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Thursday, June 13, 2024

Police Beat: Aug. 27, 2009

Tuesday, Aug. 18

  • An east Nebraska Avenue resident reported finding a female child in his yard in late afternoon. The child did not know where she lived. It only took the police about three minutes to find out that the child lived on east Iowa and had left the yard while her mother took a nap.
  • Police responded to a complaint about trash piled around the Berthoud Living Center. Apparently there was a problem with two trash hauling companies and center staff promised to get things cleaned up by Friday.

Wednesday, Aug. 19

  • Once again police received a complaint about a crowing rooster on Common Drive. It was 5:28 a.m., the usual crowing time, but by the time police arrived four minutes later, they were unable to locate any fowl play.
  • A girl brought a corgi dog to the police station. She found it near Ace Hardware. Soon thereafter, “the corgi’s mom came to get her.” The dispatcher recommended to her to get town tags for the dog.
  • A barking dog was reported on east Michigan, but it quieted down before the police officer arrived.
  • A poodle was found on Jay Place and the responding officer thought it belonged on Marshall Place. He was correct and the poodle’s owner was given a summons.
  • A female residing on Colorado Highway 56 called to report an unwanted male on the property. It was someone she knew, but did not want him there. She locked herself in the house and Berthoud Police and Weld County Sheriff’s deputies found the man on the porch and took him into custody.

Thursday, Aug. 20

  • Police made eight traffic stops, investigated a “cold” theft and a restraining order violation and dealt with a dead cat on Tenth Street.

Friday, Aug. 21

  • The day started off with a traffic stop, two suspicious circumstances and a criminal mischief incident, all before 3 a.m. The first suspicious circumstance had to do with a “blacked out” vehicle in the 200 block of Welch Ave. The situation was handled by the police officer. Another suspicious circumstance at Grandpa’s Café is listed as no criminal violation.
  • The broken window at the Conoco Station is under investigation.
  • Later in the day, a report came in that the nearby Berthoud Car Wash had been broken into. 
  • The curve at Mountain Avenue and First Street claimed another victim when a Colorado Springs man attempted to make a left turn from eastbound Highway 56 and was struck broadside by a Loveland man following the curve north. The only injuries were to the vehicles.
  • The caller said it was noisy in the 300 block of Massachusetts Avenue, people yelling at each other. The officer found it quiet on arrival three minutes after the call.

Saturday, Aug. 22

  • There was vandalism at Berthoud Elementary School. The caller reported trash everywhere and indications that playground equipment had been tampered with.
  • An arrestee from the previous night called to see if his cell phone had been left in the police car. Officer’s made a search but found no phone. A check did show that someone had been using the phone all day. It turned out that a subsequent arrestee had taken the phone and had been using it.
  • Police retrieved the phone from the woman on Lake Hollow Drive and returned it to the owner.
  • A resident near Tenth Street and Franklin Avenue was bothered by the noise of skateboarders while he was trying to get some sleep at 11 p.m. Police contacted the juveniles and they went home.
  • Twenty minutes later the officer noticed two people hiding in the bushes at Fickel Park. It was after park hours and the officer gave them a verbal warning.

Sunday, Aug. 23

  • Police made nine traffic stops on an otherwise quiet Sunday.
  • At 10:50 p.m. an officer found open doors and windows at the now vacant IOOF building at 335 Mountain Ave.

Monday, Aug. 24

  • Police investigated a “cold” trespass on Megan Way, a fraud involving someone on Tenth Street. Reports are being prepared on these cases.
  • A report of suspicious circumstances near Berthoud Elementary School turned out to be a school employee crossing the street to use smokeless tobacco.
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