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Monday, April 15, 2024

Police Beat: Oct. 22, 2009

Tuesday, Oct. 13

  • A Ninth St. resident complained, “Barking dog in the back yard won’t stop.” All was quiet when the officer arrived.
  • Police assisted when an off-duty police officer reported a hit-and-run incident on I-25.
  • Police were unable to locate a careless driver at Berthoud High School. The silver SUV was reported to have been speeding in the parking lot and driving the wrong direction in a one-way zone. 

Wednesday, Oct. 14

  • Police responded to a report of several juveniles in the field in the 200 block of Third St. The situation was handled by the officer.
  • A citizen turned in a set of keys he had found.
  • Police assisted a citizen who could not find the Berthoud Area Transportation telephone phone number in the phone book.

Thursday, Oct. 15

  • A Thornton woman failed to stop in the parking space and ran into the front of the building at 1211 Lake Ave. She believed her brakes had failed, but the investigating officer found no problem with the brakes.
  • A caller from the 500 block of Bunyan Avenue reported several males dressed in all black with bandanas on their faces were running back and forth across the street shortly before 10 p.m. She thought it suspicious. Police determined that the kids were playing “Fugitive.”
  • Another caller reported suspicious circumstances at Turner Middle School at 11 p.m. There were two males in a vehicle stopped on the west side of the building. Police intercepted the vehicle after it left the scene and found one adult and an unrelated juvenile in the car. The juvenile was advised of the curfew.

Friday, Oct. 16

  • A small brown Pug dog was found in the 300 block of E. Michigan. Police took custody.
  • Police left a warning note on the door of a house in the 1200 block of Cedar Ave. following a complaint of a barking dog.
  • The 400 block of Pyramid Peak Street was the scene of a complaint about a car speeding up and down the street at 60 mph. The complainant had put cones in the street and her husband had even stood in the street in an attempt to slow the car. The report says this careless driving traffic case was handled by the officer.

Saturday, Oct. 17

  • Police received a report of burglaries at the Kwik Korner and Berthoud Discount Liquor. A witness supplied identification of the suspect’s vehicle and two men were apprehended by the Longmont Police.
  • A 2:30 a.m. caller reported a disturbance on Keep Circle. Police called for a backup from the Larimer County Sheriff’s office. According to the report, all parties were drunk and police interviewed a male and female who said the people down the street were trying to fight with them.
  • Police investigated a “cold” hit-and-run incident at Berthoud High School.
  • A caller who refused to identify himself reported loud music coming from a blue Dodge pickup in the 900 block of Bruce Drive. All was quiet when the officer arrived.
  • A man brought a box of tools to the Police Station. He saw the box fell out of a pickup truck but was unable to catch up to the truck.

Sunday, Oct. 18

  • A cow was reported in the area of N. County Rd. 13 and Highway 56. Police found no cow.
  • The Elm Drive barking, howling dog was quiet when police arrived 2 and half hours later.
  • A verbal disturbance in the 800 block of Longview Avenue resulted in one person being taken into custody.

Monday, Oct. 19

  • Employees at the Guaranty Bank reported the ATM machine had been tampered with. The prime suspects are the men who burglarized the Kwik Korner on Saturday. The evidence will be turned over to federal investigators.
  • Barking dogs on Mayo Court led to a written warning left on the front door.
  • Police assisted at a small grass fire at S. County Rd. 17 and Spartan Avenue.
  • A car on E. Michigan Avenue had graffiti written on it and the paint was damaged.
  • Police were on the lookout for a careless driver in a small black car who passed the complainant on the right shoulder of the road near Green Lawn Cemetery.
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