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Sunday, April 21, 2024

Wildfire mural’s bold colors stand out

Bright bold graphics inspired by Chinese Farmer Painting ad a lively dimension to the Wildfire Arts Center. Artist Anita Yeh brushes on some color as Julia Lamb and Lane Foley work in the background.

The Wildfire Summer Mural project is nearing completion as the crew puts on the finishing touches. Julia Lamb and Lane Foley were on the job early Thursday morning. The youngsters work under the direction of Anita Yeh.

Yeh’s specialty is Asian Inspired Design. A multicultural artist, Yeh was raised in the U.S. but has lived in China and Taiwan. The mural design is inspired by Chinese Farmer Paintings. The style is characterized by bold graphics and repeating elements. Yeh wanted her design to attract attention to the Wildfire Arts Center building, yet be a project that could be completed by a crew of 10 in the age range of 10 to 75 years. There were no septuagenarians in the crew, but the 16 and under crowd has worked diligently.

Yeh is a Berthoud resident, her motto is ‘Yeh for Art,” and her web site is She has Bachelors degree in Fine Art and  Masters Degree in Art Therapy. While she does not appear to be old enough, she claims to have 18 years experience in the field.

The final touches will go on the mural next Wednesday, August 4. The public is welcome to stop by and talk to the kids and to visit with Yeh.

Anita Yeh, Julia Lamb and Lane Foley were the first to arrive on Thursday morning

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