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Saturday, July 20, 2024

Police Beat: July 23, 2009

Tuesday, July 14

  • A caller from the 200 block of Mountain Avenue reported a dead foul smelling skunk beside the building.
  • A window was found broken out of the swimming pool building.

Wednesday, July 15

  • A vehicle waiting to make a left turn from County Road 8 onto southbound U.S. Highway 287 was the victim of a hit and run when the car in front of her backed into her vehicle. The white truck then turned left and drove off. The struck vehicle did write down the license and a report is to follow.
  • The report to dispatch cited large trucks speeding on County Road 10E. The officer determined that the three trucks were driving at or under the speed limit.
  • A bicyclist riding after dark without lights on the bike was given a verbal warning. 

Thursday, July 16

  • Traffic stops and animal calls took most of the officers’ time. The caller from Mayo Court complained about a barking dog, a constant issue he said, and claimed that the police are always going to the house. A check revealed a prior visit, so the attending officer left a card as notice.
  • In another case a caller was concerned about two small dogs left locked in a car. The owner was waiting for police when they arrived. The car was locked with the engine and air conditioner running and the officer determined there was no offense.
  • A Jefferson Ave. Resident reported finding “a baby cotton tail rabbit that was not old enough to make it on its own.” The man had first called animal control, which advised him to call law enforcement. He was advised to leave the rabbit alone and let its mother attend to it.

Friday, July 17

  • A woman called to report her husband’s wallet had been lost and asked for police to check at the station.
  • Multiple calls reported fireworks in the Redcloud Avenue and Torreys Peak Lane area. Police were unable to locate the source, but found several people in the neighborhood who knew but refused to tell the officer.
  • Several juveniles with flashlights were on the recreation grounds at Berthoud Elementary School at 11 p.m. They were given a verbal warning by the officer and told to leave.
  • Dispatch received a complaint that the karaoke from the Derby Grill was too loud. The owner said he would make sure the volume was turned down. 

Saturday, July 18

  • “Raccoon in the dog food bin” was the report from the 700 block of Fifth Street. The caller also said the animal was acting “strange.” Animal control was notified and one or more raccoons were taken into custody.
  • A Cedar Drive resident had questions about permits, especially noise permits.
  • The owner of two dogs in a backyard kennel in the 600 block of Eighth Street received a warning about his dog barking until nearly 10 p.m.

Sunday, July 19

  • Shortly after midnight, a caller complained that he was eight blocks from the Derby Grill but could still hear the music. The music stopped four minutes later.
  • At 2:17 a.m. dispatch received a report of a loud party on Hummingbird Pl., but all was quite when the police arrived.

Monday, July 20

  • The owners of the Colorado Rapid Car Wash captured on video the juveniles who were writing on the building walls. A report on the criminal mischief is to follow.
  • The owner of a Jeep on Jefferson Avenue reported suspicious activity. The vehicle was entered on July 13, but nothing was taken. The next day there was writing on the Jeep, but no damage.
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