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Thursday, June 20, 2024

Lundberg Legislative Report, April 24, 2011


1. Redistricting

2. My Bills

3.  More on the SIP

4. The Hope of Easter

1. Redistricting continues to be the hottest topic under the Gold Dome. The Republicans offered maps with minimal changes to the existing congressional districts and then offered to start with a blank map and build one together, in public hearings, with the Democrats. The Democrats offered a radical change to all of the districts and have refused to do anything of substance in public hearings. It is starting to look like the Democrats have little intention of allowing the legislature to fulfill its constitutional obligation to redistrict. That would then leave it up to the courts to decide…

2. Two of my bills had a hearing in the Senate Appropriations Committee this week. SB-55, requiring posting of information about electronic security scanning equipment was killed, essentially on a party-line vote. HB-1095, authorizing the Secretary of State to password protect online business record filings passed committee unanimously.

3. Some disinformation is still being circulated about the SIP bills (State Implementation Plan for controlling haze) – SB-237 (my bill), SB- 236, and HB-1291.  The two Senate bills are are the least prescriptive in changes required for power plants, and would therefore be a lower cost to the citizens of Colorado. The House bill is the most expensive of the three, but it is on the fast track, with the Colorado Oil and Gas Association and most of the legislative leadership behind it. Extensive radio ads are being run urging its adoption claiming it will save us money. Yet, the information I have been given shows HB-1095 will cost at least tens of millions of dollars more than the other SIP bills.

At the very minimum, I hope the Senate will wait for floor action on HB-1095 until after all SIP bills are given a public hearing In this way the Senate can conduct its debate and votes after all of the relevant information is available to all.

SB-237 and SB-236 are scheduled for a hearing in State Affairs tomorrow afternoon, on  April 25.

4. Finally, I am sending this report out on Easter evening and would be remiss if I did not spend a moment of reflection on this annual remembrance of the greatest moment in history. Easter is not just a date on the Christian calendar. It is the greatest, and indeed, only lasting hope for mankind. The resurrection of Jesus Christ was the consummation of God’s gift to us all (see John 3:16).

I trust this Easter day has been a day of hope and inspiration for you and your family.

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