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Saturday, June 22, 2024

Leadership Changes in Local LDS Ward for Young Single Adults

Bishop Glenn with his Counselors, Mick White and Steve Ward

Lloyd Glenn, a Fort Collins businessman, has been called to serve as Bishop of the Berthoud-based Twin Peaks Young Single Adults Ward of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Glenn, a Colorado resident since moving from Pennsylvania seven years ago, previously served as Bishop in Pennsylvania.

“My previous assignment as a Bishop was in a regular family ward in Pennsylvania, ” Glenn comments. “The Berthoud assignment is substantially different, as all members of the congregation are between high school graduation and age 31. We focus on the temporal and spiritual well-being of each member of the ward with special emphasis on providing service to the community. There are approximately 125 persons in the ward, with that number swelling by about 50 more in the summertime, when many return from the area for the summer break from colleges in other parts of the nation. Current members include students from several local colleges and universities as well as those with full-time employment living in the Loveland and Longmont LDS Stakes.

“The unit is further unique in that it is not attached to a specific college or university. There are many single student wards throughout the world created to serve the needs of students attending a particular institution. The Twin Peaks Young Single Adults Ward draws members from various local schools as well as from the full-time work force. We are delighted to be of service to such a diverse group of young adults. We provide planned meetings and social activities at least three nights every week, as well as the regular Sunday church services. ”

The Twin Peaks Ward meets at the Berthoud LDS Chapel, 550 Spartan Avenue in Berthoud. Sunday Sacrament Meeting is at 11:00 a. m.

The role of Bishop in LDS Church Wards is a volunteer assignment. The Church has a volunteer ministry with no one paid for his/her services. A calling such as occupied by Bishop Glenn entails a substantial commitment of time and effort, with no financial remuneration. Bishop Glenn is excited about the new calling, noting, “We have a terrific group of young persons in the area, with a great vitality and love of the Savior. We hope to make a significant impact for good on these young persons – helping them to create worthwhile goals and to obtain them. It is rewarding just to be with them! ” Previous Twin Peaks leader was Gary W. Hanson who served as Bishop for five and one-half years.

When not involved with activities of the Twin Peaks Ward, Glenn is a partner in two companies in Fort Collins associated with the pharmaceutical industry. He met his wife, Gail, while both were attending Brigham Young University. He graduated from BYU in 1981 and has worked in Virginia, California, and Pennsylvania prior to moving to Colorado. Bishop Glenn and his wife are parents of three children, ages 28, 25, and 21, and have two grandchildren.

Assisting Bishop Glenn in overseeing the Ward’s efforts are Mike White (Longmont) as First Counselor, Stephen West (Loveland) Second Counselor, Michael Johnson (Longmont) Ward Clerk, and Stanley Gudmundsen (Loveland) Executive Secretary.

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