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Friday, June 21, 2024

House GOP Kills Workforce Bill

Press Release

(Denver) –House GOP members showed again today where their allegiance is—to partisan politics and not Coloradans—as they killed a measure to promote adult literacy and increase vocational certification to help Coloradans get back to work. 

Rep. Young’s bill to implement a pilot program that would integrate basic education and skills training failed on a party-line vote today in the House State, Veterans & Military Affairs Committee.

HB12-1227, sponsored by Rep. Dave Young (D-Greeley), would have directed the Colorado community colleges to design a pilot program where underemployed or undereducated Coloradans may earn a career and technical education certificate in an accelerated program that integrates literacy with technical training. 

Rep. Young said he was disappointed with the party-line vote against his bill.

“This bill would have provided an opportunity for more Coloradans to get the skills they need to get back to work,” Rep. Young said. “I’m disappointed a common-sense bill that would have made a difference and cost the state no money failed on a party-line vote. I’m doing my best to present good legislation that represents my constituents, but it seems there may be underlying factors preventing my good bills from passing committees.”

The Colorado Community College System and the Colorado Association of Career and Technical Education supported the bill. There was no opposition, but nevertheless, the bill failed on a party-line vote of 5 to 4. No Republicans gave an explanation of their opposition vote. This is the second of Rep. Young’s bills that have failed on a party line in the last week.  

His previous bill, HB12-1035, would have eliminated the $15 fee to add a military identifier on an applicant’s driver’s license. Despite being previously supported by both Republicans and Democrats, including being co-sponsored by numerous Republicans, the bill failed in the Appropriations Committee on a party-line vote.

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