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Wednesday, June 12, 2024

Larimer County Fair, complete results

The Recorder Online will carry the entire list of Fair Awards in all categories. In the menu above, you will see a new title of “County Fair.” If you click your courser on the tab you will see all the categories below. We will put up categories as soon as we receive them from the Extension Service.

Berthoud residents on the lists will be accented with bold face type.

Blue, red and white ribbons have different meanings in 4-H judging than in open judging. In 4-H judging a blue ribbon means the submission was above average, red signifies average and white is below average. Every entry should receive a ribbon and their will usually be more than one blue ribbon.

In open category judging, the blue ribbon indicates a first place showing, red is second place and white is third place. There will not be more than one of each color and places beyond third place are not mentioned in the listing.

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