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Wednesday, June 12, 2024

Federal officers attack female veteran



Busted for Playing Banjo on Independence Mall: Park Rangers Brutally Arrest Iraq War Vet at Anti-Syria Bombing Demo

By Dave Lindorff

Independence Mall, Philadelphia — The US has yet to launch President Obama’s latest war crime of massively bombing Syria (a country that does not threaten this nation) and already federal police thugs, in this case National Park Service Rangers, have brutally arrested an Iraq War Veteran who was just gently playing her banjo in the shade on Independence Mall in Philadelphia following an anti-war protest and march.

Emily Yates, an activist with the group Iraq Veterans Against the War (IVAW), and a professional folksinger and banjo player, can be seen in  this video , peacefully standing plunking her instrument when she is ordered to move by a group of Park Rangers. When she asks them why she has to move off of federal park property that is open to the public, which is completely appropriate and within her rights, she is not given any explanation. Then at one point, as she’s still seeking an answer, she is grabbed brutally from behind and slammed, bent over, across the top of a park bench, with several burly rangers pinning her down, and with her hands wrenched behind her back, as they try to place metal cuffs on her wrists.

As she struggles to breathe with all that pressure on her forcibly bent-over form, a senior officer can be heard telling her to “relax” and to “stop resisting,” though with three men piled on top of her, it is clear she is not resisting.

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