juvenile: 2nd Street, 16-year-old male left without permission and then refused to come home. The male was located a day later and returned to his house.

Friday, September 29

Vehicle Trespass: 2nd Street, Unknown suspect entered a vehicle and rifled through it, evidence collected.

Saturday, September 30

Theft: 3rd Street, 34-year-old female reported items taken from the side yard at her house. Her Ex-boyfriend took the items from his garage over to her house and left them for her. She had not moved the items from where they were left and an unknown person came and took some of the stuff. Loss valued near $4000.


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