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Sunday, May 19, 2024

Horses helping kids

By Anna Waser
Reflections for Youth
Community Development Director

Reflections for Youth has three youth who are currently working with Hearts for Horses. They are a wonderful group who give us a lot of support and services for our youth. The program is called “Changing Leads” and we work with Tamara Merritt. Last Friday morning our kids had a show to accent the progress they have made with the horses they have been working with for the last eight weeks. They were able to show their peers how they control a horse, how they build a relationship with an animal of that size and strength, and share the things they have learned from the experience. The kids shared learning, such as managing their own mood because it obviously effects the horses, just as their mood effects the people around them. They shared learning how to communicate in positive ways other than verbally. The program is a wonderful resource in our community.

Photos by Anna Waser

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