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Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Colorado Caucuses Are Not to be Missed

If you have never participated in a caucus, now is the time to start. The League of Women Voters of Larimer County offers this overview of the caucus process:

Caucuses are local, public meetings for voters at assigned precinct locations. They are true nitty, gritty, grassroots politics where neighbors come together to begin the election season selecting precinct committee persons and electing gubernatorial candidate delegates to the county assembly.  At the county assembly, delegates are then chosen for the state assembly where candidates for the primary ballot are determined. Additionally, candidates can petition to get on the ballot until March 20. Caucuses can be crowded, loud and sweaty but begin the work of making a difference, and they’re fun! Becoming a delegate is a valuable lesson in making democracy work.

Caucuses are exclusively for registered party members. Unaffiliated Voters may not participate in caucuses. Tuesday, March 6 is the date both major parties will hold their caucuses in their local precincts. Learn your precinct number at Votelarimer.org. Voters are only allowed to caucus with the precinct in which they are registered.

 Republicans in Larimer County now have 32 new precincts, which means that many precincts have been relocated into new districts. You can locate your precinct by going to the “Precincts Map” in the site menu under “Elections” at www.larimergop.org. This is also the site for your caucus location.

 Democrats can prepare for their caucus by attending training on caucus materials and party procedures from 5 – 7 pm on any Monday prior to March 6th at party offices, 606 S. Mason Street, Ft Collins. RSVP is required. Learn your precinct’s caucus location at www.larimerdems.org

Both major parties welcome volunteers, and this is a terrific way to learn the process.

Information on County and State Assemblies and the Primary timeline and procedures will be available in the coming weeks.

Mark your calendar for March 6, learn your caucus location, and plan to attend. Remember “all politics are local.”

The League of Women Voters has a 98-year commitment to informing voters. Follow us at www.lwv-larimercounty.org and www.facebook.com/LWVlarimercounty/ and www.vote411.org.  

Sally Broste
Voter Services Team
League of Women Voters of Larimer County

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